Computational species homology for RPS5 antibody (ARP64026)

Product page for RPS5 antibody (ARP64026)
The information below lists the predicted species and target name associated to the peptide antigen. Please note, all available target reference numbers to the antigen sequence are presented, including unreviewed and protein isoforms.
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Predicted Species & Target Target Reference Predicted Homology
Abrostola tripartita RpS5 antibody; Abrostola tripartita RpS5 antibody F1BNN1 100%
American painted lady RpS5 antibody; Vanessa virginiensis RpS5 antibody F8T9U2 100%
American painted lady RpS5 antibody; Vanessa virginiensis RpS5 antibody F8T9U0 100%
Angerona prunaria RpS5 antibody; Angerona prunaria RpS5 antibody D4P6L0 100%
annulet RpS5 antibody; Charissa ambiguata RpS5 antibody D4P6L1 100%
Antanartia dimorphica RpS5 antibody; Antanartia dimorphica RpS5 antibody F8T9U8 100%
Antanartia hippomene RpS5 antibody; Antanartia hippomene RpS5 antibody F8T9U7 100%
Antichloris viridis RpS5 antibody; Antichloris viridis RpS5 antibody F1BNN0 100%
Asian admiral RpS5 antibody; Vanessa indica RpS5 antibody F8T9V2 100%
Atlantic salmon RS5 antibody; Salmo salar RS5 antibody B5XC82 100%
Atlantic salmon RS5 antibody; Salmo salar RS5 antibody B5XBX2 100%
Atlantic salmon RS5 antibody; Salmo salar RS5 antibody B5DGY6 100%
Barsine sp. RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody; Barsine sp. RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody H2D3F3 100%
Belciana biformis RpS5 antibody; Belciana biformis RpS5 antibody H2D3F2 100%
Biuncus sp. nov. 1 RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody; Biuncus sp. nov. 1 RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody H2D3K6 100%
Biuncus sp. nov. 2 RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody; Biuncus sp. nov. 2 RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody H2D3I3 100%
Black-veined moth RpS5 antibody; Siona lineata RpS5 antibody D4P6K8 100%
Blue crab GC-YO1 antibody; Callinectes sapidus GC-YO1 antibody Q24LS5 100%
Cabera pusaria RpS5 antibody; Cabera pusaria RpS5 antibody D4P6K5 100%
Caenorhabditis briggsae rps-5 antibody; Caenorhabditis briggsae rps-5 antibody A8X141 100%
Caenorhabditis elegans rps-5 antibody; Caenorhabditis elegans rps-5 antibody P49041 100%
Caenorhabditis japonica GO:0006915 antibody; Caenorhabditis japonica GO:0006915 antibody H2WDZ8 100%
Caligus rogercresseyi RS5 antibody; Caligus rogercresseyi RS5 antibody C1BN01 100%
Cepphis advenaria RpS5 antibody; Cepphis advenaria RpS5 antibody F4ZZ15 100%
Chiasmia clathrata RpS5 antibody; Chiasmia clathrata RpS5 antibody D4P6K4 100%
Chrysomela tremula RpS5 antibody; Chrysomela tremula RpS5 antibody D1M808 100%
Cocytia durvillii RpS5 antibody; Cocytia durvillii RpS5 antibody H2D3P0 100%
Craniophora ligustri RpS5 antibody; Craniophora ligustri RpS5 antibody F1BNM7 100%
