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Gene ID: 54205 | CYCS Antibody Resource

CYCS Antibody Resource
Gene Full Name: 
cytochrome c, somatic
Protein Name: 
cytochrome c
NCBI Gene: 

This gene encodes a small heme protein that functions as a central component of the electron transport chain in mitochondria. The encoded protein associates with the inner membrane of the mitochondrion where it accepts electrons from cytochrome b and transfers them to the cytochrome oxidase complex. This protein is also involved in initiation of apoptosis. Mutations in this gene are associated with autosomal dominant nonsyndromic thrombocytopenia. Numerous processed pseudogenes of this gene are found throughout the human genome.[provided by RefSeq, Jul 2010]
Electron carrier protein. The oxidized form of the cytochrome c heme group can accept an electron from the heme group of the cytochrome c1 subunit of cytochrome reductase. Cytochrome c then transfers this electron to the cytochrome oxidase complex, the final protein carrier in the mitochondrial electron-transport chain.Plays a role in apoptosis. Suppression of the anti-apoptotic members or activation of the pro-apoptotic members of the Bcl-2 family leads to altered mitochondrial membrane permeability resulting in release of cytochrome c into the cytosol. Binding of cytochrome c to Apaf-1 triggers the activation of caspase-9, which then accelerates apoptosis by activating other caspases.
Subcellular location: 
Mitochondrion intermembrane space. Note: Loosely associated with the inner membrane.
Thrombocytopenia 4 (THC4) [MIM:612004]: Thrombocytopenia is defined by a decrease in the number of platelets in circulating blood, resulting in the potential for increased bleeding and decreased ability for clotting. Note: The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry.
Biotechnological use: 

TypeCatalogNameClonalitySpecies ReactivityApplicationSizePriceMore Info
Monoclonal Antibody OASA02665 CYCS Antibody (OASA02665) Human ELISA, FC 0.1mg $485 Details
Polyclonal Antibody ARP60978_P050 CYCS antibody - N-terminal region (ARP60978_P050) Horse, Human, Mouse IF, WB 50ug $289 Details
Polyclonal Antibody ARP60979_P050 CYCS Antibody (ARP60979_P050) Polyclonal Bovine, Dog, Goat, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Sheep, Zebrafish Not tested 50 ug $125 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OAAB06897 CYCS antibody (Ascites) (OAAB06897) Human WB 400ul $289 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OAAB06898 CYCS antibody (OAAB06898) Human WB 400ul $289 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OAEC01607 Cytochrome c Antibody (OAEC01607) Human; Mouse; Rat WB, IHC, ELISA 100ug $229 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OAAF01773 CYCS Antibody (OAAF01773) Polyclonal Human, Mouse, Rat WB, IHC, ELISA 100 ug $229 Details

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CYCS antibody - N-terminal region (ARP60978_P050) in Human OVCAR-3 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: Human OVCAR-3

CYCS antibody - N-terminal region (ARP60978_P050) in Rat thyrocytes-FRTL-5 cells using Immunofluorescence

Sample Type: Rat thyrocytes-FRTL-5

CYCS Antibody (OAAF01773) in COS7 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: COS7

CYCS Antibody (OAAF01773) in Human colon carcinoma cells using Immunohistochemistry

Sample Type: Human colon carcinoma

Cytochrome c Antibody (OAEC01607) in COS-7 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: COS-7

Cytochrome c Antibody (OAEC01607) in Human colon carcinoma cells using Immunohistochemistry

Sample Type: Human colon carcinoma

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Related Gene Trend Categories

