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Cancer DNA Damage

DNA Damage Antibodies

Introduction of DNA Damage

Genomic DNA gets damaged by endogenous metabolic byproducts, spontaneous base modifications, and exogenous sources such as UV light, ionizing radiation, and chemical agents. Unrepaired DNA damage is a major source of potentially mutagenic lesions that drive carcinogenesis. DNA repair pathways operate in mammalian cells to maintain genomic integrity. Various proteins are major players in the prevention of genome instability and are directly involved in DNA damage repair.

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ATM Antibody (OAAF01243) in Human breast carcinoma cells using Immunohistochemistry CCND1 antibody - middle region (ARP30163_P050) in Human 721_B cells using Western Blot BRCA1 antibody - N - terminal region (OAAB12561) in Hela cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: Human Breast Carcinoma

ATM antibody (OAAF01243) tested with human breast carcinoma in immunohistochemistry, click here

Sample Type: Human 721_B

CCND1 antibody - middle region (ARP30163_P050) tested with Human 721_B_Lymphoblast cells by western blot, click here

Sample Type: Hela

BRCA1 antibody - N - terminal region (OAAB12561) tested with human Hela cells by western blot, click here


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Gene Sku Species Reactivity Application Size Price
ABL1OAAB01864HumanDB, ELISA400 ul$289
ABL1OAAB04762MouseWB, IHC, ELISA400 ul$289
Abl1OAAB10205Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC400 ul$289
ABL1OAAB15989HumanDB, IHC400 ul$289
ABL1OAAB15990Human, MouseWB, IHC, IF400 ul$289
ABL1OAAB17211HumanIHC, WB400 ul$289
ABL1OAAB17212HumanWB400 ul$289
ABL1OAAF00429Human, Mouse, RatWB, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAAF00709Human, Mouse, RatIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAAF00710Human, MouseWB, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAAF00869Human, Mouse, RatIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAAF02097Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAEC00123Human, Mouse, RatIHC50 ug$229
ABL1OAEC00325Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
ABL1OAEC00337Human, MouseWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
ABL1OAEC00501Human, MouseIHC50 ug$229
ABL1OAEC00688Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
ABL1OAEC01435Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAEC02153Human, MouseWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAEC03867Human, MouseWB, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OAEC03868Human, Mouse, RatWB, ELISA100 ug$229
ABL1OASC00168Human, Mouse, RatIHC, IF50 ug$215
ABL1OASC00365Human, Mouse, RatIHC50 ug$180
ATMOAAB01886HumanDB, ELISA400 ul$289
ATMOAAF01243Human, MouseIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
ATMOAEC00120Human, MouseIHC50 ug$229
ATMOAEC01219Human, MouseWB100 ug$229
ATMOAPB00453HumanELISA, WB, IHC0.1 mg$355
ATMOARA02808Human, MouseELISA, WB25 ul$165
ATMOARA02809Human, MouseELISA, WB100 ug$475
ATMOASA07004WB0.1 ml$455
ATMOASA07005WB0.1 ml$440
ATMOASA07006HumanIHC-FFPE, WB0.1 ml$440
ATMOASC00070HumanIHC50 ug$215
ATMOASC00272HumanWB, IF50 ug$180
ATRXARP47775_P050Human, MouseWB100 ul$289
ATRXOAAF02274Dog, Human, RabbitIF, ELISA100 ug$229
ATRXOAEC02316Human, MouseIF, ELISA100 ug$229
ATRXOAGA00086Human, MouseICC/IF, IHC-FFPE, WB100 ul$340
BRCA1ARP30434_P050Dog, Human, RatWB100 ul$289
BRCA1ARP33338_P050HumanIHC, WB100 ul$289
BRCA1AVARP02017_P050Dog, Human, RatIHC, WB100 ul$289
BRCA1OAAB12561HumanWB400 ul$289
BRCA1OAAF00290HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA1OAAF00530HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA1OAAF01251HumanIHC, ELISA100 ug$289
BRCA1OAAF01252Human, MouseWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA1OAAF01617HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA1OAEC00115HumanIHC50 ug$229
BRCA1OAEC00220HumanIF50 ug$229
BRCA1OAEC00223HumanIHC50 ug$229
BRCA1OAEC00487HumanIF50 ug$229
BRCA1OAEC00573HumanWB, IHC50 ug$229
BRCA1OAEC03703HumanIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA1OAEC04053HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA1OASA07091ELISA1 ml$310
