RCHY1 Peptide - middle region (AAP87665)

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Name RCHY1 Peptide - middle region (AAP87665)
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Size 100ug
Gene symbol RCHY1
Alias symbols ZCHY, ARNIP, CHIMP, PIRH2, RNF199, ZNF363, PRO1996
Gene id 25898
Description of target The protein encoded by this gene has ubiquitin ligase activity. It mediates E3-dependent ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation of target proteins, including tumor protein 53, histone deacetylase 1, and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B, thus regulating their levels and cell cycle progression. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been described for this gene.
Swissprot id Q96PM5
Protein accession num NP_001009922.1
Nucleotide accession num NM_001009922.2
Protein size 261 amino acids
Molecular weight 28 kDa
Species reactivity Human
Peptide sequence Synthetic peptide located within the following region: CRLCHDNNEDHQLDRFKVKEVQCINCEKIQHAQQTCEECSTLFGEYYCDI
Quality control The peptide is characterized by mass spectroscopy
Description This is a synthetic peptide designed for use in combination with anti- RCHY1 Antibody (ARP87665_P050), made by Aviva Systems Biology. It may block above mentioned antibody from binding to its target protein in western blot and/or immunohistochecmistry under proper experimental settings. There is no guarantee for its use in other applications. Please inquire for more details.
Product format Lyophilized powder
Reconstitution and storage Add 100ul of sterile PBS. Final peptide concentration is 1 mg/ml in PBS. For longer periods of storage, store at -20C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
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