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Protein on Demand™ Custom Recombinant Proteins

Protein on Demand™ Semi-Custom Recombinant Proteins

In need of small to mid-scale recombinant proteins without the headache of having to clone, express, validate, and troubleshoot on your own?

Free up your valuable time by letting us handle the made-to-order protein manufacturing while you focus on your experiments.  

Aviva Systems Biology offers Protein on Demand, a catalog of over 300,000 semi-custom recombinant proteins. Our affordable semi-custom recombinant proteins are simple to configure and easy to order.  

With Protein On Demand, you will:  

  • Select your desired expression system from our 4 available expression systems. 
  • Let us know your preferred tag, whether from our list of common tags or any other preferred tag, a we’ll do our best to express your tag. Generally, our success rate in expressing an alternative tag is higher than 95%.  
  • Order as much or as little as you need. We have small quantities available, from 20 ug - 1 mg.  
  • Additional Free Services include endotoxin removal and aseptic processing (please be sure to request at the time or order and confirm with Customer Service).  

*Please note that not all expression systems are available for each protein, and the minimum production time is 4-6 weeks. However, each expression system is unique and may take longer. For example, production time in baculovirus can be up to 11-12 weeks.

Questions? See our Protein On Demand FAQ