Product Protocols: C1orf184 antibody tested with Human HepG2 Cells (ARP49248_P050)

Aviva Systems Biology is the original manufacturer of this C1orf184 antibody (ARP49248_P050)

Product Datasheet Link: C1orf184 antibody (ARP49248_P050)

WB Suggested Anti-C1orf184 antibody Dilution: 1:1000 (stock 1mg/mL)
Amount of lysate: 25ug
Sample type: Human HepG2
Blocking buffer: TBST-3% milk
Primary antibody concentration: 1ug/mL
Primary antibody incubation time: 4hrs at RT with shaking
Secondary antibody: Goat anti-rabbit-Hrp
Secondary antibody concentration: 0.1ug/mL
Secondary antibody incubation time: 1hr at RT with shaking

Western Blot image: 

Description of Target: The exact function of C1orf184 remains unknown.

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