BRCA1OASA07481HumanIP, WB50 ug$395
BRCA2OAAF00619Human, Mouse, RatWB, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA2OAAF02295Human, RatIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA2OAEC02341Human, RatIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
BRCA2OASA07482HumanIHC-AFF, IHC-FFPE1 ml$485
Brd4ARP39075_P050Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, RatWB100 ul$289
BRD4ARP39076_P050HumanCHIP, IF, WB100 ul$289
BRD4OAAB12575Rat; HumanWB400 ul$289
BRIP1OAAB00682Human, MouseWB, ELISA400 ul$289
CCND1ARP30163_P050Bovine, Dog, Horse, HumanWB100 ul$289
CCND1ARP33370_P050Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, RatIHC, WB100 ul$289
CCND1AVARP03037_P050Bovine, Dog, Horse, Human, Mouse, RatWB100 ul$289
CCND1OAAB01360Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rat, ZebrafishWB, IHC, ELISA400 ul$289
CCND1OAAB02731Human, MouseWB, ELISA400 ul$289
CCND1OAAF00724HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CCND1OAAF01010Human, MouseWB, ELISA100 ug$229
CCND1OARA02222HumanELISA, WB, IP100 ul$475
CCND1OASA00563Human, MouseIHC-AFF, IHC-FFPE10 ug$175
CCND1OASA07191Human, Mouse, RatELISA, WB0.1 ml$810
CHEK2ARP30290_P050HumanIHC, WB100 ul$289
CHEK2ARP30335_P050HumanWB100 ul$289
CHEK2OAAF00071HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAAF00144Human, Mouse, RatWB, IF, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAAF00297Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAAF00721Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAAF00941Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAAF01263Human, Mouse, RatWB, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAAF01264Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC00060Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC50 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC00143Human, Mouse, RatWB50 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC00310HumanIHC50 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC00437HumanWB, IHC50 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC00702Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC01063Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC01893Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC01894Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC01991Human, Mouse, RatWB, IF, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC01992Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC03710Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OAEC03711Human, Mouse, RatWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
CHEK2OARA02868HumanELISA, WB, IP100 ug$475
CHEK2OASA07153Human, Mouse, RatWB0.1 mg$310
CHEK2OASA07154HumanWB50 ug$220
CHEK2OASA07620HumanELISA, WB50 ug$485
DDB2ARP60163_P050Bovine, Dog, Horse, Human, Mouse, RabbitWB100 ul$289
DDB2OAMA03263ELISA, IP, WB0.1 ml$725
DDB2OARA03218HumanELISA, WB, IHC100 ul$475
ERCC2P100701_P050Bovine, Guinea pig, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rat, ZebrafishWB100 ul$289
ERCC3ARP37963_P050Bovine, Dog, Human, Rabbit, ZebrafishWB100 ul$289
ERCC3OAGA00990Human, MouseICC/IF, WB100 ul$340
ERCC4ARP58272_P050Dog, Horse, Human, RatWB100 ul$289
ERCC4OAEC01878Human, MouseWB, ELISA100 ug$229
ERCC5ARP54287_P050Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, RatWB100 ul$289
ERCC5ARP54288_P050HumanWB100 ul$289
ERCC5OAAB13324HumanWB400 ul$289
ERCC5OAAF02218HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$289
ERCC5OAEC02263HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$229
ERCC5OASA04522IHC-AFF, IP, WB0.1 mg$530
FANCAOAAB13437Bovine, Dog, Human, MouseWB400 ul$289
FANCAOAAF01174HumanIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCAOAGA01013HumanICC/IF, IHC-FFPE, WB100 ul$340
FANCAOARA02377Human, chimpanzeeELISA, WB100 ug$475
FANCCOAAB06119HumanWB, IHC400 ul$289
FANCCOAGA00054Human, MouseICC/IF, IHC-FFPE, WB100 ul$340
FANCCOARA02362Human, chimpanzeeELISA, WB100 ug$475
