Enhanced Validation Polyclonal Antibodies

Aviva Systems Biology is committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of our polyclonal antibody portfolio for the research community. All Aviva antibodies are undergoing newly implemented, rigorous quality testing by Western Blot, in addition to evaluation by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) affinity characterization and open-source validation by the YCharOS Consortium. On this page, you will find a unique selection of Aviva’s highly validated antibodies. All will have more robust western blot images and either data demonstrating the antibody’s kinetic characterization by SPR or data generated by the YCharOS consortium showing performance in SDS-PAGE and Immunoprecipitation.

This list of highly validated and characterized antibodies continues to grow. Check back regularly to find antibodies you can be confident in purchasing for your research.

All antibodies are backed by our Quality Guarantee. If an Aviva Enhanced Validation antibody does not perform as promised on the data sheet, we will replace or refund your purchase.

Enhanced Validation Testing – Data Examples