Aviva Tissue Tool

The gene expression profile information found on this page is intended to assist researchers in identifying tissues/cell samples that express a given gene. Only data supported, expression-positive tissues/cell samples (i.e., AVG > MEAN) are displayed for each dataset. Gene expression profile information is taken from nucleic acid-based microarray analysis and does not necessarily imply appreciable amounts at the protein level in the tissue/cell samples indicated. Select expression data from multiple probesets (i.e., individual microarray experiments) using the drop down menu, where applicable. Microarray data is best suited for comparing multiple samples across a single probeset. Comparing expression values across different probesets is not recommended. Only human and mouse gene ID data is supported.

Gene ID:

Gene Name: Cd27 CD27 antigen [ Mus musculus (house mouse) ]


Values are based on gene expression data taken from microarrays measuring whole-genome expression for a given tissue/cell type.


Probeset: 1452389_at


UniGene EST

EST profiles show approximate gene expression patterns as inferred from EST counts and the cDNA library sources (as reported by sequence submitters).


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Legend for all data units:

BioGPS (GeneAtlas and NCI60): Expression values relate to array fluorescence intensity for a given gene for a given probeset.
Avg: The average statistical value from two readings from the same probeset experiment.
Median: The median statistical value across all tissue/cell readings; and the threshold for positive expression determination.

NCBI UniGene EST: EST profiles show approximate gene expression patterns as inferred from EST counts and the cDNA library sources (as reported by NCBI sequence submitters).
Libraries known to be normalized, subtracted, or otherwise biased have been removed, but for a variety of reasons, EST counts may not be a true indication of gene activity.
TPM: Transcripts per million
Gene EST/Total EST: Raw number of specific gene EST’s detected in total EST’s from that tissue pool.