CatalogPredicted Species & TargetTarget ReferencePredicted Homology
ARP60979 Pongo sp. CYCS antibody G4XXM3 100.0%
ARP60979 Rattus sp. CYCS antibody G4XXS7 93.0%
ARP60979 Cacajao rubicundus CYCS antibody G4XXQ7 86.0%
ARP60979 Agile gibbon CYCS antibody; Hylobates agilis CYCS antibody G4XXM4 100.0%
ARP60979 Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin CYCS antibody; Tursiops truncatus CYCS antibody I6VH08 93.0%
ARP60979 Aye-aye CYCS antibody; Daubentonia madagascariensis CYCS antibody G4XXR6 93.0%
ARP60979 Barbary macaque CYCS antibody; Macaca sylvanus CYCS antibody Q52V08 100.0%
ARP60979 Barbary macaque CYCS antibody; Macaca sylvanus CYCS antibody G4XXN6 100.0%
ARP60979 Black Colobus CYCS antibody; Colobus satanas CYCS antibody G4XXQ6 86.0%
ARP60979 Black crested mangabey CYCS antibody; Lophocebus aterrimus CYCS antibody G4XXP3 100.0%
ARP60979 Black spider monkey CYCS antibody; Ateles paniscus CYCS antibody G4XXP4 86.0%
ARP60979 Black-and-white ruffed lemur CYCS antibody; Varecia variegata CYCS antibody G4XXR4 93.0%
ARP60979 Bolivian titi CYCS antibody; Callicebus donacophilus CYCS antibody G4XXQ8 86.0%
ARP60979 Bovine CYCS antibody; Bos taurus CYCS antibody P62894 86.0%
ARP60979 Brown woolly monkey CYCS antibody; Lagothrix lagotricha CYCS antibody G4XXP7 86.0%
ARP60979 Brown-capped capuchin CYCS antibody; Cebus apella CYCS antibody G4XXQ0 86.0%
ARP60979 California gray whale CYCS antibody; Eschrichtius gibbosus CYCS antibody P68100 93.0%
ARP60979 Chimpanzee CYCS antibody; Pan troglodytes CYCS antibody P99998 100.0%
ARP60979 Chimpanzee CYCS antibody; Pan troglodytes CYCS antibody G4XXM1 100.0%
ARP60979 Chimpanzee CYCS antibody; Pan troglodytes CYCS antibody K7CAI8 100.0%
ARP60979 Common gibbon CYCS antibody; Hylobates lar CYCS antibody G4XXM6 100.0%
ARP60979 Common squirrel monkey CYCS antibody; Saimiri sciureus CYCS antibody G4XXQ1 86.0%
ARP60979 Common squirrel monkey CYCS antibody; Saimiri sciureus CYCS antibody Q52V10 86.0%
ARP60979 Coquerel's mouse lemur CYCS antibody; Mirza coquereli CYCS antibody G4XXR9 93.0%
ARP60979 Dog CYCS antibody; Canis familiaris CYCS antibody P00011 86.0%
ARP60979 Donkey CYCS antibody; Equus asinus CYCS antibody P68097 86.0%
ARP60979 Drill CYCS antibody; Mandrillus leucophaeus CYCS antibody G4XXN7 100.0%
ARP60979 Dromedary CYCS antibody; Camelus dromedarius CYCS antibody P68099 93.0%
ARP60979 Duckbill platypus CYCS antibody; Ornithorhynchus anatinus CYCS antibody F7EJM9 86.0%
ARP60979 Dusky leaf-monkey CYCS antibody; Trachypithecus obscurus CYCS antibody G4XXN0 100.0%
ARP60979 Eastern gray kangaroo CYCS antibody; Macropus giganteus CYCS antibody P00014 93.0%
ARP60979 European domestic ferret CYCS antibody; Mustela putorius furo CYCS antibody M3Z4Y0 86.0%
