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Aviva ELISA Publications

No. Gene SKU Publication Pubmed Link
11,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3OKCA00159Cytomegalovirus proteins, maternal pregnancy cytokines, and their impact on neonatal immune cytokine profiles and acute lymphoblastic leukemogenesis in children. Haematologica 2022 NULL NULL NULL 3563854932744779
225-OH Vitamin DOKEH02569Anaparti, V. et al. Circulating levels of free 25(OH)D increase at the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. PLoS One. 2019; 14(9): e0219109. 3155719131557191
38OHDGOKEH02553Retinal Pigment Epithelium and Neural Retinal Progenitors Interact via Semaphorin 6D to Facilitate Optic Cup Morphogenesis. Eneuro 2021 3 8 NULL 3381108635016629
4ACANOKEH00570A comparative proteomic study of plasma in Colombian childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. PLoS One. 14, e0221509 (2019). 3143725131437251
5ACE2OASG00144Expression of ACE2 in Human Neurons Supports the Neuro-Invasive Potential of COVID-19 Virus. Cell Mol Neurobiol. NULL, NULL (2020). 3262354632623546
6ACE2OASG00144Activation of Kinin B1R Upregulates ADAM17 and Results in ACE2 Shedding in Neurons. Int J Mol Sci. 22, (2020). 3337565333375653
7ACE2OKCD07769Characterization of ANKRD11 mutations in humans and mice related to KBG syndrome. Hum Genet 2015 2 134 181-90 2541369833660945
8ACHEOKCD07400The CDK1/TFCP2L1/ID2 cascade offers a novel combination therapy strategy in a preclinical model of bladder cancer. Exp Mol Med 2022 6 54 801-811 3572932533818647
9ACLYOASG00647Modulation of matrix metabolism by ATP-citrate lyase in articular chondrocytes. J Biol Chem. 293, 12259-12270 (2018). 2992997929929979
10ACTHOKEH00625Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis of the rat. Mol Med Rep. 17, 6163-6173 (2018). 2943663729436637
11AGRPOKAG00192Eating behavior in frontotemporal dementia: Peripheral hormones vs hypothalamic pathology. Neurology. 85, 1310-7 (2015). 2637725226377252
12ALKBH1OACA06689ALKBH1-demethylated DNA N6-methyladenine modification triggers vascular calcification via osteogenic reprogramming in chronic kidney disease. J Clin Invest. 131, NULL (2021) 3400380034003800
13ALOX5OKEH00967Rapid acceleration of KRAS-mutant pancreatic carcinogenesis via remodeling of tumor immune microenvironment by PPARδ. Nat Commun 2022 1 13 2665 3556237634121352
14ALPLOKEH00757Effects of the Highly COX-2-Selective Analgesic NSAID Etoricoxib on Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts during Compressive Orthodontic Mechanical Strain. Mediators Inflamm. 2019, 2514956 (2019). 3098388030983880
15ALPLOKEH00757The role of mechanotransduction versus hypoxia during simulated orthodontic compressive strain-an in vitro study of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts. Int J Oral Sci. 11, 33 (2019). 3168580431685804
16AMHOAAB06540Structure of AMH bound to AMHR2 provides insight into a unique signaling pair in the TGF-β family. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 118 (2021) 3415511834155118
17AMHOKEH00320In situ autofluorescence lifetime assay of a photoreceptor stimulus response in mouse retina and human retinal organoids. Biomed Opt Express 2022 6 13 3476-3492 3578196635275845
18ANGPTL2OKEH01367Urinary Cysteine-Rich Protein 61 and Trefoil Factor 3 as Diagnostic Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer. Transl Oncol. 12, 539-544 (2019). 3061190230611902
19ANKHOAAB06341Szeri, et al. The membrane protein ANKH is crucial for bone mechanical performance by mediating cellular export of citrate and ATP. PLoS Genetics 2020 Jul 8;16(7):e1008884. 3263999632639996
20APOA5OKCD09560CREBH normalizes dyslipidemia and halts atherosclerosis in diabetes by decreasing circulating remnant lipoproteins. J Clin Invest. 131 (2021). 3449190934491909
21APOEOKEH04368Toll-like Receptor 4-Independent Effects of Lipopolysaccharide Identified Using Longitudinal Serum Proteomics. J Proteome Res. 19, 1258-1266 (2020). 3203783532037835