FANCD2OAAF00076HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCD2OAAF00733HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCD2OAAF01724HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCD2OAEC01898HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCD2OAEC01899HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCEARP55381_P050Bovine, Horse, Human, Pig, RabbitWB100 ul$289
FANCEOAEB00463Bovine, Human, RabbitIHC0.1 mg$229
FANCEOARA02353HumanELISA, WB100 ug$475
FANCFOARA02378HumanELISA, WB100 ug$475
FANCFOASA07250Human, chimpanzeeELISA, IHC-FFPE50 ug$690
FANCGOAAB11011HumanWB, IHC400 ul$289
FANCGOAAF00518HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCGOAEB01815Dog, HumanWB0.1 mg$289
FANCGOAEC04027H:S383WB, ELISA100 ug$229
FANCGOARA02375HumanELISA, WB, IHC100 ug$475
FANCGOASA07737Human, chimpanzeeELISA, IHC-FFPE, WB50 ug$750
MLH1ARP56076_P050Bovine, Dog, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, ZebrafishWB100 ul$289
MLH1OAAB07163HumanWB0.1 ml$289
MLH1OAAB07931HumanWB, FC400 ul$289
MLH1OAAF03048Human, Mouse, RatWB, ELISA100 ug$229
MLH1OASA07981HumanIHC-AFF, IP, IHC-FFPE, WB50 ug$400
MLH1OPPA01416ELISA, NT, WB5 ug$100
MSH2ARP41350_T100Bovine, Guinea pig, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, ZebrafishWB100 ul$229
MSH2ARP41351_P050Bovine, Guinea pig, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, ZebrafishIHC, WB100 ul$289
MSH2OAAB07817HumanWB, IF, FC400 ul$289
MSH2OAAF03051Human, Mouse, RatIHC, IF, ELISA100 ug$289
MSH6ARP41348_P050Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, RabbitIHC, WB100 ul$289
MSH6OAAF03053Human, MouseWB, ELISA100 ug$229
MSH6OASA03137HumanELISA, GS0.1 mg$440
MSH6OASA06356HumanIP, WB50 ug$395
MUTYHOAAB05750Human, Mouse, RatWB, FC, ELISA400 ul$289
MUTYHOAAF03054HumanWB, IF, ELISA100 ug$229
NONOARP40715_T100Bovine, Horse, Human, Mouse, RatIF, WB100 ul$229
NONOARP40716_T100Bovine, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rabbit, RatIF, IHC, WB100 ul$229
NONOOAAB10080HumanWB, IHC400 ul$289
NONOOAEB01398Bovine, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rabbit, RatWB, IHC0.1 mg$289
PALB2ARP63771_P050HumanWB100 ul$289
PALB2OAAB07933HumanWB, FC400 ul$289
PALB2OAED00277HumanIP100 ug$345
PALB2OAPB00931Human, Mouse, RatELISA, WB0.1 mg$300
PMS1OAAB11308HumanWB400 ul$289
PMS1OAAF03065HumanIHC, ELISA100 ug$229
PMS1OAEB00363Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, RabbitELISA0.1 mg$229
PMS2ARP56117_P050Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Pig, Rabbit, RatWB100 ul$289
PMS2OAAF03066HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$289
PMS2OAAF04086HumanWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
PMS2OARA02371Humna; Mouse, rat; hamster; chimpanzeeELISA, WB100 ug$475
RAD21OAAF03070Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rabbit, RatWB, ELISA100 ug$229
RAD51L1OAEB00719HumanELISA0.1 mg$229
SFPQARP40571_T100Bovine, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, ZebrafishIHC, WB100 ul$229
SFPQARP40572_T100Bovine, Human, Mouse, RatIHC, WB100 ul$229
SFPQOAAB10201HumanWB400 ul$289
STK11ARP41743_T100Dog, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rat, ZebrafishIHC, WB100 ul$229
STK11ARP41744_P050HumanWB100 ul$125
STK11ARP58959_P050Bovine, Dog, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rat, ZebrafishWB100 ul$289
Stk11OAAB12747Human, MouseWB400 ul$289
STK11OAAB17017MouseIHC, WB, FC, IF400 ul$289
STK11OAAB17018HumanIHC400 ul$289
STK11OAAB17019HumanWB, FC, IF400 ul$289
STK11OAAF00884HumanIHC, IF, ELISA100 ug$289
STK11OAAF00885Human, MouseWB, ELISA100 ug$229
STK11OAEC00333Human, MouseWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
STK11OAEC00334Human, MouseWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
STK11OAEC00695Human, Mouse, ratWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
STK11OAEC00696Human, MouseWB, IHC, ELISA50 ug$229
STK11OAEC03901HumanWB, ELISA100 ug$229
TFPTARP65109_P050HumanWB100 ul$289
TFPTARP65110_P050HumanWB100 ul$289
TFPTOAAB05896HumanWB, FC, ELISA400 ul$289
WRNOAAB08322HumanWB, FC400 ul$289
WRNOASA08280HumanIP, WB50 ug$395
XPAARP61208_P050Bovine, Dog, Horse, Human, Mouse, RatWB100 ul$289
XPAOAAB05380HumanWB, FC, IHC, ELISA400 ul$289
XPAOAAB10134HumanWB400 ul$289
XPAOAEC01877Human, MouseWB, IHC, ELISA100 ug$229
XPAOASA08285HumanIHC-FFPE, WB0.1 ml$455
XPCOAAB15214HumanWB400 ul$289