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NEW! AvivaBlot™ ECL Substrate for Western Blot

NEW! AvivaBlot™ ECL Substrate for Western Blot

High Quality, Affordable Reagents for Western Blotting

The new AvivaBlot products are stabilized formulations that allow room-temperature shipping and storage for up to 1 year from date of receipt. Explore our range of high-performance simplified solutions today!

Benefits of AvivaBlot ECL Reagents

Competitive performance ensures AvivaBlot reagents will perform AS WELL OR BETTER than your current Western blot reagents.

• Simple portfolio for easy selection of reagents that will support the detection of the proteins you study.

Room temperature storage eliminates the need for any special storage or shipping conditions.

• Stable, premixed single solution available with AvivaBlot Pico One ECL Reagent.

Affordable pricing provides the most reagent per dollar.