Technical Resources

High-Throughput Antibody Production Program

Aviva Systems Biology (ASB) antibody production program combines proprietary bioinformatic capacity for unique target peptide design on a genomic-scale, patent-pending Target cell Surface Attaches (TSA) immunization and high through-put, native cell sample quality control processes for all rabbit polyclonal antibody production. Additionally, using an mRNA profiling platform using microarray, we identify a target gene expression pattern and overall tissue specificity for a better target hit rate by using "correct" tissue samples for quality control test. This information is subsequently used in our immunoblot quality control assay and IHC. Our approach to high-throughput antibody production allows us to launch high specificity antibodies over 100 targets per month. ASB is an experienced and reliable manufacturer for large-scale antibody production.

Unique Domain Mapping:

Each target protein is systematically screened against its genomic-wide protein sequence for identify its unique domains. Every available unique domain in the target is summarized, plotted for its antigenecity and finally scored for "the best" peptide chemical synthesis scheme. (Peptide score page). This internal developed algorithm yields a highly specific antibodies for novel target with multiple epitope-specific antibodies development.

Unique Immunization (TSA: Target cell Surface Attaches) :

To improve peptide immunization in various animal hosts, highly efficient carrier protein conjugation and delivery of the antigen to suitable antigen presenting cells are critical steps. Our patent-pending TSA technology enables us to specifically present target peptides to immuno-active cells for generating a "Super" immune- response, even for the so-called "weak antigen domains". This unique technology has provided ASB with a consistent success rate in antibody production for its customers.

Multiple Quality Control Process:

Each target specific antibody is evaluated using either cell lines or tissue samples with standard assays such as ECL based Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry (ICH), and immunoprecipitation (IP). These results and test conditions are presented in our technical data sheets to help customers better understand product performance and more quickly generate scientific data specific to their investigation.