22APOOLOAAF03292QIL1 is a novel mitochondrial protein required for MICOS complex stability and cristae morphology. Elife. 4, (2015). 2599710125997101
23APOOLOAAF03292QIL1 mutation causes MICOS disassembly and early onset fatal mitochondrial encephalopathy with liver disease. Elife. 5, (2016). 2762314727623147
24APOOLOAAF03292Adult-onset obesity is triggered by impaired mitochondrial gene expression. Sci Adv. 3, e1700677 (2017). 2883592128835921
25APP42OKEH00815Exosomes Derived from Human Amniotic Fluid Mesenchymal Stem Cells Preserve Microglia and Neuron Cells from Aβ. Int J Mol Sci NULL 23 9 April 202235563358
26AQP2OKEH03152Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Case with an N-Terminal TUBA4A Mutation Exhibits Reduced TUBA4A Levels in the Brain and TDP-43 Pathology. Biomolecules 2022 3 12 NULL 3532763233911165
27AROKCD00824High-Load Resistance Exercise Augments Androgen Receptor-DNA Binding and Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling without Increases in Serum/Muscle Androgens or Androgen Receptor Content. Nutrients. 12, (2020). 3333381833333818
28Arachidonic acidOKEH02583Impact of 17β-HSD12, the 3-ketoacyl-CoA reductase of long-chain fatty acid synthesis, on breast cancer cell proliferation and migration. Cell Mol Life Sci. 77, 1153-1175 (2020). 3130274931302749
29Arachidonic acidOKEH02583PNPLA3 I148M mediates the regulatory effect of NF-kB on inflammation in PA-treated HepG2 cells. J Cell Mol Med. 24, 1541-1552 (2020). 3179320731793207
30ARACHIDONIC ACIDOKEH02583Bee Venom Phospholipase A2 Ameliorates Atherosclerosis by Modulating Regulatory T Cells. Toxins (Basel). 12, NULL (2020). 3297760732977607
31AREGOKCD05604DDX3 modulates the tumor microenvironment via its role in endoplasmic reticulum-associated translation. iScience. 24, 103086 (2021). 3456879934568799
32ARSAOKEH05888In situ autofluorescence lifetime assay of a photoreceptor stimulus response in mouse retina and human retinal organoids. Biomed Opt Express 2022 6 13 3476-3492 3578196635273160
33ASAH1OAPB00726Increased placental mitochondrial fusion in gestational diabetes mellitus: an adaptive mechanism to optimize feto-placental metabolic homeostasis?. BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care. 8, (2020). 3214413032144130
34ATOH1OKEH05889Oxidized phospholipids cause changes in jejunum mucus that induce dysbiosis and systemic inflammation. J Lipid Res 100153 63 1 January 202234808192
35AURKBOKCD01854Dual Kit/Aur Inhibitors as Chemosensitizing Agents for the Treatment of Melanoma: Design, Synthesis, Docking Studies and Functional Investigation. Sci Rep. 9, 9943 (2019). 3128933331289333
36AVPOKEH00396A Joint Evaluation of Neurohormone Vasopressin-Neurophysin II-Copeptin and Aortic Arch Calcification on Mortality Risks in Hemodialysis Patients. Front Med (Lausanne). 7, 102 (2020). 3229670732296707
37AXLOAAB17122Chemotherapy confers a conserved secondary tolerance to EGFR inhibition via AXL-mediated signaling bypass. Sci Rep. 11, 8016 (2021). 3385024933850249
38B7H6OKEH01750Updated clinical and biological information from the two-stage phase II study of imatinib mesylate in subjects with relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma. Oncoimmunology. 7, e1468953 (2018). 3035705330357053
39BDNFOKAG00197Male rats exhibit higher pro-BDNF, c-Fos and dendritic tree changes after chronic acoustic stress. Biosci Trends. 13, 546-555 (2020). 3195622631956226
40BDNFOKEH00022Maternal Nicotinamide Riboside Enhances Postpartum Weight Loss, Juvenile Offspring Development, and Neurogenesis of Adult Offspring. Cell Rep. 26, 969-983.e4 (2019). 3067361830673618
41BETA-APP42OKEH00815Oxidative Stress in Alzheimer's Disease: In Vitro Therapeutic Effect of Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells Extracellular Vesicles. Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2020, 2785343 (2020). 3319399733193997