ARP60979 Fat-tailed dwarf lemur CYCS antibody; Cheirogaleus medius CYCS antibody G4XXR7 93.0%
ARP60979 Francois's leaf monkey CYCS antibody; Trachypithecus francoisi CYCS antibody G4XXN1 100.0%
ARP60979 Gelada baboon CYCS antibody; Theropithecus gelada CYCS antibody G4XXN8 100.0%
ARP60979 Goeldi's marmoset CYCS antibody; Callimico goeldii CYCS antibody G4XXQ2 86.0%
ARP60979 Golden-headed lion tamarin CYCS antibody; Leontopithecus chrysomelas CYCS antibody G4XXQ3 86.0%
ARP60979 Gray gentle lemur CYCS antibody; Hapalemur griseus CYCS antibody G4XXR2 93.0%
ARP60979 Gray monk saki CYCS antibody; Pithecia irrorata CYCS antibody G4XXQ9 86.0%
ARP60979 Gray short-tailed opossum CYCS antibody; Monodelphis domestica CYCS antibody F6STW5 93.0%
ARP60979 Gray wolf CYCS antibody; Canis lupus CYCS antibody G4XXS8 86.0%
ARP60979 Greater galago CYCS antibody; Otolemur crassicaudatus CYCS antibody G4XXS3 93.0%
ARP60979 Green monkey CYCS antibody; Chlorocebus aethiops CYCS antibody G4XXN2 100.0%
ARP60979 Guanaco CYCS antibody; Lama guanicoe CYCS antibody P68098 93.0%
ARP60979 Hamadryas baboon CYCS antibody; Papio hamadryas CYCS antibody G4XXP0 100.0%
ARP60979 Hippopotamus CYCS antibody; Hippopotamus amphibius CYCS antibody P00007 93.0%
ARP60979 Horse CYCS antibody; Equus caballus CYCS antibody P00004 86.0%
ARP60979 Horse CYCS antibody; Equus caballus CYCS antibody F7D4V9 86.0%
ARP60979 Horse CYCS antibody; Equus caballus CYCS antibody L7MRG1 86.0%
ARP60979 Human CYCS antibody; Homo sapiens CYCS antibody P99999 100.0%
ARP60979 Human CYCS antibody; Homo sapiens CYCS antibody C9JFR7 100.0%
ARP60979 Human CYCS antibody; Homo sapiens CYCS antibody G4XXL9 100.0%
ARP60979 Hydra CYCS antibody; Hydra vulgaris CYCS antibody T2MEP5 86.0%
ARP60979 Lesser mouse lemur CYCS antibody; Microcebus murinus CYCS antibody G4XXS0 93.0%
ARP60979 Lowland gorilla CYCS antibody; Gorilla gorilla gorilla CYCS antibody Q6WUX8 100.0%
ARP60979 Mantled guereza CYCS antibody; Colobus guereza CYCS antibody G4XXM7 100.0%
ARP60979 Mouse CYCS antibody; Mus musculus CYCS antibody P62897 93.0%
ARP60979 Mouse CYCS antibody; Mus musculus CYCS antibody Q56A15 93.0%
ARP60979 Moustached monkey CYCS antibody; Cercopithecus cephus CYCS antibody G4XXP1 100.0%
ARP60979 Olive baboon CYCS antibody; Papio anubis CYCS antibody G4XXN9 100.0%
ARP60979 Philippine tarsier CYCS antibody; Tarsius syrichta CYCS antibody G4XXR0 93.0%
ARP60979 Pig CYCS antibody; Sus scrofa CYCS antibody P62895 86.0%
ARP60979 Pig-tailed macaque CYCS antibody; Macaca nemestrina CYCS antibody G4XXN3 100.0%
ARP60979 Plains zebra CYCS antibody; Equus burchelli CYCS antibody P68096 86.0%
ARP60979 potto CYCS antibody; Perodicticus potto CYCS antibody G4XXS2 93.0%
