Shipping Charges Effective Jan. 2, 2012

The following are updated shipping and wet/dry ice surcharges for Aviva Systems Biology.  These changes took effect Jan. 2, 2012, unless otherwise noted, for all shipments.

Rates for standard shipments.

Destination Standard Shipping Shipping with Wet/Dry Ice
In California $15 Standard Shipping + $35 added with product
U.S. & Canada $35 Standard Shipping + $35 added with product
International* $55 Standard Shipping + $50 added with product

*Note: Additional charges may apply due to specific fees associated with shipping to a specific country such as customs fees, special certificates, etc.

Customer pays for Shipping Option

You can choose use your own shipping option.  We can use the shipping service of your choice (FedEx, UPS or DHL) as long as you provide us with your shipping account number.  Other shipping methods may be available as long as you coordinate the pickup (from our San Diego location) and delivery.  For products that need dry/wet ice shipping, there is a $20 charge for shipping materials to cover the cost of the shipping materials.

Shipping At Room Temperature

Most of the time only our standard shipping charges will apply.  This is because many of our products are lyophilized and can last several days or weeks in room temperature without impact on the antibody effectiveness.  Shipping with wet/dry ice will be identified in the product datasheet as part of the storage requirements.

Splitting orders

Customers selecting to split the delivery of products on a single order may be liable to multiple shipping charges, based on the product types included in each shipment. We will contact you when this may occur and you can let us know your preference before we ship.

Why is Aviva Systems Biology changing prices in January?

Each year we review our current shipping trends and negotiate with our shipping company, FedEx.  We were able to get a reduction in prices in some areas and identified some areas we needed to rise to cover our existing costs.  Unlike some other companies, our goal is not to make money for shipping charges.  In fact, we have some of the lowest shipping costs for any antibody company in the industry.

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