42BMP1OKCD02401Bone secreted factors induce cellular quiescence in prostate cancer cells. Sci Rep. 9, 18635 (2019). 3181906731819067
43BMP2OKEH00026Noggin Inhibits IL-1β and BMP-2 Expression, and Attenuates Cartilage Degeneration and Subchondral Bone Destruction in Experimental Osteoarthritis. Cells. 9, (2020). 3229008532290085
44C5B-9OKCD01373Synergistic effects of ADAMTS13 deficiency and complement activation in pathogenesis of thrombotic microangiopathy. Blood. 134, 1095-1105 (2019). 3140967331409673
45C5B-9OKCD01373Decreased mitochondrial electron transport proteins and increased complement mediators in plasma neural-derived exosomes of early psychosis. Transl Psychiatry. 10, 361 (2020). 3310647333106473
46CALCAOKCD00726Astrogliogenesis in human fetal brain: complex spatiotemporal immunoreactivity patterns of GFAP, S100, AQP4 and YKL-40. J Anat 2019 3 235 590-615 3090108033710922
47CALCITRIOLOKEH02542Temperature-dependent vitamin D signaling regulates developmental trajectory associated with diapause in an annual killifish. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 115, 12763-12768 (2018). 3044661530446615
48CAMPOKEH00728Association of vitamin D3, VDR gene polymorphisms, and LL-37 with a clinical form of Chagas Disease. Rev Soc Bras Med Trop. 52, e20190133 (2019). 3150878131508781
49CANXOKCD00229Zhenhua Du, et al. Quantitative proteomics identifies a plasma multi-protein model for detection of hepatocellular carcinoma. 15552 (2020). 3296814732968147
50CASP1OKEH01146NLRP3 Inflammasome Expression in Gingival Crevicular Fluid of Patients with Periodontitis and Chronic Hepatitis C. Mediators Inflamm 6917919 2021 NULL November 202134840527
51CASP3OKCD06592Phosphaplatin Anti-tumor Effect Enhanced by Liposomes Partly via an Up-regulation of PEDF in Breast Cancer. Anticancer Res. 38, 623-646 (2018). 2937468529374685
52CASP6OAAF05316Automating cell detection and classification in human brain fluorescent microscopy images using dictionary learning and sparse coding. J. Neurosci. Methods. 282, 20-33 (2017). 2826756528267565
53CASP6OAAF05316Probing the correlation of neuronal loss, neurofibrillary tangles, and cell death markers across the Alzheimer's disease Braak stages: a quantitative study in humans. Neurobiol Aging. 61, 44531 (2018). 2903108829031088
54CCL22OKWB00363MiR-384 induces apoptosis and autophagy of non-small cell lung cancer cells through the negative regulation of Collagen a-1(X) chain gene. Biosci Rep. 39, (2019). 3044287430442874
55CD68OKEH03503ACE2 activation protects against cognitive decline and reduces amyloid pathology in the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Acta Neuropathol. 139, 485-502 (2020). 3198293831982938
56CD9OKCD00751ALPPL2 Is a Potential Diagnostic Biomarker for Pancreatic Cancer-Derived Extracellular Vesicles. Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev. 15, 204-210 (2019). 3168742031687420
57CERKOKCD09200α2β1 integrins spatially restrict Cdc42 activity to stabilise adherens junctions. BMC Biol 2021 1 19 130 3415805333430896
58CFL1OKEH01091Tandem Mass Tag-Based Serum Proteome Profiling for Biomarker Discovery in Young Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Boys. ACS Omega. 5, 26504-26517 (2020). 3311097833110978
59CKBOKEH06448Creatine kinase/a-crystallin interaction functions in cataract development. Biochem Biophys Rep. 22, 100748 (2020). 3215439132154391
60CKMOKCD01481Creatine kinase/a-crystallin interaction functions in cataract development. Biochem Biophys Rep. 22, 100748 (2020). 3215439132154391
61CLCF1OKEH04677Genome-wide Analyses of Chromatin State in Human Mast Cells Reveal Molecular Drivers and Mediators of Allergic and Inflammatory Diseases. Immunity. 51, 949-965.e6 (2019). 3165348231653482
62CLOSTRIDIUM PERFRINGENSOASA07164Gut microbiota and age shape susceptibility to clostridial enteritis in lorikeets under human care. Anim Microbiome. 4, 7 (2022). 3500061935000619
