For many members of the scientific community, BLAST is a well-known and valuable tool to find similarity between sequences. However, finding the appropriate antibody for your target of interest can be time consuming and often difficult.

Aviva’s new Antibody Blast takes the concept of BLAST to a new level by finding antibodies which are homologous to a DNA, RNA, or protein sequence. We can blast any protein sequence against our catalog of over 30,000 antibodies.  Whether you have 5 genetic targets or 500 makes no difference.

We believe this tool is capable of identifying more antibody candidates, especially for research on unique targets.  The final report will display sequence homology and consecutive matches, enabling the researcher to test more antibodies and increase the chances of finding a successful reagent.

The process is simple:

  1. Send us your protein/DNA/RNA sequence(s)
  2. Our BLAST algorithm will search Aviva’s collection of antibodies for matching sequence specificity.
  3. You will receive a report of percent homology between the Aviva’s antibody specificity and your sequence.

To submit a sequence please use the following link:

To submit multiple sequences please send sequences in a table to