ARP60979 Proboscis monkey CYCS antibody; Nasalis larvatus CYCS antibody G4XXM9 100.0%
ARP60979 Pygmy chimpanzee CYCS antibody; Pan paniscus CYCS antibody G4XXM0 100.0%
ARP60979 Rabbit CYCS antibody; Oryctolagus cuniculus CYCS antibody P00008 93.0%
ARP60979 Rat CYCS antibody; Rattus norvegicus CYCS antibody P62898 93.0%
ARP60979 Red-chested mustached tamarin CYCS antibody; Saguinus labiatus CYCS antibody G4XXQ4 86.0%
ARP60979 Rhesus macaque CYCS antibody; Macaca mulatta CYCS antibody G7MPT8 100.0%
ARP60979 Rhesus macaque CYCS antibody; Macaca mulatta CYCS antibody P00002 100.0%
ARP60979 Ring-tailed lemur CYCS antibody; Lemur catta CYCS antibody G4XXR3 93.0%
ARP60979 Schreibers's long-fingered bat CYCS antibody; Miniopterus schreibersii CYCS antibody P00013 86.0%
ARP60979 Sheep CYCS antibody; Ovis aries CYCS antibody P62896 86.0%
ARP60979 Siamang CYCS antibody; Hylobates syndactylus CYCS antibody G4XXM5 100.0%
ARP60979 Silvered leaf-monkey CYCS antibody; Trachypithecus cristatus CYCS antibody Q7YR71 100.0%
ARP60979 Slender loris CYCS antibody; Loris tardigradus CYCS antibody G4XXS5 93.0%
ARP60979 Slow loris CYCS antibody; Nycticebus coucang CYCS antibody G4XXS1 93.0%
ARP60979 Small-eared galago CYCS antibody; Otolemur garnettii CYCS antibody G4XXS4 93.0%
ARP60979 Small-eared galago CYCS antibody; Otolemur garnettii CYCS antibody B4USU6 86.0%
ARP60979 Southern elephant seal CYCS antibody; Mirounga leonina CYCS antibody P00012 86.0%
ARP60979 Southern muriqui CYCS antibody; Brachyteles arachnoides CYCS antibody G4XXP8 86.0%
ARP60979 Southern owl monkey CYCS antibody; Aotus azarae CYCS antibody G4XXP9 86.0%
ARP60979 Spider monkey CYCS antibody; Ateles sp. CYCS antibody P00003 100.0%
ARP60979 Stump-tailed macaque CYCS antibody; Macaca arctoides CYCS antibody G4XXN5 100.0%
ARP60979 Sumatran orangutan CYCS antibody; Pongo abelii CYCS antibody Q5RFH4 100.0%
ARP60979 Taiwan macaque CYCS antibody; Macaca cyclopis CYCS antibody G4XXN4 100.0%
ARP60979 Tana river mangabey CYCS antibody; Cercocebus galeritus CYCS antibody G4XXP2 100.0%
ARP60979 Western black-and-white colobus monkey CYCS antibody; Colobus polykomos CYCS antibody G4XXM8 100.0%
ARP60979 Western clawed frog CYCS antibody; Xenopus tropicalis CYCS antibody Q640U4 93.0%
ARP60979 western gorilla CYCS antibody; Gorilla gorilla CYCS antibody G4XXM2 100.0%
ARP60979 Western tarsier CYCS antibody; Tarsius bancanus CYCS antibody Q52V09 93.0%
ARP60979 Western tarsier CYCS antibody; Tarsius bancanus CYCS antibody G4XXR1 93.0%
ARP60979 White sifaka CYCS antibody; Propithecus verreauxi CYCS antibody G4XXR5 93.0%
ARP60979 White-tufted-ear marmoset CYCS antibody; Callithrix jacchus CYCS antibody G4XXQ5 86.0%
ARP60979 Zebra finch CYCS antibody; Taeniopygia guttata CYCS antibody H0YXC4 93.0%