63CNDP1OKEH00851Quantitative Comparative Proteomics Reveals Candidate Biomarkers for the Early Prediction of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Preliminary Study. In Vivo. 34, 517-525 (2020). 3211174932111749
64COL1A1OKEH00542Validating candidate biomarkers for different stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Medicine (Baltimore). 99, e21463 (2020). 3289899532898995
65COL1A2OAAF02899Insulin receptor substrate-1 time-dependently regulates bone formation by controlling collagen Ia2 expression via miR-342. FASEB J. 30, 4214-4226 (2016). 2762392727623927
66Collagen IOPED00033CNS fibroblasts form a fibrotic scar in response to immune cell infiltration. Nat Neurosci 2021 2 24 234-244 3352692232078398
67C-PEPTIDEOKEH00454Decoding transcriptomic intra-tumour heterogeneity to guide personalised medicine in ovarian cancer. J Pathol 2019 3 247 305-319 3037497534067388
68CPT1AOKEH00404Snail augments fatty acid oxidation by suppression of mitochondrial ACC2 during cancer progression. Life Sci Alliance. 3, NULL (2020). 3248768932487689
69CRHOKEH00623LUMAN/CREB3 Plays a Dual Role in Stress Responses as a Cofactor of the Glucocorticoid Receptor and a Regulator of Secretion. Front Mol Neurosci. 11, 352 (2018). 3033785430337854
70CRHOKEH00623Identification of Synaptic DGKθ Interactors That Stimulate DGKθ Activity. Front Synaptic Neurosci 2022 NULL 14 855673 3557366235589861
71CRHR1OASG01837Somatostatin receptor subtype 5 modifies hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis stress function. JCI Insight. 3, (2018). 3028282130282821
72CRHR1OASG01837Orexin A Enhances Pro-Opiomelanocortin Transcription Regulated by BMP-4 in Mouse Corticotrope AtT20 Cells. Int J Mol Sci. 22 (2021) 3392536833925368
73CRISP3OKCD08775The LEDGF/p75 Integrase Binding Domain Interactome Contributes to the Survival, Clonogenicity, and Tumorsphere Formation of Docetaxel-Resistant Prostate Cancer Cells. Cells 2021 10 10 NULL 3468570435252264
74CRPOKCD01339Association between the Inflammatory Potential of Diet and Stress among Female College Students. Nutrients. 12, NULL (2020). 3278501132785011
75CRPOKCD06859Interleukin 8 and Pentaxin (C-Reactive Protein) as Potential New Biomarkers of Bovine Tuberculosis. J Clin Microbiol. 57, (2019). 3134099131340991
76CRPOKEH04495Toll-like Receptor 4-Independent Effects of Lipopolysaccharide Identified Using Longitudinal Serum Proteomics. J Proteome Res. 19, 1258-1266 (2020). 3203783532037835
77CTGFOKEH00020Defective RAB31-mediated megakaryocytic early endosomal trafficking of VWF, EGFR, and M6PR in RUNX1 deficiency. Blood Adv 2022 NULL NULL NULL 3583907533311008
78CTNNB1OKCD07069Comparison of methods for quantitative biomolecular interaction analysis. Anal Bioanal Chem 2022 1 414 661-673 3450516435371600
79CTSGOKCD08583The Alpha-Tocopherol Form of Vitamin E Boosts Elastase Activity of Human PMNs and Their Ability to Kill Streptococcus pneumoniae. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 7, 161 (2017). 2851606628516066
80CTXIIOKEH02711Extracellular matrix turnover and inflammation in chemically-induced TMJ arthritis mouse models. PLoS One. 14, e0223244 (2019). 3160390531603905
81CXCL1OKCD05713Decreased expression of GPC1 in human skin keratinocytes and epidermis during ageing. Exp Gerontol 2019 NULL 126 110693 3143052135173169
82CXCR4OKEH01535Protective Effect of β-Glucogallin on Damaged Cataract Against Methylglyoxal Induced Oxidative Stress in Cultured Lens Epithelial Cells. Med Sci Monit. 25, 9310-9318 (2019). 3181111331811113
83CYP21OKEH04241Interleukin 6 reduces allopregnanolone synthesis in the brain and contributes to age-related cognitive decline in mice. J Lipid Res. 61, 1308-1319 (2020). 3266938332669383
84DKK3OKCD02498Bone secreted factors induce cellular quiescence in prostate cancer cells. Sci Rep. 9, 18635 (2019). 3181906731819067
