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Gene Full Name: 
glycoprotein hormones, alpha polypeptide
Protein Name: 
glycoprotein hormones alpha chain
NCBI Gene: 

The four human glycoprotein hormones chorionic gonadotropin (CG), luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) are dimers consisting of alpha and beta subunits that are associated noncovalently. The alpha subunits of these hormones are identical, however, their beta chains are unique and confer biological specificity. The protein encoded by this gene is the alpha subunit and belongs to the glycoprotein hormones alpha chain family. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Nov 2011]
Subcellular location: 
Disulfide bond;
Biotechnological use: 

TypeCatalogNameClonalitySpecies ReactivityApplicationSizePriceMore Info
Monoclonal Antibody OASA00770 CGA Antibody (OASA00770) Human ELISA 0.5mg $400 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA00771 CGA Antibody (OASA00771) Human ELISA, IP, IHC-FFPE, WB 0.5mg $400 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA00772 CGA Antibody (OASA00772) Human ELISA 0.5mg $400 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA00773 CGA Antibody (OASA00773) Human ELISA, WB 0.5mg $400 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA00777 CGA Antibody (OASA00777) Human ELISA 0.5mg $400 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA00778 MOUSE ANTI hCG ALPHA Antibody (1mg) ELISA 1mg $310 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA00779 CGA Antibody (OASA00779) Human ELISA 1mg $465 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA02822 CGA Antibody (OASA02822) Human ELISA 1mg $300 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA02823 CGA Antibody (OASA02823) Human ELISA 0.5mg $455 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA02848 CGA Antibody (OASA02848) Human IHC-AFF, IHC-FFPE, ELISA 0.5mg $400 Details
Monoclonal Antibody OASA03057 CGA Antibody (OASA03057) Human IRMA 1mg $455 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA06760 Cga Antibody (OASA06760) Rat ELISA 0.2ml $500 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA07075 CGA Antibody (OASA07075) Bovine IHC-AFF, WB 50ul $530 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA07088 CGA Antibody (OASA07088) Bovine WB 50ul $530 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA07219 CGA Antibody (OASA07219) Dog IHC-AFF, WB 50ul $600 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA07948 CGA Antibody (OASA07948) Human ELISA 50ul $500 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA08253 CGA Antibody (OASA08253) Human IHC-AFF 50ul $515 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA08397 Cga Antibody (OASA08397) Mouse IHC-AFF, WB 50ul $690 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA08451 Cga Antibody (OASA08451) Mouse IHC-AFF, IHC-FFPE, WB 50ul $715 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA08583 CGA Antibody (OASA08583) Pig ELISA 0.2ml $410 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA08643 Cga Antibody (OASA08643) Rat IHC-AFF, WB 50ul $535 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA08677 RABBIT ANTI RAT LUTEINIZING HORMONE Antibody (1000TESTS) ELISA 1000 Tests $450 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA09091 CGA Antibody (OASA09091) Human ELISA 1ml $285 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OASA09285 CGA Antibody (OASA09285) Human ELISA 1ml $440 Details
Others OOSA09731 NATIVE HUMAN LUTEINIZING HORMONE Antigen (50ug) 50ug $490 Details
Protein OPSA10515 NATIVE HUMAN FSH Purified Protein (0.1mg) 0.1mg $310 Details
Protein OPSA10697 PURIFIED hCG ALPHA Purified Protein (0.1mg) Human 0.1mg $2200 Details
Protein OPSA10708 NATIVE HUMAN FSH Purified Protein (0.1mg) Human 0.1mg $465 Details
Polyclonal Antibody ARP51770_P050 CGA antibody - N-terminal region (ARP51770_P050) Human WB 50ug $289 Details
Polyclonal Antibody ARP51771_P050 CGA Antibody (ARP51771_P050) Polyclonal Bovine, Dog, Goat, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Sheep, Zebrafish Not tested 50 ug $125 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OAAB08168 TSH - alpha antibody - C - terminal region (OAAB08168) Human WB 400ul $289 Details

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CGA antibody - N-terminal region (ARP51770_P050) in HepG2 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: HepG2

TSH - alpha antibody - C - terminal region (OAAB08168) in HepG2 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: HepG2

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Related Gene Trend Categories