Curetis barsine RpS5 antibody; Curetis barsine RpS5 antibody G3KFJ3 100%
Curetis tagalica RpS5 antibody; Curetis tagalica RpS5 antibody G3KFJ4 100%
Cyana sp. RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody; Cyana sp. RZ-2011 RpS5 antibody H2D3F1 100%
Dismorphia spio RpS5 antibody; Dismorphia spio RpS5 antibody G3KFJ8 100%
Ematurga atomaria RpS5 antibody; Ematurga atomaria RpS5 antibody D4P6K7 100%
Emmelia trabealis RpS5 antibody; Emmelia trabealis RpS5 antibody F1BNM6 100%
Euclidia mi RpS5 antibody; Euclidia mi RpS5 antibody F1BNM9 100%
Eugoa bipunctata RpS5 antibody; Eugoa bipunctata RpS5 antibody H2D3I1 100%
Formosan land-locked salmon RPS5 antibody; Oncorhynchus masou formosanus RPS5 antibody F8RP06 100%
Fruit fly GA20032 antibody; Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura GA20032 antibody Q296J5 100%
Fruit fly GA28883 antibody; Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura GA28883 antibody B5DMG1 100%
Fruit fly GD20391 antibody; Drosophila simulans GD20391 antibody B4QZ66 100%
Fruit fly GE15619 antibody; Drosophila yakuba GE15619 antibody B4Q260 100%
Fruit fly GE26420 antibody; Drosophila yakuba GE26420 antibody B4PSM8 100%
Fruit fly GF17170 antibody; Drosophila ananassae GF17170 antibody B3M193 100%
Fruit fly GF22379 antibody; Drosophila ananassae GF22379 antibody B3MVU7 100%
Fruit fly GG18202 antibody; Drosophila erecta GG18202 antibody B3NWC0 100%
Fruit fly GG20979 antibody; Drosophila erecta GG20979 antibody B3P3Q4 100%
Fruit fly GH19518 antibody; Drosophila grimshawi GH19518 antibody B4JGZ9 100%
Fruit fly GH24635 antibody; Drosophila grimshawi GH24635 antibody B4JMI6 100%
Fruit fly GI15824 antibody; Drosophila mojavensis GI15824 antibody B4L4S9 100%
Fruit fly GI22995 antibody; Drosophila mojavensis GI22995 antibody B4K550 100%
Fruit fly GJ18677 antibody; Drosophila virilis GJ18677 antibody B4M2D1 100%
Fruit fly GJ24693 antibody; Drosophila virilis GJ24693 antibody B4M0U5 100%
Fruit fly GK20078 antibody; Drosophila willistoni GK20078 antibody B4MT22 100%
Fruit fly GK21212 antibody; Drosophila willistoni GK21212 antibody B4NQ98 100%
Fruit fly GL20334 antibody; Drosophila persimilis GL20334 antibody B4GXQ8 100%
Fruit fly GL21699 antibody; Drosophila persimilis GL21699 antibody B4GF24 100%
Fruit fly GM13336 antibody; Drosophila sechellia GM13336 antibody B4IEX9 100%
Fruit fly GM25815 antibody; Drosophila sechellia GM25815 antibody B4HE33 100%
Fruit fly RpS5a antibody; Drosophila melanogaster RpS5a antibody Q24186 100%
Fruit fly RpS5b antibody; Drosophila melanogaster RpS5b antibody Q9VFE4 100%
Greenbugs aphid parastoid RpS5 antibody; Lysiphlebus testaceipes RpS5 antibody Q56FH8 100%
Greenbugs aphid parastoid RpS5 antibody; Lysiphlebus testaceipes RpS5 antibody Q56FD5 100%
Heliconius melpomene cythera RpS5 antibody; Heliconius melpomene cythera RpS5 antibody G0ZEE6 100%
Honeybee RpS5a antibody; Apis mellifera RpS5a antibody H9K1V5 100%