85DKK3OKCD02498A combined bioinformatics, experimental and clinical approach to identify novel cardiac-specific heart failure biomarkers: is Dickkopf-3 (DKK3) a possible candidate?. Eur J Heart Fail. 22, 2065-2074 (2020). 3280923532809235
86DNASE1OKEH03902Degraded neutrophil extracellular traps promote the growth of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae. Cell Death Dis. 10, 657 (2019). 3150643231506432
87DNASE1OKEH03902Role of Bacterial and Host DNases on Host-Pathogen Interaction during Streptococcus suis Meningitis. Int J Mol Sci. 21, NULL (2020). 3272250232722502
88DPP10OAAB05596Manipulation of dipeptidylpeptidase 10 in mouse and human in vivo and in vitro models indicates a protective role in asthma. Dis Model Mech. 11, (2018). 2936151329361513
89EBI3OKEH01925Anti-epileptic drug topiramate upregulates TGFβ1 and SOX9 expression in primary embryonic palatal mesenchyme cells: Implications for teratogenicity. PLoS One 2021 2 16 e0246989 3357755434884474
90EMC6OACA03845Selective EMC subunits act as molecular tethers of intracellular organelles exploited during viral entry. Nat Commun. 11, 1127 (2020). 3211184132111841
91ENPP1OAEB02445de la Croix Ndong, J. et al. Asfotase-a improves bone growth, mineralization and strength in mouse models of neurofibromatosis type-1. Nat. Med. 20, 904-10 (2014). 2499760924997609
92EP300OAAF01891Differential Kat3 Usage Orchestrates the Integration of Cellular Metabolism with Differentiation. Cancers (Basel). 13 (2021). 3488499234884992
93EstradiolOKCA003502-D DIGE analysis of the mitochondrial proteome from human skeletal muscle reveals time course-dependent remodelling in response to 14 consecutive days of endurance exercise training. Proteomics 2011 8 11 1413-28 2136067034204450
94F13A1OKEH02738A comparative proteomic study of plasma in Colombian childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. PLoS One. 14, e0221509 (2019). 3143725131437251
95FABP2OKCD06490Acrolein Disrupts Tight Junction Proteins and Causes Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Mediated Epithelial Cell Death Leading to Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction and Permeability. Am J Pathol. 187, 2686-2697 (2017) 2893557328935573
96FAM20COAAB01003Lack of FAM20A, Ectopic Gingival Mineralization and Chondro/Osteogenic Modifications in Enamel Renal Syndrome. Front Cell Dev Biol. 8, 605084 (2021). 3342591033425910
97FBXL13OAAB12542FBXL13 directs the proteolysis of CEP192 to regulate centrosome homeostasis and cell migration. EMBO Rep. 19, (2018). 2934814529348145
98FBXL2OAAB02444Crystal structure and interaction studies of the human FBxo3 ApaG domain. FEBS J. 283, 2091-101 (2016). 2701086627010866
99FGF22OKEH02513Xu, Y. et al. Fibroblast growth factor 22 is a novel modulator of depression through interleukin‐1β. CNS Neurosci Ther. 2017 Nov; 23(11): 907-916. 2894871628948716
100FGFR1OKEH00124Validation of a Novel Modified Aptamer-Based Array Proteomic Platform in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease. Diagnostics (Basel). 8, (2018). 3029760230297602
101FGFR4OKDD00266Validation of a Novel Modified Aptamer-Based Array Proteomic Platform in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease. Diagnostics (Basel). 8, (2018). 3029760230297602
102FGFR4OKDD00266Tumor Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 4 Level Predicts the Efficacy of Lenvatinib in Patients With Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Clin Transl Gastroenterol. 11, e00179 (2020). 3267780532677805
103FKBP5OKEH00685Glucocorticoid receptor mutations and clinical sensitivity to glucocorticoid in Chinese multiple sclerosis patients. Neurol Sci. 41, 2767-2771 (2020). 3227739232277392
104FLOT1OKEH02189Detection of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles in plasma from patients with solid cancer. BMC Cancer. 21, 315 (2021) 3376189933761899
