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Trypan Blue Staining Cell Viability Assay Kit (OKBB00007)

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Kit Component:
Trypan Blue Staining solution (2X) 10ml (Dilution: 1:2) Cell diluents buffer 100ml
Kit Detection Method:
Colorimetric, OD450 nm
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Reconstitution and Storage:
Store at 4C for one year.
Notes: 1. This kit can be enough for 100 assays.
2. The concentration of cell sample should better be 1X106/ml.
3. Control the staining time well, otherwise cells would be poisoned to die.
4. This product can be used to stain the growing anchorage-dependent cell.
5. When calculate cell number, the cell dilution 104 should be multiplied.
Hemocymeter calculation method:
Cell number of 1 mm quadrel X 104 (cell dilution) = actual cell number/ml

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