Computational species homology for EDN3 antibody (ARP61173)

Product page for EDN3 antibody (ARP61173)

The information below lists the predicted species and target name associated to the peptide antigen. Please note, all available target reference numbers to the antigen sequence are presented, including unreviewed and protein isoforms.
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Predicted Species & Target Target Reference Predicted Homology
Human EDN3 antibody; Homo sapiens EDN3 antibody Q7Z6D2 100%
Human EDN3 antibody; Homo sapiens EDN3 antibody P14138 100%
Lowland gorilla EDN3 antibody; Gorilla gorilla gorilla EDN3 antibody G3RAU4 100%
Northern white-cheeked gibbon LOC100579456 antibody; Nomascus leucogenys LOC100579456 antibody G1REM1 100%
Rhesus macaque EDN3 antibody; Macaca mulatta EDN3 antibody F7FQK2 100%
White-tufted-ear marmoset LOC100410915 antibody; Callithrix jacchus LOC100410915 antibody F7I8W8 100%
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