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Introduction to Epigenetics

Epigenetics serves as a crucial framework for understanding the intricate connections between environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and genetic elements that shape health and development. Scientists employ advanced technologies to decipher epigenetic marks (signals to up- or down-regulate genetic expression), including DNA methylation, histone modifications, and non-coding RNA molecules. Therefore, these epigenetic marks affect traits without modifying the DNA sequence. These marks play important roles in processes such as development, aging, and disease susceptibility, offering profound insights into the dynamic connection between genetics and the environment.   

The impact of epigenetics extends across various fields like medicine, agriculture, and environmental science, revolutionizing our understanding of inherited diseases, cancer, and complex traits. The promise of personalized medicine, innovative agricultural practices, and strategies to address environmental health impacts emerges from transformative insights gained through epigenetic investigations. Researchers in this field aim to uncover the molecular mechanisms bridging genetics and the environment. 

With a catalog boasting over 15,000 protein targets, trial sizes for exploring emerging projects, and advanced validation methods, Aviva is dedicated to supporting researchers as they pave the way for new discoveries and breakthroughs in Epigenetic Research.   

Featured Products

PRMT2 Antibody - N-terminal region (ARP40196_T100) DNMT1 ELISA Kit (Human) (OKCD09163) FZD4 Antibody - middle region (ARP41266_P050)

Sample Type: LCL Human; Mouse Brain

PRMT2 Antibody - N-terminal region (ARP40196_T100)-  validated by WB using human LCL and mouse brains at 1:1000, click here

Sample Type: ELISA DNMT1 Standard Curve

DNMT1 ELISA Kit (Human) (OKCD09163) - Standard curve of Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay-Sandwich. Colorimetric. Homo sapiens|Human. Pre-coated with an antibody specific to DNA Methyltransferase 1 (DNMT1). click here

Sample Type: Human Fetal Liver

FZD4 Antibody - middle region (ARP41266_P050) - Host: Rabbit Target Name: FZD4 
Sample Tissue: Human Fetal Liver Antibody Dilution: 1.0ug/ml, click here