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Gene ID: 84002 | B3GNT5 Antibody Resource

B3GNT5 Antibody Resource
Gene Full Name: 
UDP-GlcNAc:betaGal beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 5
Protein Name: 
lactosylceramide 1,3-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminyltransferase
NCBI Gene: 

This gene encodes a member of the beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase family. This enzyme is a type II membrane protein. It exhibits strong activity to transfer GlcNAc to glycolipid substrates and is identified as the most likely candidate for lactotriaosylceramide synthase. This enzyme is essential for the expression of Lewis X epitopes on glycolipids. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
Beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase that plays a key role in the synthesis of lacto- or neolacto-series carbohydrate chains on glycolipids, notably by participating in biosynthesis of HNK-1 and Lewis X carbohydrate structures. Has strong activity toward lactosylceramide (LacCer) and neolactotetraosylceramide (nLc4Cer; paragloboside), resulting in the synthesis of Lc3Cer and neolactopentaosylceramide (nLc5Cer), respectively. Probably plays a central role in regulating neolacto-series glycolipid synthesis during embryonic development.
Subcellular location: 
Golgi apparatus membrane; Single-pass type II membrane protein.
Biotechnological use: 

TypeCatalogNameClonalitySpecies ReactivityApplicationSizePriceMore Info
Polyclonal Antibody OAAB06245 B3GNT5 antibody - center region (OAAB06245) Human; Mouse WB, ELISA 400ul $289 Details
Polyclonal Antibody ARP50032_P050 B3GNT5 Antibody (ARP50032_P050) Polyclonal Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Zebrafish Not tested 50 ug $125 Details

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Product Images
B3GNT5 antibody - center region (OAAB06245) in 293, MDA-MB435, HL-60 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: 293, MDA-MB435, HL-60

B3GNT5 antibody - center region (OAAB06245) in Mouse Liver cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: Mouse Liver

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Related Gene Trend Categories
CatalogPredicted Species & TargetTarget ReferencePredicted Homology
ARP50032 Bovine B3GNT5 antibody; Bos taurus B3GNT5 antibody F1N1Y2 100.0%
ARP50032 Bovine B3GNT5 antibody; Bos taurus B3GNT5 antibody Q58CT5 100.0%
ARP50032 Cat B3GNT5 antibody; Felis catus B3GNT5 antibody M3WYR5 100.0%
ARP50032 Chicken B3GNT5 antibody; Gallus gallus B3GNT5 antibody F1NRQ5 93.0%
ARP50032 Chimpanzee B3GNT5 antibody; Pan troglodytes B3GNT5 antibody H2QNT6 100.0%
ARP50032 Chimpanzee B3GNT5 antibody; Pan troglodytes B3GNT5 antibody K7AXR1 100.0%
ARP50032 Chinese softshell turtle B3GNT5 antibody; Pelodiscus sinensis B3GNT5 antibody K7EXK5 93.0%
ARP50032 Collared flycatcher B3GNT5 antibody; Ficedula albicollis B3GNT5 antibody U3KLK8 86.0%
ARP50032 Dog B3GNT5 antibody; Canis familiaris B3GNT5 antibody E2R4J5 100.0%
ARP50032 Domestic duck B3GNT5 antibody; Anas platyrhynchos B3GNT5 antibody U3HZ02 93.0%
ARP50032 Duckbill platypus B3GNT5 antibody; Ornithorhynchus anatinus B3GNT5 antibody F7D0E1 100.0%
ARP50032 Duckbill platypus B3GNT5 antibody; Ornithorhynchus anatinus B3GNT5 antibody F7D0L6 100.0%
ARP50032 European domestic ferret B3GNT5 antibody; Mustela putorius furo B3GNT5 antibody M3Z6D2 100.0%
ARP50032 Giant panda B3GNT5 antibody; Ailuropoda melanoleuca B3GNT5 antibody D2H2B9 100.0%
ARP50032 Gray short-tailed opossum B3GNT5 antibody; Monodelphis domestica B3GNT5 antibody F7CQU9 93.0%
ARP50032 Horse B3GNT5 antibody; Equus caballus B3GNT5 antibody F6VC66 100.0%
ARP50032 Human B3GNT5 antibody; Homo sapiens B3GNT5 antibody Q9BYG0 100.0%
ARP50032 Mouse B3GNT5 antibody; Mus musculus B3GNT5 antibody Q8BGY6 93.0%
ARP50032 Pig B3GNT5 antibody; Sus scrofa B3GNT5 antibody C8C9W9 100.0%
ARP50032 Pig B3GNT5 antibody; Sus scrofa B3GNT5 antibody Q864U8 100.0%
ARP50032 Rabbit B3GNT5 antibody; Oryctolagus cuniculus B3GNT5 antibody G1SVN6 93.0%
ARP50032 Rat B3GNT5 antibody; Rattus norvegicus B3GNT5 antibody Q99NB2 93.0%
ARP50032 Rhesus macaque B3GNT5 antibody; Macaca mulatta B3GNT5 antibody F6W1X2 100.0%
ARP50032 Small-eared galago B3GNT5 antibody; Otolemur garnettii B3GNT5 antibody H0XTT3 100.0%
ARP50032 Sumatran orangutan B3GNT5 antibody; Pongo abelii B3GNT5 antibody H2PC48 100.0%
ARP50032 Tasmanian devil B3GNT5 antibody; Sarcophilus harrisii B3GNT5 antibody G3WVZ2 100.0%
ARP50032 Thirteen-lined ground squirrel B3GNT5 antibody; Spermophilus tridecemlineatus B3GNT5 antibody I3MWR1 93.0%
ARP50032 Western clawed frog B3GNT5 antibody; Xenopus tropicalis B3GNT5 antibody Q6P3P5 92.0%
ARP50032 White-tufted-ear marmoset B3GNT5 antibody; Callithrix jacchus B3GNT5 antibody F7IAI1 100.0%
ARP50032 Zebra finch B3GNT5 antibody; Taeniopygia guttata B3GNT5 antibody H0ZJQ8 93.0%

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