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Atf4 Antibody (ARP37018_P050)

Description of Target:
The function of this protein remains unknown.
Gene Symbol:
Official Gene Full Name:
Activating transcription factor 4
NCBI Gene Id:
Alias Symbols:
Atf-4; C/ATF; CREB2; MGC96460; TAXREB67
Tissue Tool:
Find tissues and cell lines supported to express Atf4.
Protein Accession #:
Nucleotide Accession#:
Swissprot Id:
Protein Name:
Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-4
Protein Size (# AA):
Molecular Weight:
Protein Interactions:
Egln3; Ubc; Hif1a; Satb2; Fam175b; Trib3; Gabbr2; Gabbr1; Jun; Fos; Dapk3; Rps6ka3; Tnfsf11; Prkaca;
The immunogen for anti-Atf4 antibody: synthetic peptide corresponding to a region of Mouse
Product Format:
Liquid. Purified antibody supplied in 1x PBS buffer with 0.09% (w/v) sodium azide and 2% sucrose.
Batch dependent within range: 100 ul at 0.5 - 1 mg/ml
Affinity Purified
Complete computational species homology data:
Atf4 Antibody (ARP37018_P050)
Predicted Homology Based on Immunogen Sequence:
Pig: 100%; Rat: 100%; Mouse: 100%; Sheep: 100%; Bovine: 100%; Guinea pig: 100%; Dog: 93%; Human: 93%; Horse: 79%
Species Reactivity:
Pig, Rat, Sheep, Bovine, Guinea pig, Mouse, Human, Dog, Horse
Datasheets / Downloads:
Printable datasheet for
anti-Atf4 antibody
- Printable datasheet for
anti-Atf4 antibody
- ARP37018_P050
Peptide Sequence:
Synthetic peptide located within the following region: TRYRQKKRAEQEALTGECKELEKKNEALKEKADSLAKEIQYLKDLIEEVR
Blocking Peptide:
For anti-Atf4 antibody is For anti-Atf4 antibody is Catalog # AAP37018 (Previous Catalog # AAPP09927)
Reconstitution and Storage:
For short term use, store at 2-8C up to 1 week. For long term storage, store at -20C in small aliquots to prevent freeze-thaw cycles.

Customer Reviews for Atf4 Antibody (ARP37018_P050) tested with mouse corti organ in Immunofluorescence

CAT# ARP37018_P050

ATF4 antibody

ATF4 antibody Immunofluorescence

ATF4 antibody Mouse

submitted by:
Drs. Gilda Kalinec and Pru Thein
CB&G House Research Institute

Product Protocols: Western Blotting Protocol with Atf4 Antibody (Catalog Number: ARP37018_P050)

Product Protocols:
Western Blotting Protocol with Gene Name: Atf4 Antibody (Catalog Number: ARP37018_P050)

Catalog Number: ARP37018_P050

1: Halterman MW, Gill M, DeJesus C, Ogihara M, Schor NF, Federoff HJ.The endoplasmic reticulum stress response factor CHOP-10 protects against hypoxia-induced neuronal death.J Biol Chem.2010 Jul 9;285(28):21329-40.Epub 2010 May 6.PubMed PMID: 20448044; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2898390.

Product Name: Atf4 Antibody (ARP37018_P050)

Gene Name: Atf4

Species: Mouse

Sample description: Transcriptional activator.Binds the cAMP response element (CRE) (consensus: 5'-GTGACGT[AC][AG]-3'), a sequence present in many viral and cellular promoters.It binds to a Tax-responsive enhancer element in the long terminal repeat of HTLV-I.

Experiment Name: Western Blotting

Experiment Background:
Whole cell lysates were harvested from 2.5 x106 neurons cultured in 60-mm dishes by first rinsing once with ice-cold PBS and then harvesting after incubation on ice for 10 min with RIPA buffer (Tris-HCl (50mM, pH 7.4), 1% Nonidet P-40, 0.25% sodium deoxycholate (150 mM NaCl), 1 mM EDTA, 1 protease inhibitor mixture).Samples were centrifuged at 12,000 rpm for 15 min at 4 C in a bench top centrifuge, and supernatants were stored at -70 C.Aliquots of equal volume were resolved by SDS-PAGE (8-15%), transferred to polyvinylidene difluoride membranes (Millipore, Bedford, MA) and blocked for 90 min at room temperature in wash buffer (50 mM Tris, 0.9% NaCl, 0.05% Tween 20) containing 5% nonfat dry milk.Primary antibodies were added with constant agitation overnight at 4 C, blots were rinsed thee times in wash buffer, and incubated with horseradish peroxidase-conjugated secondary antibody for 1 h (diluted 1:2000, Santa Cruz Biotechnology), washed, and detected by ECL (Renaissance, Amersham Biosciences, Piscataway, NJ).The following antibodies were used: NeuN (Chemicon, Temecula, CA); cleaved caspase-3 and PARP, eIF2alpha , and p-eIF2 ser51 were obtained from Cell Signaling Technologies (Beverly, MA); ATF4 (AVIVA, San Diego, CA); Tribbles 3 (A-20 and T-15) and CHOP-10 (B-3 and F-168) antibodies were from Santa Cruz Biotechnology.Actin (A4700) was from Sigma-Aldrich.