Tissue & Cell Line Gene Expression Data
Data SourceProbesetSampleAvgMeanMore Info
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_at721_B_lymphoblasts2823.400725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atAdipocyte702.050725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atAdrenalCortex725.400725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atAdrenalgland320.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atAmygdala1940.000725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atAppendix143.500725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atAtrioventricularNode72.850725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atBDCA4+_DentriticCells674.350725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atBonemarrow136.000725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atBronchialEpithelialCells1415.350725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD105+_Endothelial1015.600725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD14+_Monocytes450.250725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD19+_BCells(neg._sel.)550.150725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD33+_Myeloid493.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD34+815.750725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD4+_Tcells264.700725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD56+_NKCells763.850725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD71+_EarlyErythroid387.200725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCD8+_Tcells338.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCardiacMyocytes418.150725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCaudatenucleus826.650725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCerebellum632.250725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCerebellumPeduncles574.100725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCiliaryGanglion102.950725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atCingulateCortex1310.850725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atColorectaladenocarcinoma967.050725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atDorsalRootGanglion187.200725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atFetalThyroid424.350725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atFetalbrain666.200725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atFetalliver367.450725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atFetallung341.850725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atGlobusPallidus430.350725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atHeart223.200725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atHypothalamus1329.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atKidney264.400725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLeukemia_chronicMyelogenousK-5622415.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLeukemia_promyelocytic-HL-601874.850725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLeukemialymphoblastic(MOLT-4)908.600725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLiver127.750725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLung76.850725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLymphnode257.500725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLymphoma_burkitts(Daudi)1998.900725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atLymphoma_burkitts(Raji)1671.450725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atMedullaOblongata1139.850725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atOccipitalLobe1402.350725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atOlfactoryBulb253.650725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atOvary119.300725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atPancreas449.150725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atPancreaticIslet398.700725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atParietalLobe853.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atPituitary783.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atPlacenta153.750725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atPons581.650725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atPrefrontalCortex2039.200725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atProstate262.300725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atSalivarygland363.350725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atSkeletalMuscle551.700725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atSkin142.400725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atSmoothMuscle809.400725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atSpinalcord470.450725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atSubthalamicNucleus883.600725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atSuperiorCervicalGanglion124.050725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTemporalLobe826.750725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTestis373.800725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTestisGermCell551.650725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTestisIntersitial198.900725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTestisLeydigCell186.800725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTestisSeminiferousTubule218.350725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atThalamus1586.800725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atThymus236.250725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atThyroid945.100725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTongue610.800725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTonsil365.950725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTrachea295.450725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atTrigeminalGanglion138.400725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atUterus231.300725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atUterusCorpus88.450725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atWholeBlood385.500725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atWholebrain1443.050725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atcolon1726.550725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atpineal_day1470.460725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atpineal_night1294.020725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atretina557.450725.890Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas208905_atsmall_intestine1229.000725.890Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_at78610922.3669272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atA1729318.9999272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atA2048915.2499272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atA36118145.4829272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atA49813670.2739272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atA5497733.9819272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atACC36745.9049272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atACHN8991.6489272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atALVA3111874.3749272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atCAKI16541.6629272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atCCRT CEM2611.9269272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atCOLO20512580.8709272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atDLD16231.0819272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atDU14510160.5319272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atEKVX11559.8149272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atGM1335899.4669272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atGM160010948.5999272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atGM23138215.3869272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atGM23456612.4449272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atGM24937753.8399272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atGM973919.2489272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHCC299812771.4399272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHCT11611443.3329272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHCT158109.1699272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHEK 293 T-rex7847.8569272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHEK 293T8998.3429272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHEK2939577.1329272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHELA10131.6299272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHEPG27141.5029272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHL607710.3189272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHOP6211208.0239272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHOP925731.3749272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHS578T5534.9189272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHSG12136.2929272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHT108014168.3819272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atHT298119.4419272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atIGROV13830.3769272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atIOSE806431.3349272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atJURKAT7737.0949272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atK56212487.3339272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atKM1210889.6969272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atLN185752.8859272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atLNCAP11669.0669272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atLOX IMVI7848.3169272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atM1411125.1029272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atMALME 3M5874.2649272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atMCF77948.5859272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atMD MB2316353.5019272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atMDA MB4357342.5819272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atMOLT46270.4929272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atNCI 4609644.6119272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atNCI H22610077.1969272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atNCI H238906.9139272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atNCI H322M14818.6759272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atNCVADR RES8696.3279272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atOVCAR35427.2289272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atOVCAR420617.8409272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atOVCAR517723.5169272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atOVCAR812338.0389272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atPANC17210.3139272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atRL710307.3729272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atRPMI 82267623.9199272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atRS1184610119.0819272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atRXF39310202.0759272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSAOS26650.8739272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSF2688780.2809272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSF2959894.2839272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSF53915056.3319272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSHSYSY+RA6855.8989272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSHSYSY-RA5200.5819272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSKMEL213559.6639272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSKMEL285896.0459272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSKMEL513415.4359272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSKOV34387.4749272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSN12C3741.7099272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSNB1913814.7259272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSNB755938.2129272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSR9142.6259272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atSW62010777.5419272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atT245195.8589272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atT3M412643.5969272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atTK1012577.5179272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atU1188238.8239272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atU1386411.1599272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atU20S9241.0049272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atU25113696.6049272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atU8711649.6719272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atUACC2577644.4149272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atUACC6211414.4829272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atUO3112863.9209272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atZR75_18671.5129272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_atastrocytes5792.2279272.300Details
BioGPS NCI60208905_athuh-713016.7639272.300Details