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Now Offering Over 85,203 Antibodies & 34,301 Antigens!


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  • All New Validation Data

    Aviva adds dozens of data provided by our customers to support the utility of our antibodies.

  • IHC Validated Antibodies

    To date, Aviva has almost 1,000 antibodies with IHC data. Click here to view our IHC Validated Antibodies.

  • ASTN2 Antibody

    ASTN2 may play a major role in neuronal functioning. Aviva has been busy working with scientists to thoroughly test the antibodies.

  • ChIP Validated Antibodies

    All of these antibodies have been validated in immunoprecipitation applications, mainly ChIP.

  • TP53 Antibodies

    ChIP validated and tremendous data presented from Dr. Nickolai Barlev from the University of Leicester.

  • LDHA Antibody

    From Aviva’s Blog, “This N-terminal antibody has absolute specificity in reactivity with the individual isozymes.”