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The gene expression profile information found on this page is intended to assist researchers in identifying tissues/cell samples that express a given gene. Gene expression profile information is taken from publicly available RNA-seq analysis and does not necessarily imply appreciable amounts at the protein level in the tissue/cell samples indicated.

Gene ID:

Gene Name: CFAP53 cilia and flagella associated protein 53 [ Homo sapiens (human) ]


SampleValue (FPKM)Abundance
Adipose Tissue0.30Not detected
Adrenal Gland0.80Not detected
Appendix0.40Not detected
Bone Marrow0.20Not detected
Cerebral Cortex0.60Not detected
Colon0.30Not detected
Daudi0.20Not detected
Duodenum0.10Not detected
Esophagus0.10Not detected
Gallbladder0.60Not detected
Heart Muscle0.20Not detected
Liver0.20Not detected
Lymph Node0.30Not detected
Ovary0.60Not detected
Pancreas0.10Not detected
Placenta0.30Not detected
Prostate0.60Not detected
Salivary Gland0.30Not detected
Skin0.30Not detected
Small Intestine0.20Not detected
Spleen0.30Not detected
Stomach0.30Not detected
Thyroid Gland2.80Low
Urinary Bladder0.40Not detected

Cell Line

SampleValue (FPKM)Abundance
A-4310.60Not detected
A-5490.40Not detected
AN3-CA0.60Not detected
BEWO0.50Not detected
CACO-20.00Not detected
CAPAN-20.40Not detected
EFO-210.40Not detected
HaCaT0.30Not detected
HDLM-20.20Not detected
HEK 2930.30Not detected
HEL0.10Not detected
HeLa0.10Not detected
Hep-G20.00Not detected
HL-600.30Not detected
HMC-10.20Not detected
K-5620.70Not detected
Karpas-7070.20Not detected
MCF-70.70Not detected
MOLT-40.30Not detected
NB-40.10Not detected
NTERA-20.10Not detected
PC-30.10Not detected
REH0.10Not detected
RH-300.20Not detected
RPMI-82260.20Not detected
RT-40.00Not detected
SCLC-21H0.40Not detected
SH-SY5Y0.30Not detected
SiHa0.10Not detected
SK-BR-30.00Not detected
SK-MEL-300.10Not detected
THP-10.10Not detected
TIME0.10Not detected
U-138 MG0.30Not detected
U-2 OS0.30Not detected
U-21970.20Not detected
U-251 MG0.20Not detected
U-266/840.50Not detected
U-6980.00Not detected
U-87 MG0.20Not detected
U-9370.20Not detected
WM-1150.00Not detected

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Legend for all data units:

FPKM: Fragments Per Kilobase Of Exon Per Million Fragments Mapped

RNA-SEQ data for Tissues: European Molecular Biology Laboratory-The European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) ArrayExpress E-MTAB-1733

RNA-SEQ data for Cell Lines: NCBI BioProject