CatalogPredicted Species & TargetTarget ReferencePredicted Homology
ARP51771 African clawed frog CGA antibody; Xenopus laevis CGA antibody Q6INB1 93.0%
ARP51771 African sharptooth catfish CGA antibody; Clarias gariepinus CGA antibody P53542 100.0%
ARP51771 American bullfrog CGA antibody; Lithobates catesbeiana CGA antibody P80051 86.0%
ARP51771 Bolivian squirrel monkey CGA antibody; Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis CGA antibody Q3YC03 86.0%
ARP51771 Bovine CGA antibody; Bos taurus CGA antibody P01217 93.0%
ARP51771 Brush-tailed possum CGA antibody; Trichosurus vulpecula CGA antibody P68268 93.0%
ARP51771 Cat CGA antibody; Felis catus CGA antibody Q52R91 93.0%
ARP51771 Cat CGA antibody; Felis catus CGA antibody M3X8R3 93.0%
ARP51771 Channel catfish CGA antibody; Ictalurus punctatus CGA antibody Q9YGP3 93.0%
ARP51771 Chicken CGA antibody; Gallus gallus CGA antibody F1NJD3 93.0%
ARP51770 Chimpanzee CGA antibody; Pan troglodytes CGA antibody H2QTD1 100.0%
ARP51771 Chimpanzee CGA antibody; Pan troglodytes CGA antibody H2QTD1 100.0%
ARP51771 Chinese hamster CGA antibody; Cricetulus griseus CGA antibody Q2L4U1 93.0%
ARP51771 Chinese softshell turtle CGA antibody; Pelodiscus sinensis CGA antibody K7G081 93.0%
ARP51771 Collared flycatcher CGA antibody; Ficedula albicollis CGA antibody U3JJS4 93.0%
ARP51771 Common minke whale CGA antibody; Balaenoptera acutorostrata CGA antibody P37036 93.0%
ARP51771 Common turkey CGA antibody; Meleagris gallopavo CGA antibody P68241 93.0%
ARP51771 Crab-eating macaque CGA antibody; Macaca fascicularis CGA antibody Q9BEH3 100.0%
ARP51771 Crested ibis CGA antibody; Nipponia nippon CGA antibody Q8JIE9 93.0%
ARP51771 Daggertooth pike conger CGA antibody; Muraenesox cinereus CGA antibody P12836 100.0%
ARP51771 Degu CGA antibody; Octodon degus CGA antibody Q1EPR1 86.0%
ARP51771 Dog CGA antibody; Canis familiaris CGA antibody Q9XSW8 93.0%
ARP51771 Dog CGA antibody; Canis familiaris CGA antibody F1Q3Q8 93.0%
ARP51771 Domestic duck CGA antibody; Anas platyrhynchos CGA antibody U3IQS1 93.0%
ARP51771 Domestic water buffalo CGA antibody; Bubalus bubalis CGA antibody Q9GL36 93.0%
ARP51771 Donkey CGA antibody; Equus asinus CGA antibody Q28365 93.0%
ARP51771 Duckbill platypus CGA antibody; Ornithorhynchus anatinus CGA antibody F7G9A2 93.0%
ARP51771 European domestic ferret CGA antibody; Mustela putorius furo CGA antibody M3YDW3 93.0%
ARP51771 European freshwater eel CGA antibody; Anguilla anguilla CGA antibody P27794 100.0%
ARP51771 Giant panda CGA antibody; Ailuropoda melanoleuca CGA antibody Q8WN20 93.0%
ARP51771 Giant panda CGA antibody; Ailuropoda melanoleuca CGA antibody G1LYF7 93.0%
ARP51771 Goat CGA antibody; Capra hircus CGA antibody Q8WMW8 93.0%
ARP51771 Golden hamster CGA antibody; Mesocricetus auratus CGA antibody Q9ERG5 86.0%
ARP51771 Grass carp CGA antibody; Ctenopharyngodon idella CGA antibody P30983 100.0%
ARP51771 Gray short-tailed opossum CGA antibody; Monodelphis domestica CGA antibody Q6YNX4 93.0%
ARP51771 Guinea pig CGA antibody; Cavia porcellus CGA antibody Q9JK68 86.0%
ARP51771 Horse CGA antibody; Equus caballus CGA antibody P01220 86.0%
ARP51770 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody P01215 100.0%
ARP51771 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody P01215 100.0%
ARP51770 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody Q6I9S8 100.0%
ARP51771 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody Q6I9S8 100.0%
