Human APOB Primer Pair 2 (OOCA00162)

Data Sheet
Product Number OOCA00162
Product Page
Product Name Human APOB Primer Pair 2 (OOCA00162)
Size 25 Tests
Gene Symbol APOB
Host Human
Description of Target Human APOB Primer Pair 2
Reconstitution and Storage The Primer Pair is stable for up to one year at -20 C in a non-frost free freezer. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for Human APOB Primer Pair 2 (OOCA00162)OOCA00162
Additional Information Length : 1229bp
Protocol Information - Thaw all reagents completely on ice before use.
- Use either random primers or oligo (dT) for reverse transcription.
- All PCR reactions should be assembled on ice.
- The recommended annealing temperature is 52C.
- To minimize the risk of amplicon contamination of the Primer Pair and other PCR reagents, the following is recommended: PCR reactions should be set up in an area separate from where PCR products are analyzed. Pipettes and tube racks should be specifically designated for PCR. Use aerosol barrier pipette tips.
- Follow the steps below to determine the number of PCR reactions and to calculate the amount of PCR master mix necessary.
1. Determine the number of cDNA samples that will be analyzed.
2. Add 2 to the number of cDNA samples to account for a negative and a positive control.
3. Multiply the number determined in step 2 by 1.1 to account for pipeting error. This is the number of reactions for which the master mix should be made.

For example, the master mix of 3 cDNA samples should be:
1. 3 cDNA samples will be analyzed.
2. Plus 2 for negative and positive controls = 5
3. 5 x 1.1 for pipeting error = 5.5
-Primer Pairs are not validated for use in kinetic RT-PCR.
- Dilute RT reaction five-fold before using in the PCR Reaction.
Lead Time Domestic: within 1-2 weeks delivery International: 1-2 weeks
Nucleotide Accession # NM_000384
Application RT-PCR

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