105Folic acidOKEH02550Folic acid supplementation improves vascular endothelial function, yet not skin blood flow during exercise in the heat, in patients with heart failure. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 315, R810-R819 (2018). 2997556629975566
106FPR2OKEH01364Decreased Placental FPR2 in Early Pregnancies That Later Developed Small-For-Gestation Age: A Potential Role of FPR2 in the Regulation of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition. Cells. 9, (2020). 3229003432290034
107Free Tri-iodothyronineOKCA00138Signatures of host-pathogen evolutionary conflict reveal MISTR-A conserved MItochondrial STress Response network. PLoS Biol 2020 12 18 e3001045 3337027132122258
108Free-Thyroxine 4OKCA00139CLUH controls astrin-1 expression to couple mitochondrial metabolism to cell cycle progression. Elife 2022 NULL 11 NULL 3555979432122258
109FUROKCD04268Inhaled Seralutinib Exhibits Potent Efficacy in Models of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Eur Respir J 2022 NULL NULL NULL 3568014433660945
110GABAOKEH02564Alejandra Romo-Araiza, Gabriela Gutiérrez-Salmeán, Emilio J. Galván, Melissa Hernández-Frausto, Gabriel Herrera-López, Hector Romo-Parra, Valentina García-Contreras, Ana María Fernández-Presas, Ricardo Jasso-Chávez, Cesar V. Borlongan, & Antonio Ibarra1. Probiotics and Prebiotics as a Therapeutic Strategy to Improve Memory in a Model of Middle-Aged Rats. Front Aging Neurosci. 10, 416 (2018). PMC6305305PMC6305305
111GABAOKEH02564Neurobehavioral effects of acute low-dose whole-body irradiation. J Radiat Res. 62, 804-811 (2021). 3398211433982114
112GDNFOKCD05717Specific Expression of Glial-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Muscles as Gene Therapy Strategy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Neurotherapeutics. 18, 1113-1126 (2021). 3378680533786805
113GFPT1OKEH02952DSCAM is differentially patterned along the optic axon pathway in the developing Xenopus visual system and guides axon termination at the target. Neural Dev 2022 1 17 5 3542201334572324
114GGT1OKEH03351Hepatic NADH reductive stress underlies common variation in metabolic traits. Nature. 583, 122-126 (2020). 3246169232461692
115GHRHOKEH03121Repeated hypoglycemia remodels neural inputs and disrupts mitochondrial function to blunt glucose-inhibited GHRH neuron responsiveness. JCI Insight. 5, NULL (2020). 3314888333148883
116GNAT3OAEB00418Immunohistochemical Analysis of Human Vallate Taste Buds. Chem Senses. 40, 655-60 (2015). 2640092426400924
117GNAT3OAEB00418The Role of 5-HT3 Receptors in Signaling from Taste Buds to Nerves. J Neurosci. 35, 15984-95 (2015). 2663147826631478
118GNAT3OAEB004185-HT3A -driven green fluorescent protein delineates gustatory fibers innervating sour-responsive taste cells: A labeled line for sour taste?. J Comp Neurol. 525, 2358-2375 (2017). 2831607828316078
119GNAT3OAEB00418Michael A Kohanski, et al. Solitary chemosensory cells are a primary epithelial source of IL-25 in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps. 460-469.e7 (2018). 2977850429778504
120GNAT3OAEB00418Chemical receptors of the arytenoid: A comparison of human and mouse. Laryngoscope. 130, 423-430 (2020). 3090867730908677
121GNAT3OAEB00418Expression of Bitter Taste Receptors and Solitary Chemosensory Cell Markers in the Human Sinonasal Cavity. Chem Senses. 44, 483-495 (2019). 3123175231231752
122GNAT3OAEB00418A Subset of Olfactory Sensory Neurons Express Forkhead Box J1-Driven eGFP. Chem Senses. 44, 663-671 (2019). 3150428931504289
123GNAT3OAEB00418Zika virus infection in chemosensory cells. J Neurovirol. 26, 371-381 (2020) 3214472732144727
124GNAT3OAEB00418Functional expression of TMEM16A in taste bud cells. J Physiol. 599, 3697-3714 (2021) 3408953234089532
125GNAT3OAEB00418Whole-Brain Mapping of the Expression Pattern of T1R2, a Subunit Specific to the Sweet Taste Receptor. Front Neuroanat. 15, 751839 (2021). 3477688134776881