ARP51771 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody Q96QJ4 100.0%
ARP51770 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody C0KRQ8 100.0%
ARP51771 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody C0KRQ8 100.0%
ARP51770 Human CGA antibody; Homo sapiens CGA antibody Q96QJ4 92.0%
ARP51771 Japanese grass vole CGA antibody; Microtus montebelli CGA antibody Q9ERG3 93.0%
ARP51771 Japanese quail CGA antibody; Coturnix coturnix japonica CGA antibody P68242 93.0%
ARP51771 Jungle crow CGA antibody; Corvus macrorhynchos CGA antibody E9RFG3 93.0%
ARP51771 Kenyan clawed frog CGA antibody; Xenopus borealis CGA antibody B2L4V1 93.0%
ARP51771 Lesser panda CGA antibody; Ailurus fulgens CGA antibody Q8HZS0 93.0%
ARP51771 Ma's night monkey CGA antibody; Aotus nancymaae CGA antibody Q3HRV5 86.0%
ARP51771 Medaka fish CGA antibody; Oryzias latipes CGA antibody F8WKS3 79.0%
ARP51771 Mongolian jird CGA antibody; Meriones unguiculatus CGA antibody Q9ERJ6 93.0%
ARP51771 Mouse CGA antibody; Mus musculus CGA antibody P01216 93.0%
ARP51771 Mouse CGA antibody; Mus musculus CGA antibody A2AVN2 93.0%
ARP51771 Ostrich CGA antibody; Struthio camelus CGA antibody P80665 100.0%
ARP51771 Pig CGA antibody; Sus scrofa CGA antibody P01219 93.0%
ARP51771 Plains zebra CGA antibody; Equus burchelli CGA antibody O46642 86.0%
ARP51771 Rabbit CGA antibody; Oryctolagus cuniculus CGA antibody P07474 93.0%
ARP51771 Rat CGA antibody; Rattus norvegicus CGA antibody Q6P509 93.0%
ARP51771 Rat CGA antibody; Rattus norvegicus CGA antibody P11962 93.0%
ARP51771 Red kangaroo CGA antibody; Macropus rufus CGA antibody P68267 93.0%
ARP51771 Rhesus macaque CGA antibody; Macaca mulatta CGA antibody P22762 93.0%
ARP51771 Rhesus macaque CGA antibody; Macaca mulatta CGA antibody F6XHM5 93.0%
ARP51771 Sheep CGA antibody; Ovis aries CGA antibody P01218 93.0%
ARP51771 Siberian tiger CGA antibody; Panthera tigris altaica CGA antibody Q9BDI8 93.0%
ARP51771 Sika deer CGA antibody; Cervus nippon CGA antibody Q8WMR3 93.0%
ARP51771 Silver carp CGA antibody; Hypophthalmichthys molitrix CGA antibody P37037 100.0%
ARP51771 Small-eared galago CGA antibody; Otolemur garnettii CGA antibody H0WWX4 93.0%
ARP51771 Southern multimammate mouse CGA antibody; Mastomys coucha CGA antibody Q9ERG4 93.0%
ARP51771 Striped bass CGA antibody; Morone saxatilis CGA antibody Q91119 79.0%
ARP51771 Striped hairy-footed hamster CGA antibody; Phodopus sungorus CGA antibody Q2HWE5 93.0%
ARP51770 Sumatran orangutan CGA antibody; Pongo abelii CGA antibody H2PJR7 100.0%
ARP51771 Sumatran orangutan CGA antibody; Pongo abelii CGA antibody H2PJR7 100.0%
ARP51771 Tasmanian devil CGA antibody; Sarcophilus harrisii CGA antibody G3VYZ8 93.0%
ARP51771 Thirteen-lined ground squirrel CGA antibody; Spermophilus tridecemlineatus CGA antibody I3N612 93.0%
ARP51771 Western clawed frog CGA antibody; Xenopus tropicalis CGA antibody F6W2E6 93.0%
ARP51771 White-throated sparrow CGA antibody; Zonotrichia albicollis CGA antibody D8KW92 93.0%
ARP51771 White-tufted-ear marmoset CGA antibody; Callithrix jacchus CGA antibody F6ZK92 93.0%
ARP51771 White-tufted-ear marmoset CGA antibody; Callithrix jacchus CGA antibody P51499 93.0%
ARP51771 Wild yak CGA antibody; Bos mutus grunniens CGA antibody Q19PY8 93.0%
ARP51771 Yellowfin seabream CGA antibody; Acanthopagrus latus CGA antibody P30970 79.0%
ARP51771 Zebra finch CGA antibody; Taeniopygia guttata CGA antibody H0ZQE8 93.0%
ARP51771 Zebrafish CGA antibody; Danio rerio CGA antibody Q6QX43 100.0%

