Cancer DNA Damage

DNA Damage Antibodies

Introduction of DNA Damage

Genomic DNA gets damaged by endogenous metabolic byproducts, spontaneous base modifications, and exogenous sources such as UV light, ionizing radiation, and chemical agents. Unrepaired DNA damage is a major source of potentially mutagenic lesions that drive carcinogenesis. DNA repair pathways operate in mammalian cells to maintain genomic integrity. Various proteins are major players in the prevention of genome instability and are directly involved in DNA damage repair.

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ATM Antibody (OAAF01243) in Human breast carcinoma cells using Immunohistochemistry CCND1 antibody - middle region (ARP30163_P050) in Human 721_B cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: Human Breast Carcinoma

ATM antibody (OAAF01243) tested with human breast carcinoma in immunohistochemistry, click here

Sample Type: Human 721_B

CCND1 antibody - middle region (ARP30163_P050) tested with Human 721_B_Lymphoblast cells by western blot, click here