ANXA3 Peptide (AAP36578)

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Name ANXA3 Peptide (AAP36578)
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Size 100 ug
Gene ANXA3
Alias symbols ANX3
Gene id 306
Description of target The ANXA3 gene encodes a member of the annexin family. Members of this calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding protein family play a role in the regulation of cellular growth and in signal transduction pathways. This protein functions in the inhibition of phopholipase A2 and cleavage of inositol 1,2-cyclic phosphate to form inositol 1-phosphate. This protein may also play a role in anti-coagulation.
Swissprot id P12429
Protein accession num NP_005130
Nucleotide accession num NM_005139
Protein size 323 amino acids
Molecular weight 36kDa
Application IHC, WB
Partner proteins EMG1,IGSF21,REG3A,TP53,UBR1,UNC119,IGSF21,TP53,UBR1,UNC119
Quality control The peptide is characterized by mass spectroscopy
Key reference Sekar,M.C., et al., (1996) J. Biol. Chem. 271 (14), 8295-8299
Description This is a synthetic peptide designed for use in combination with anti-ANXA3 antibody (Catalog #: ARP36578_T100) made by Aviva Systems Biology. It may block above mentioned antibody from binding to its target protein in western blot and/or immunohistochecmistry under proper experimental settings. There is no guarantee for its use in other applications. Please inquire for more details.
Product format Lyophilized powder
Reconstitution and storage Add 100ul of sterile PBS. Final peptide concentration is 1 mg/ml in PBS. For longer periods of storage, store at -20C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
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