Aviva Associates Over 30,000 Antibodies to 2,000 Different Species

Mouse species imageAviva Systems Biology Inc. (Aviva), a San Diego Based life science tools provider, manufacturers a portfolio of over 30,000 antibodies for research applications.    The company has developed a new bioinformatics technique associating more than 2,000 different species to the product portfolio.

“We believe the research community has difficulty procuring reagents for species other than human. By using the proprietary sequences used to develop Aviva’s antibodies, we can associate many other species by computational means,” said Matt Landry, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Aviva Systems Biology. “This approach will certainly expand the options available to researchers, enabling more proteomic experiments and discoveries.”

Aviva lists species with homology greater than 80% on the product pages.  To review a list of species represented on Aviva’s website, please click here: //www.avivasysbio.com/New-Species-Reactivity-Data.html

Some features of Aviva’s species reactivity data are:

  • – Aviva is able to provide custom searching to researchers who provide a DNA, RNA, or protein sequence. To submit a sequence, please click here;
  • – Money back guarantee for antibodies if species is listed on Aviva’s product page;
  • – Many antibodies have already been validated with rodent tissue.

The range of over 30,000 antibody products is available based on a variety of species. Click on the links below to see our top species:

Human Antibodies (Homo sapiens antibodies), 9990 available
Mouse antibodies (Mus musculus antibodies), 6797 available
Rat antibodies (Rattus norvegicus antibodies), 6433 available
Rabbit antibodies (Oryctolagus cuniculus antibodies), 700 available
Bovine antibodies (Bos taurus antibodies), 5900 available
Pig antibodies (Sus scrofa antibodies), 1553 available
Yeast Antibodies, 197 available
Guinea pig antibodies (Cavia porcellus antibodies), 189 available
Sheep antibodies (Ovis aries antibodies), 545 available
Goat antibodies (Capra hircus antibodies), 154 available
Dog antibodies (Canis familiaris antibodies), 4831 available
Horse antibodies (Equus caballus antibodies), 456 available
Zebrafish antibodies (Danio rerio antibodies), 2585 available

For more information about the predicted species reactivity of Aviva’s products, please email us at info@avivasysbio.com.

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