Experiment step:
(i) In the current study Marc et al.used expression microarrays to study the genetic mechanisms regulating this transition from adaptive to pathological transition in hypoxic dissociated neuronal In addition to characterizing the temporal sequence of hypoxia-induced transcriptional responses, they discovered that, in contrast to ATF4, native expression of the related bZIP heterodimeric factor CHOP-10 was not predictive of in vitro neuron loss as expected from prior published observations.cultures..
(ii) Given the importance of CHOP-10 in ER-mediated responses after stroke, they analyzed the temporal activation of factors involved in CHOP signaling by Western blotting.As expected, hypoxia induced both the early and reversible phosphorylation of the elongation factor eIF2alpha in vitro (3-6 h), as well as the induction of the CHOP heterodimeric partner ATF4, due likely to cap-independent, internal ribosome entry site-mediated expression of latent ATF4 transcripts.

Computational species homology for Atf4 antibody (ARP37018)

Product page for Atf4 antibody (ARP37018)

The information below lists the predicted species and target name associated to the peptide antigen. Please note, all available target reference numbers to the antigen sequence are presented, including unreviewed and protein isoforms.
To search for antibodies by species, please visit Aviva’s Species Reactivity Page. To search Aviva’s catalog of antibodies by sequence, please visit Aviva’s Antibody Blast Tool.

Predicted Species & Target Target Reference Predicted Homology
African elephant ATF4 antibody; Loxodonta africana ATF4 antibody G3T8L6 92%
Bovine ATF4 antibody; Bos taurus ATF4 antibody Q3ZCH6 100%
Bovine Bt.76048 antibody; Bos taurus Bt.76048 antibody F1MXZ1 100%
Chicken ATF4 antibody; Gallus gallus ATF4 antibody Q9W610 85%
Chinese hamster Atf4 antibody; Cricetulus griseus Atf4 antibody A4PIT2 100%
Common turkey ATF4 antibody; Meleagris gallopavo ATF4 antibody G1NIF6 85%
Dog ATF4 antibody; Canis familiaris ATF4 antibody F1PLQ2 92%
Duckbill platypus ATF4 antibody; Ornithorhynchus anatinus ATF4 antibody F7CWP7 85%
Giant panda LOC100476284 antibody; Ailuropoda melanoleuca LOC100476284 antibody D2GZL3 92%
Gray short-tailed opossum ATF4 antibody; Monodelphis domestica ATF4 antibody F7CPU4 85%
Green anole ATF4 antibody; Anolis carolinensis ATF4 antibody G1KGS8 78%
Guinea pig ATF4 antibody; Cavia porcellus ATF4 antibody H0VUY0 100%
Horse LOC100070334 antibody; Equus caballus LOC100070334 antibody F6V5P0 78%
Human ATF4 antibody; Homo sapiens ATF4 antibody P18848 92%
Human ATF4 antibody; Homo sapiens ATF4 antibody Q96AQ3 92%
Human ATF4 antibody; Homo sapiens ATF4 antibody Q6ICP0 92%
Lowland gorilla ATF4 antibody; Gorilla gorilla gorilla ATF4 antibody G3R3N8 92%
Mouse ATF4 antibody; Mus musculus ATF4 antibody Q06507 100%
Mouse Atf4 antibody; Mus musculus Atf4 antibody Q8CF69 100%
Mouse Atf4 antibody; Mus musculus Atf4 antibody Q794G7 100%
Mouse Atf4 antibody; Mus musculus Atf4 antibody Q61328 100%
Mouse Atf4 antibody; Mus musculus Atf4 antibody E9Q729 100%
Mouse Atf4 antibody; Mus musculus Atf4 antibody Q3U2J1 92%
Northern white-cheeked gibbon ATF4 antibody; Nomascus leucogenys ATF4 antibody G1RZ45 92%
Pig ATF4 antibody; Sus scrofa ATF4 antibody A0N0D5 100%
Pig CREB2 antibody; Sus scrofa CREB2 antibody B2LVG7 100%
Pig Ssc.37849 antibody; Sus scrofa Ssc.37849 antibody E3VJQ3 100%
Rat ATF4 antibody; Rattus norvegicus ATF4 antibody Q9ES19 100%
Rat Atf4 antibody; Rattus norvegicus Atf4 antibody F8WFL8 100%
Rat Atf4 antibody; Rattus norvegicus Atf4 antibody B0BMW3 100%
Rhesus macaque ATF4 antibody; Macaca mulatta ATF4 antibody F7GFP2 92%
Sheep ATF4 antibody; Ovis aries ATF4 antibody B6Z9S5 100%
Small-eared galago ATF4 antibody; Otolemur garnettii ATF4 antibody H0XLZ1 100%
Tasmanian devil ATF4 antibody; Sarcophilus harrisii ATF4 antibody G3WM84 85%
Zebra finch ATF4 antibody; Taeniopygia guttata ATF4 antibody H0ZIX8 85%

Product Protocols: Atf4 antibody tested with Human Mouse Brain Tissue (ARP37018_P050)

Aviva Systems Biology is the original manufacturer of this Atf4 antibody (ARP37018_P050)

Click here to view the Atf4 antibody Western Blot Protocol

Product Datasheet Link: Atf4 antibody (ARP37018_P050)

WB Suggested Anti-Atf4 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/ml
Positive Control: Mouse Brain

Western Blot image:

Description of Target: The function of this protein remains unknown.

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