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Many researchers are in a difficult position and

cannot determine if an antibody will work without

purchasing it first. With Aviva's Western Blot Service,

we test your samples, so you can be confident with

your antibody purchase.




"Aviva's western blot services don't just save upfront time and money by

identifying antibodies that work for my samples, they provide the optimized

blotting conditions for the antibodies as well, which instills confidence in their

products and facilitates success in my own lab. Aviva's western blot service

will be my go-to source anytime I am looking to purchase a new antibody."




"Aviva Western Blot Services were very helpful to us in figuring out what

antibodies best suited our research project and would meet our needs.

They provided us with both exemplary customer support and valuable results.

It saved us both time and money!"




"Aviva Western Blot Services provided solid and clean data for my samples

in a timely fashion, which is definitely helpful to find the right antibodies

you need. The services were wonderful!"




"Dear Sirs, it gives me great pleasure to write this statement testifying to

Aviva's Western Blot Services qualifications. Aviva's Western Blot Services

were extremely helpful in choosing what antibodies would be more appropriate

for our research project. The Aviva's scientific staff analyzed for us a series of

samples in the frame work of Aviva's free validation project and provided us

with representative results, optimized blotting protocols and helpful comments

on homology properties of our proteins. Conclusively, the interplay with

Aviva's Western Blot Services highly contributed to our lab in achieving

valuable and reliable results."




Is an antibody not tested with your species?

Is an antibody not tested with your sample of interest?

Is it difficult to obtain reproducible western blot results?

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1. Is your sample of human origin?

2. Are the samples you plan to send considered positive or negative controls for the target protein?

Describe the sample (cell or tissue lysate) you will be sending.

3. What molecular weight should be observed with a properly performing antibody?

4. Are you able to provide your sample with a total protein concentration of 1 mg/ml?

5. Are you able to provide your protein in 3X SDS buffer (240 mM, Tris pH 6.8, with 8% SDS, 40% glycerol, 0.4% bromophenol blue, and 5% beta mercaptoethanol)?

6. Do you need packaging materials to send the sample to Aviva?










ARP38530_T100, HDAC1

Lot: QC8205

TBST-3% milk

Expected MW: 55 kDa




ARP56652_P050, SGK1

Lot: QC27652-40297

TBST-3% milk

Expected MW: 46 - 60kDa




ARP64436_P050, GPR68

Lot: QC36369-41004

TBST-3% milk

Expected MW: 41 kDa




ARP35130_P050, Kcnk5

Lot: QC5825-41061

TBST-3% milk

Expected MW: 56 kDa