Aviva is Exhibiting at AACR in San Diego

Please visit Aviva Systems Biology at booth 1443.  You may consider visiting us at the booth to review the following:

  • Submit a request to receive free antibody samples: Our team can review with you the antibodies we have available. Currently, Aviva is offering antibody samples for researchers needing to test antibodies in IHC.  We will evaluate other needs besides IHC as well.  You can submit a sample request by email or at AACR.  To learn more, please click here.
  • Aviva’s Pathway Posters: Aviva has 24 pathways online which can be printed from the website or picked up at the AACR booth. Pathways include: acute myeloid leukemia, apopotosis, axon guidance, cell cycle, chronic myeloid leukemia, colorectal cancer, Jak-STAT, MAPK, melanoma, mTOR, non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, small cell lung cancer, transcriptional misregulation in cancer, and WNT signaling. To view these pathways, please click here.
  • Antibodies for IHC: Aviva has over 17,000 antibodies tested in IHC and each month Aviva releases about 100 new antibodies tested in IHC. To view a complete list of IHC antibodies, click here.  To view newly released IHC products, click here.

We would be happy to help you with any questions. For immediate assistance, please email us at info@avivasysbio.com.

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