Hoplodrina octogenaria RpS5 antibody; Hoplodrina octogenaria RpS5 antibody F1BNN2 100%
Hylaea fasciaria RpS5 antibody; Hylaea fasciaria RpS5 antibody D4P6K9 100%
Hypanartia bella RpS5 antibody; Hypanartia bella RpS5 antibody F8T9W4 100%
Hypanartia charon RpS5 antibody; Hypanartia charon RpS5 antibody F8T9W6 100%
Hypanartia dione RpS5 antibody; Hypanartia dione RpS5 antibody F8T9W7 100%
Hypanartia lindigii RpS5 antibody; Hypanartia lindigii RpS5 antibody F8T9W5 100%
Hypopyra capensis RpS5 antibody; Hypopyra capensis RpS5 antibody F1BNQ0 100%
Io moth RpS5 antibody; Automeris io RpS5 antibody E2EJT2 100%
Little brown bat RPS5 antibody; Myotis lucifugus RPS5 antibody G1PKZ7 100%
Lomaspilis marginata RpS5 antibody; Lomaspilis marginata RpS5 antibody D4P6K6 100%
Lomographa temerata RpS5 antibody; Lomographa temerata RpS5 antibody F4ZZ14 100%
Macaria alternata RpS5 antibody; Macaria alternata RpS5 antibody F4ZZ16 100%
Macaria wauaria RpS5 antibody; Macaria wauaria RpS5 antibody F4ZZ11 100%
Miniodes phaeosoma RpS5 antibody; Miniodes phaeosoma RpS5 antibody F1BNQ1 100%
Morpho aega RpS5 antibody; Morpho aega RpS5 antibody H6UWF8 100%
Morpho anaxibia RpS5 antibody; Morpho anaxibia RpS5 antibody H6UWF9 100%
Morpho deidamia RpS5 antibody; Morpho deidamia RpS5 antibody H6UWG3 100%
Morpho epistrophus RpS5 antibody; Morpho epistrophus RpS5 antibody H6UWG4 100%
Morpho hecuba RpS5 antibody; Morpho hecuba RpS5 antibody H6UWG6 100%
Morpho hercules RpS5 antibody; Morpho hercules RpS5 antibody H6UWG9 100%
Morpho marcus RpS5 antibody; Morpho marcus RpS5 antibody H6UWH0 100%
Morpho sulkowskyi RpS5 antibody; Morpho sulkowskyi RpS5 antibody H6UWH4 100%
Neurospora crassa rps-5 antibody; Neurospora crassa rps-5 antibody Q7RVI1 100%
Noble rot fungus BofuT4_P011780.1 antibody; Botryotinia fuckeliana BofuT4_P011780.1 antibody G2XS65 100%
Northern pike RS5 antibody; Esox lucius RS5 antibody C1BZ32 100%
Northern pike RS5 antibody; Esox lucius RS5 antibody C1BYE1 100%
Ophiusa tirhaca RpS5 antibody; Ophiusa tirhaca RpS5 antibody F1BNR3 100%
Opsiphanes bogotanus RpS5 antibody; Opsiphanes bogotanus RpS5 antibody G3FAP0 100%
Opsiphanes invirae RpS5 antibody; Opsiphanes invirae RpS5 antibody G3FAP1 100%
Opsiphanes tamarindi RpS5 antibody; Opsiphanes tamarindi RpS5 antibody G3FAN9 100%
Oxidercia toxea RpS5 antibody; Oxidercia toxea RpS5 antibody F1BNS1 100%
Pacific transparent sea squirt Csa.6156 antibody; Ciona savignyi Csa.6156 antibody H2YXR5 100%
Painted lady RpS5 antibody; Vanessa cardui RpS5 antibody F8T9V4 100%
Panemeria tenebrata RpS5 antibody; Panemeria tenebrata RpS5 antibody F1BNN5 100%
Pantydia diemeni RpS5 antibody; Pantydia diemeni RpS5 antibody F1BNS4 100%
Parascotia fuliginaria RpS5 antibody; Parascotia fuliginaria RpS5 antibody F1BNN4 100%
Podocoryne carnea RPS5 antibody; Podocoryne carnea RPS5 antibody Q08364 100%
Pristionchus pacificus GO:0006915 antibody; Pristionchus pacificus GO:0006915 antibody H3F686 100%
