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Trial Size Polyclonal Antibodies

Aviva Trial Size

Antibodies are essential to life science research and scientists should have the ability to quickly test and validate a variety of antibodies in their unique applications. Aviva Systems Biology is excited to offer 25 uL trial sizes for nearly 24,000 unique polyclonal antibodies to the life science research community. Priced economically at $99, these small pack size antibodies provide the right amount to test in your application without stressing your budget or wasting large amounts of product. Why delay an antibody purchasing decision due to potential cost or concern it may not work? Make your buying decisions quicker and get the answers you need faster to advance your biological research with polyclonal antibody trial sizes from Aviva.

  • Small Pack Size – convenient 25 uL size allows for 2-3 western blots to be performed so you can validate that an antibody will perform the way you need in your unique application.
  • Affordable – at $99, trial size antibodies can be easily purchased online or through your purchasing department so you can get to your research quicker.
  • Large Selection – find a trial size for nearly 24,000 different polyclonal antibodies. This broad selection allows you to find both popular and rarely studied targets across n-terminal, c-terminal, and middle regions of target proteins.