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Gene ID: 132 | ADK Antibody Resource

ADK Antibody Resource
Gene Full Name: 
adenosine kinase
Protein Name: 
adenosine kinase
NCBI Gene: 

This gene an enzyme which catalyzes the transfer of the gamma-phosphate from ATP to adenosine, thereby serving as a regulator of concentrations of both extracellular adenosine and intracellular adenine nucleotides. Adenosine has widespread effects on the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, and immune systems and inhibitors of the enzyme could play an important pharmacological role in increasing intravascular adenosine concentrations and acting as anti-inflammatory agents. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2011]
ATP dependent phosphorylation of adenosine and other related nucleoside analogs to monophosphate derivatives. Serves as a potential regulator of concentrations of extracellular adenosine and intracellular adenine nucleotides.
Subcellular location: 
Isoform 1: Nucleus . Isoform 2: Cytoplasm .
Hypermethioninemia due to adenosine kinase deficiency (HMAKD) [MIM:614300]: A metabolic disorder characterized by global developmental delay, early-onset seizures, mild dysmorphic features, and characteristic biochemical anomalies, including persistent hypermethioninemia with increased levels of S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine. Homocysteine levels are typically normal. Note: The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry.
Biotechnological use: 

TypeCatalogNameClonalitySpecies ReactivityApplicationSizePriceMore Info
Protein OPPA02253 ADK Human - Recombinant Human Adenosine Kinase (2ug) 2ug $100 Details
Polyclonal Antibody ARP58584_P050 ADK Antibody (ARP58584_P050) Polyclonal Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Zebrafish Not tested 50 ug $125 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OAAB16853 ADK antibody - N - terminal region (OAAB16853) Human; Mouse WB 400ul $289 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OAAB16854 ADK antibody - C - terminal region (OAAB16854) Human WB, IHC 400ul $289 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OAEC02356 ADK Antibody (OAEC02356) Human; Mouse; Rat WB, ELISA 100ug $229 Details
Polyclonal Antibody OAAF02323 ADK Antibody (OAAF02323) Polyclonal Human, Mouse, Rat WB, ELISA 100 ug $229 Details

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Product Images
ADK antibody - N - terminal region (OAAB16853) in Mouse bladder cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: Mouse bladder

ADK antibody - C - terminal region (OAAB16854) in Human hepatocarcinoma cells using Immunohistochemistry

Sample Type: Human hepatocarcinoma

ADK antibody - C - terminal region (OAAB16854) in Mouse Liver cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: Mouse Liver

ADK Antibody (OAAF02323) in 3T3 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: 3T3

ADK Antibody (OAAF02323) in RAW264.7 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: RAW264.7

ADK Antibody (OAEC02356) in RAW264.7 cells using Western Blot

Sample Type: RAW264.7

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Related Gene Trend Categories

