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Product Review: BRCA1 antibody – middle region (ARP33338_P050) using 293T cells, 293T/BRAC1 shRNA, early onset Breast Cancer cells using Western Blot

Product Page Link: BRCA1 antibody – middle region (ARP33338_P050) Data submitted by Roger Greenberg, University of Pennsylvania BRCA1 is breast cancer 1, early onset. In Lane1 the primary antibody was used against 293T cells. Lane 2 the antibody was used … Continue reading

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Nickolai Barlev: Conquering the Mystery of p53

Carcinogens from the environment and within our body cause DNA damage. This damage can eventually lead to cancer if our DNA repair mechanisms fail. Luckily, our body has p53, a tumor suppressor protein which tags cells to undergo apoptosis or … Continue reading

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Download Aviva’s New Pathways

Aviva provides new pathway images and related products. Click on Interactive Pathways to view our complete list of products. To download, click on the PDF files. Interactive Pathway Pathway PDF and related products Hepatitis C Pathway Download Aviva_Pathway_HepatitisC.pdf (1,350 kb) … Continue reading

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