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Wash Buffer for IHC, ICC (20X) (OOMB00005)

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Product Format:
Liquid 20X Wash Buffer (pH 7.4)
Additional Information:
Sterilization: This product is aseptically filtered through a Millipore 0.22-micron filter into clean containers.
Reconstitution and Storage:
Store reagent at room temperature only. This is a very concentrated solution which may form crystals when exposed to cold. If kept in cold, crystals may form. To clear the buffer concentrate, place the bottle into a warm water bath at 37-40°C, then shake the bottle to dissolve the precipitated salts. Expiration date is twelve (12) months from date of receipt if properly handled and stored.
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Description of Target:
This Wash Buffer is 20X PBS buffer optimized for rinsing and washing specimens processed by immunocytochemsitry (ICC) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) for washing off excess of primary and secondary antibodies (and detection reagents when applicable) to remove non-specific background staining and improve signal-to-noise ratio. This Wash Buffer can be used on cells and tissue sections fixed with different fixatives including but not limited to buffered formalin, formaldehyde, acetone, alcohol and chloroform. Wash Buffer is compatible with primary and secondary antibodies raised in different species both unconjugated and conjugated to different fluorescent dyes. Not recommended for rinsing and washing live unfixed cells.
To make a working solution, dilute 20X Wash Buffer concentrate to 1X concentration with distilled water.

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