CatalogPredicted Species & TargetTarget ReferencePredicted Homology
ARP56873 SAR86 cluster bacterium SAR86A ADK antibody J5KE47 100.0%
ARP54829 Cycloclasticus sp. ADK antibody K0C6Y6 100.0%
ARP33352 Uncultured bacterium ADK antibody K2EHQ2 100.0%
ARP56873 SAR86 cluster bacterium SAR86B ADK antibody J4V1G2 93.0%
ARP56873 Thioalkalimicrobium aerophilum AL3 ADK antibody G4D990 93.0%
ARP56873 Polaromonas naphthalenivorans ADK antibody A1VNK2 93.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia phenoliruptrix BR3459a ADK antibody K0DSP1 93.0%
ARP56873 Polaromonas sp. ADK antibody Q129C6 93.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia graminis C4D1M ADK antibody B1G284 93.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia sp. ADK antibody E1T7M5 93.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia sp. CCGE1001 ADK antibody E8YNM9 93.0%
ARP56873 Ramlibacter tataouinensis ADK antibody F5XZT0 93.0%
ARP56873 Rubrivivax gelatinosus ADK antibody I0HU55 93.0%
ARP56873 SAR86 cluster bacterium SAR86E ADK antibody K6FCF1 93.0%
ARP56873 Spirochaeta coccoides ADK antibody F4GLI3 93.0%
ARP56873 Polaromonas sp. CF318 ADK antibody J2L5Y1 93.0%
ARP46059 Rhodothermus marinus SG0.5JP17-172 ADK antibody G2SEY3 92.0%
ARP46059 Mycobacterium leprae ADK antibody O33007 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces coelicolor ADK antibody P43414 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces lividans ADK antibody P49974 92.0%
ARP54829 Brachyspira pilosicoli B2904 ADK antibody J9UTK6 92.0%
ARP46059 Marine actinobacterium PHSC20C1 ADK antibody A4AFC2 92.0%
ARP46059 Cellulomonas flavigena ADK antibody D5UIV3 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces ghanaensis ATCC 14672 ADK antibody D6A3G7 92.0%
ARP46059 Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae ADK antibody Q1M828 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces lividans TK24 ADK antibody D6EE38 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces sp. e14 ADK antibody D6KBJ6 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces coelicoflavus ZG0656 ADK antibody H1QGV8 92.0%
ARP46059 Meiothermus silvanus ADK antibody D7BCZ4 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. jinggangensis ADK antibody H2JT41 92.0%
ARP54829 Brachyspira pilosicoli ADK antibody D8IAF5 92.0%
ARP46059 Rhodothermus marinus ADK antibody D0MI16 92.0%
ARP46059 Sanguibacter keddieii ADK antibody D1BBT4 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces griseoflavus Tu4000 ADK antibody D9XVF6 92.0%
ARP46059 Thermus scotoductus ADK antibody E8PPA1 92.0%
ARP46059 Thermus aquaticus Y51MC23 ADK antibody B7A576 92.0%
ARP46059 Dermacoccus sp. Ellin185 ADK antibody E3BBG8 92.0%
ARP46059 Thermus sp. RL ADK antibody H7GI62 92.0%
ARP46059 Cellulomonas fimi ADK antibody F4H1Y9 92.0%
ARP46059 Thermus thermophilus JL-18 ADK antibody H9ZPM3 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces davawensis JCM 4913 ADK antibody K4R4N0 92.0%
ARP56873 Thioalkalimicrobium cyclicum ADK antibody F6DB56 92.0%
ARP46059 Thermus thermophilus ADK antibody F6DEN1 92.0%
ARP46059 Mycobacterium leprae ADK antibody B8ZS96 92.0%
ARP46059 Isoptericola variabilis ADK antibody F6FWC1 92.0%
ARP46059 Brevibacterium casei S18 ADK antibody K9AGW3 92.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces lividans ADK antibody Q7BT85 92.0%
ARP54829 Leptolyngbya sp. PCC 7375 ADK antibody K9FLB1 92.0%
ARP54829 Brachyspira pilosicoli P43/6/78 ADK antibody L0EYL5 92.0%
ARP46059 Cellvibrio gilvus ADK antibody F7ZZL0 92.0%
ARP56872 Paludibacter propionicigenes ADK antibody E4T6Y3 91.0%
ARP69387 Desulfohalobium retbaense ADK antibody C8X3H0 90.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS52 ADK antibody D0F9Y8 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia cenocepacia K56-2Valvano ADK antibody T0G1F7 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia cenocepacia BC7 ADK antibody U1Y2U3 86.0%
ARP56873 Methylobacter tundripaludum SV96 ADK antibody G3IT49 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS53 ADK antibody D0F9Y9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZD41 ADK antibody D3XQX9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS54 ADK antibody D0F9Z0 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC20 ADK antibody D0FAA1 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia cenocepacia ADK antibody A0K9X1 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio tasmaniensis ADK antibody D3XR03 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS57 ADK antibody D0F9Z1 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC68 ADK antibody D0FAD3 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC70 ADK antibody D0FAD5 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZD84 ADK antibody D3XR04 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia cepacia GG4 ADK antibody J7J009 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS58 ADK antibody D0F9Z2 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC77 ADK antibody D0FAE1 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZD93 ADK antibody D3XR10 86.0%
ARP56873 Candidatus Burkholderia kirkii UZHbot1 ADK antibody G4MGP1 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS60 ADK antibody D0F9Z3 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS77 ADK antibody D0FA06 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC83 ADK antibody D0FAE6 86.0%
ARP41433 Acidovorax sp. ADK antibody A1W895 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio tasmaniensis ADK antibody D3XR24 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS92 ADK antibody D0FA21 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC96 ADK antibody D0FAF6 86.0%
ARP56873 Acidovorax sp. ADK antibody A1W895 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio crassostreae ADK antibody D3XR49 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS99 ADK antibody D0FA28 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC146 ADK antibody D0FAK2 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZD155 ADK antibody D3XR61 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS120 ADK antibody D0FA49 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC155 ADK antibody D0FAL0 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia dolosa AUO158 ADK antibody A2W7Y9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZC1 ADK antibody D3XR64 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZC87 ADK antibody D3XRD4 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS141 ADK antibody D0FA69 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH2 ADK antibody D0FAX4 86.0%
