Nickolai Barlev: Conquering the Mystery of p53

Carcinogens from the environment and within our body cause DNA damage. This damage can eventually lead to cancer if our DNA repair mechanisms fail. Luckily, our body has p53, a tumor suppressor protein which tags cells to undergo apoptosis or halts cell division. Both of these are necessary to prevent cells from becoming cancerous and it is worthy to note that mutation of p53 is found to be present in 50% of all human cancers.

Nickolai Barlev’s lab at the University of Leicester is working on figuring out the mechanisms of p53 activation through post-translational modification. Barlev and his associates specifically look at how lysine methylation is important in activating p53 and has found that it is a necessary step to activate another post-translational modification: acetylation. These post-translational modifications are needed to activate p53 and in turn needed for tumor regulation.

Check out some of Barlev’s work on Pubmed!

Barlev recently used Aviva Antibodies for p53 in Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) for his research and had some great results!

ARP30370:TP53 “As good as our golden standard” – Nickolai Barlev


AMM00023: TP53
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