Tissue & Cell Line Gene Expression Data
Data SourceProbesetSampleAvgMeanMore Info
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_at721_B_lymphoblasts4.000294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atAdipocyte3.150294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atAdrenalCortex3.350294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atAdrenalgland2.650294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atAmygdala3.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atAppendix3.250294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atAtrioventricularNode2.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atBDCA4+_DentriticCells3.600294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atBonemarrow3.150294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atBronchialEpithelialCells3.150294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD105+_Endothelial3.250294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD14+_Monocytes3.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD19+_BCells(neg._sel.)3.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD33+_Myeloid4.100294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD34+4.050294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD4+_Tcells3.500294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD56+_NKCells3.850294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD71+_EarlyErythroid3.000294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCD8+_Tcells3.100294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCardiacMyocytes4.050294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCaudatenucleus2.850294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCerebellum2.600294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCerebellumPeduncles3.600294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCiliaryGanglion2.200294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atCingulateCortex3.250294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atColorectaladenocarcinoma3.200294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atDorsalRootGanglion2.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atFetalThyroid3.100294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atFetalbrain3.250294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atFetalliver2.800294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atFetallung2.700294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atGlobusPallidus2.300294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atHeart4.050294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atHypothalamus9.350294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atKidney2.550294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLeukemia_chronicMyelogenousK-5622.850294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLeukemia_promyelocytic-HL-602.800294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLeukemialymphoblastic(MOLT-4)2.550294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLiver4.200294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLung3.500294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLymphnode2.800294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLymphoma_burkitts(Daudi)4.050294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atLymphoma_burkitts(Raji)4.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atMedullaOblongata2.950294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atOccipitalLobe2.900294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atOlfactoryBulb2.500294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atOvary2.100294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atPancreas2.550294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atPancreaticIslet3.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atParietalLobe3.300294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atPituitary15117.300294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atPlacenta10436.300294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atPons3.050294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atPrefrontalCortex4.050294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atProstate3.750294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atSalivarygland2.550294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atSkeletalMuscle3.650294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atSkin2.450294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atSmoothMuscle3.600294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atSpinalcord3.400294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atSubthalamicNucleus2.850294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atSuperiorCervicalGanglion3.600294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTemporalLobe2.900294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTestis2.750294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTestisGermCell2.900294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTestisIntersitial2.650294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTestisLeydigCell3.150294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTestisSeminiferousTubule2.750294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atThalamus3.250294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atThymus2.550294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atThyroid4.100294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTongue3.100294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTonsil3.100294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTrachea2.700294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atTrigeminalGanglion3.150294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atUterus3.150294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atUterusCorpus2.850294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atWholeBlood3.500294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atWholebrain2.800294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atcolon3.250294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atpineal_day26.160294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atpineal_night28.340294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atretina4.000294.920Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204637_atsmall_intestine3.100294.920Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_at7863.37238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atA1723.25138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atA2043.28438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atA3613.32838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atA4983.31838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atA5493.35638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atACC33645.22538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atACHN3.17938.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atALVA313.39238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atCAKI13.39038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atCCRT CEM3.54238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atCOLO2053.29838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atDLD13.27538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atDU1453.24038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atEKVX128.48138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atGM1333.38638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atGM16003.42438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atGM23133.36338.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atGM23453.32638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atGM24933.45638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atGM973.56438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHCC29983.15438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHCT1163.28838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHCT153.21238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHEK 293 T-rex3.35038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHEK 293T3.31238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHEK2933.72338.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHELA3.19438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHEPG23.30038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHL603.33738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHOP623.31938.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHOP923.26238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHS578T3.28338.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHSG3.24438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHT10803.29338.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atHT293.43038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atIGROV13.28038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atIOSE803.30138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atJURKAT3.30638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atK5623.45138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atKM123.37938.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atLN183.19938.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atLNCAP3.30738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atLOX IMVI3.30138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atM143.28838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atMALME 3M3.44538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atMCF73.25538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atMD MB2313.32838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atMDA MB4353.43238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atMOLT43.35538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atNCI 4603.37338.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atNCI H2263.35638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atNCI H233.32138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atNCI H322M3.31638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atNCVADR RES3.20838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atOVCAR33.41738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atOVCAR43.29738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atOVCAR53.27538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atOVCAR83.18838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atPANC13.34838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atRL73.35138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atRPMI 82263.33938.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atRS118463.40738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atRXF3933.29738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSAOS23.34638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSF2683.30838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSF2953.26138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSF5393.19338.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSHSYSY+RA3.24538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSHSYSY-RA3.28738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSKMEL23.31138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSKMEL283.31538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSKMEL53.24438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSKOV33.37238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSN12C3.30238.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSNB193.20438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSNB753.29838.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSR3.34738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atSW6203.30638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atT243.35638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atT3M43.37638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atTK103.29438.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atU1183.26638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atU1383.20338.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atU20S3.27738.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atU2513.29038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atU873.26538.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atUACC2573.27638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atUACC623.33938.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atUO313.24638.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atZR75_13.38138.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_atastrocytes3.35038.200Details
BioGPS NCI60204637_athuh-73.38338.200Details