Rainbow trout RS5 antibody; Oncorhynchus mykiss RS5 antibody C1BG08 100%
Rainbow trout RS5 antibody; Oncorhynchus mykiss RS5 antibody C1BEL7 100%
rat lungworm rps5 antibody; Angiostrongylus cantonensis rps5 antibody C7TNS6 100%
Red admiral butterfly RpS5 antibody; Vanessa atalanta RpS5 antibody F8T9U1 100%
Red admiral butterfly RpS5 antibody; Vanessa atalanta RpS5 antibody F8T9T6 100%
Rhesus macaque RPS5 antibody; Macaca mulatta RPS5 antibody H9FBS9 100%
salmon louse RS5 antibody; Lepeophtheirus salmonis RS5 antibody A7TZB2 100%
Selenia dentaria RpS5 antibody; Selenia dentaria RpS5 antibody F4ZZ17 100%
Selenia tetralunaria RpS5 antibody; Selenia tetralunaria RpS5 antibody F4ZZ12 100%
Serrodes campana RpS5 antibody; Serrodes campana RpS5 antibody F1BNS7 100%
Silk moth RpS5 antibody; Bombyx mori RpS5 antibody Q5UAN9 100%
Sponge LOC100632077 antibody; Amphimedon queenslandica LOC100632077 antibody I1FN60 100%
Styx infernalis RpS5 antibody; Styx infernalis RpS5 antibody G3KFJ9 100%
Tamsia hieroglyphica RpS5 antibody; Tamsia hieroglyphica RpS5 antibody H2D3I2 100%
Three-spined stickleback RPS5 antibody; Gasterosteus aculeatus RPS5 antibody G3NEK4 100%
Timarcha balearica rpS5e antibody; Timarcha balearica rpS5e antibody Q6EV02 100%
Tobacco hawkmoth rps5 antibody; Manduca sexta rps5 antibody D1LYP0 100%
Trichoderma reesei rps5 antibody; Hypocrea jecorina rps5 antibody G0RJL0 100%
Ulotrichopus macula RpS5 antibody; Ulotrichopus macula RpS5 antibody F1BNR1 100%
vampire moth RpS5 antibody; Calyptra thalictri RpS5 antibody F1BNN3 100%
Vanessa altissima RpS5 antibody; Vanessa altissima RpS5 antibody F8T9U5 100%
Vanessa braziliensis RpS5 antibody; Vanessa braziliensis RpS5 antibody F8T9W1 100%
Vanessa buana RpS5 antibody; Vanessa buana RpS5 antibody F8T9U6 100%
Vanessa carye RpS5 antibody; Vanessa carye RpS5 antibody F8T9U4 100%
Vanessa dejeanii RpS5 antibody; Vanessa dejeanii RpS5 antibody F8T9V8 100%
Vanessa gonerilla RpS5 antibody; Vanessa gonerilla RpS5 antibody F8T9V1 100%
Vanessa itea RpS5 antibody; Vanessa itea RpS5 antibody F8T9V0 100%
Vanessa kershawi RpS5 antibody; Vanessa kershawi RpS5 antibody F8T9V7 100%
Vanessa samani RpS5 antibody; Vanessa samani RpS5 antibody F8T9V9 100%
Vanessa tameamea RpS5 antibody; Vanessa tameamea RpS5 antibody F8T9T9 100%
Vanessa tameamea RpS5 antibody; Vanessa tameamea RpS5 antibody F8T9T7 100%
Vanessa terpsichore RpS5 antibody; Vanessa terpsichore RpS5 antibody F8T9U3 100%
Western clawed frog rps5 antibody; Xenopus tropicalis rps5 antibody F6TEK0 100%
Wheat and barley take-all root rot fungus GGTG_11063 antibody; Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici GGTG_11063 antibody J3PC40 100%
Wheat head blight fungus FG06019.1 antibody; Gibberella zeae FG06019.1 antibody I1RPP3 100%
Zurobata rorata RpS5 antibody; Zurobata rorata RpS5 antibody H2D3K8 100%
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