126GNAT3OAEB00418Whole-Brain Mapping of the Expression Pattern of T1R2, a Subunit Specific to the Sweet Taste Receptor. Front Neuroanat. 15, 751839 (2021). 3457894034578940
127GSDMDOKCD01821Soluble P2X7 Receptor Is Elevated in the Plasma of COVID-19 Patients and Correlates With Disease Severity. Front Immunol 894470 13 NULL June 202235663992
128GSK3BOKCD08452Docosahexaenoic Acid-Rich Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces Kinase Associated with Insulin Resistance in Overweight and Obese Midlife Adults. Nutrients. 12, NULL (2020). 3248625632486256
129GSK3BOKEH03023Disulfiram Sensitizes a Therapeutic-Resistant Glioblastoma to the TGF-β Receptor Inhibitor. Int J Mol Sci 2021 19 22 NULL 3463884235145347
130HA TagOAEA00010Actinin-4 Governs Dendritic Spine Dynamics and Promotes Their Remodeling by Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors. J Biol Chem. 290, 15909-20 (2015). 2594491025944910
131HA TagOAEA00010The unassembled flavoprotein subunits of human and bacterial complex II have impaired catalytic activity and generate only minor amounts of ROS. J Biol Chem. 293, 7754-7765 (2018). 2961027829610278
132HA TagOAEA00010Ablation of Ggnbp2 impairs meiotic DNA double-strand break repair during spermatogenesis in mice. J Cell Mol Med. 22, 4863-4874 (2018). 3005503530055035
133HAS3OKCA01302A Lipid Mixture Enriched by Ceramide NP with Fatty Acids of Diverse Chain Lengths Contributes to Restore the Skin Barrier Function Impaired by Topical Corticosteroid. Skin Pharmacol Physiol 112-123 35 2 August 202134348350
134HBA1COKEH00660Acute and long-term disruption of glycometabolic control after SARS-CoV-2 infection. Nat Metab. (2021). 3403552434035524
135HBA1COKEH00661Mast cell-deficiency protects mice from streptozotocin-induced diabetic cardiomyopathy. Transl Res. 208, 1-14 (2019). 3073886230738862
136HBA1COKEH00661Amelioration of diabetic nephropathy using pomegranate peel extract-stabilized gold nanoparticles: assessment of NF-κB and Nrf2 signaling system. Int J Nanomedicine. 14, 1753-1777 (2019). 3088097830880978
137HBA1COKEH00661Osteocalcin is necessary for the alignment of apatite crystallites, but not glucose metabolism, testosterone synthesis, or muscle mass. e1008586 (2020). 3246381632463816
138HDLOKEH00700PCSK9 is minimally associated with HDL but impairs the anti-atherosclerotic HDL effects on endothelial cell activation. J Lipid Res 100272 63 10 October 202236067830
139Heparan sulfateOKEH02552Glycocalyx Preservation and NO Production in Fatty Livers-The Protective Role of High Molecular Polyethylene Glycol in Cold Ischemia Injury. Int J Mol Sci. 19, (2018). 3010356530103565
140His TagOAEA00010JiHong Li, et al. Evidence That VirS Is a Receptor for the Signaling Peptide of the Clostridium perfringens Agr-like Quorum Sensing System. (2020). 3293408932934089
141His TagOAEA00010Biochemical properties of bacterial reverse transcriptase-related (rvt) gene products: multimerization, protein priming, and nucleotide preference. Curr Genet. 64, 1287-1301 (2018) 2976121029761210
142His TagOAEA00010The N-Acetylglucosamine Kinase from Yarrowia lipolytica Is a Moonlighting Protein. Int J Mol Sci. 22 (2021). 3488491534884915
143His-tagOAEA00010Leitman, J., Ulrich Hartl, F. & Lederkremer, G. Z. Soluble forms of polyQ-expanded huntingtin rather than large aggregates cause endoplasmic reticulum stress. Nat. Commun. 4, 2753 (2013). 2421757824217578
144HIS-TAGOAEA00010Binding of the Covalent Flavin Assembly Factor to the Flavoprotein Subunit of Complex II. J. Biol. Chem. 291, 2904-16 (2016). 2664446426644464
145HIS-TAGOAEA00010Kinetic Measurements Reveal Enhanced Protein-Protein Interactions at Intercellular Junctions. Sci Rep. 6, 23623 (2016). 2700956627009566
146HMGB1OKCD04072Streptococcal sagA activates a proinflammatory response in mast cells by a sublytic mechanism. Cell Microbiol. 21, e13064 (2019). 3115582031155820
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