ARP41433 Marinobacter manganoxydans MnI7-9 ADK antibody G6YXG4 86.0%
ARP56873 Marinobacter manganoxydans MnI7-9 ADK antibody G6YXG4 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZC96 ADK antibody D3XRD9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC6 ADK antibody D0FA91 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH10 ADK antibody D0FAY2 86.0%
ARP56873 Reinekea blandensis MED297 ADK antibody A4BGU1 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia cenocepacia H111 ADK antibody G7HHW8 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZC102 ADK antibody D3XRE1 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC10 ADK antibody D0FA94 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH34 ADK antibody D0FAZ2 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH88 ADK antibody D0FB23 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia sp. YI23 ADK antibody G8M7B2 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZC114 ADK antibody D3XRE9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CSC17 ADK antibody D0FA98 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH89 ADK antibody D0FB24 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia vietnamiensis ADK antibody A4JH80 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio crassostreae ADK antibody D3XRF9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH100 ADK antibody D0FB30 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody G9CMJ7 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9ZC135 ADK antibody D3XRG2 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH111 ADK antibody D0FB39 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia ambifaria ADK antibody Q0BCH1 86.0%
ARP46059 Synechococcus sp. ADK antibody A5GVX9 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody G9CML4 86.0%
ARP41433 Marinobacter adhaerens ADK antibody E4PR26 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MH159 ADK antibody D0FB76 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody Q0Q3A1 86.0%
ARP56873 Legionella pneumophila ADK antibody A5IBQ3 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody G9CML5 86.0%
ARP56873 Marinobacter adhaerens ADK antibody E4PR26 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MHC28 ADK antibody D0FBA1 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody Q0Q3A5 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody G9CML9 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody G9CMM6 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MHC69 ADK antibody D0FBC8 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody Q0Q3A8 86.0%
ARP56873 Psychrobacter sp. ADK antibody A5WDL7 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody G9CMS6 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MHC84 ADK antibody D0FBE3 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum ADK antibody Q0Q3A9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MHC86 ADK antibody D0FBE5 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia mannitolilytica ADK antibody Q0Q3F4 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia solanacearum PSI07 ADK antibody G9CMT2 86.0%
ARP56873 Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 ADK antibody D5TD05 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MHC123 ADK antibody D0FBH4 86.0%
ARP56873 Ralstonia syzygii R24 ADK antibody G9CMT6 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MHC134 ADK antibody D0FBI4 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia multivorans ADK antibody A9AGK1 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia sp. ADK antibody D5WCA5 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MG13 ADK antibody D0FBL4 86.0%
ARP41433 Delftia acidovorans ADK antibody A9BWI1 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MG54 ADK antibody D0FBN7 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia cenocepacia ADK antibody Q1BU66 86.0%
ARP56873 Delftia acidovorans ADK antibody A9BWI1 86.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces roseosporus NRRL 15998 ADK antibody D6AF61 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MG96 ADK antibody D0FBQ5 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia ambifaria IOP40-10 ADK antibody B1FCH6 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MG115 ADK antibody D0FBS1 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9MG120 ADK antibody D0FBS5 86.0%
ARP56873 Rhodoferax ferrireducens ADK antibody Q21TN6 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia cenocepacia ADK antibody B1JXF8 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia ambifaria ADK antibody B1YVE0 86.0%
ARP41433 Hahella chejuensis ADK antibody Q2SL21 86.0%
ARP56873 Hahella chejuensis ADK antibody Q2SL21 86.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces clavuligerus ADK antibody B5GX28 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia thailandensis ADK antibody Q2T0K4 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderiales bacterium JOSHI_001 ADK antibody H5WS03 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio crassostreae ADK antibody D3XQT8 86.0%
ARP56873 Nitrosospira multiformis ADK antibody Q2YB23 86.0%
ARP48149 Uncultured Flavobacteriia bacterium ADK antibody H6RIJ4 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia sp. TJI49 ADK antibody F0GBU3 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia sp. ADK antibody Q39DJ3 86.0%
ARP56873 Methylomicrobium album BG8 ADK antibody H8GJJ3 86.0%
ARP56873 Sphaerochaeta globosa ADK antibody F0RW09 86.0%
ARP56873 Psychrobacter sp. 1501 ADK antibody F5SN99 86.0%
ARP56873 Legionella pneumophila ADK antibody Q5WWT7 86.0%
ARP41433 Delftia sp. ADK antibody F6AU38 86.0%
ARP56873 Legionella pneumophila ADK antibody Q5X5F4 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia sp. KJ006 ADK antibody I2DPU6 86.0%
ARP56873 Delftia sp. ADK antibody F6AU38 86.0%
ARP41433 Methylococcus capsulatus ADK antibody Q606F1 86.0%
ARP46059 Streptomyces tsukubaensis NRRL18488 ADK antibody I2N4I1 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia gladioli ADK antibody F2L8T3 86.0%
ARP56873 Methylococcus capsulatus ADK antibody Q606F1 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia multivorans CGD1 ADK antibody B9B4A4 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia multivorans CGD2 ADK antibody B9BTB0 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia thailandensis MSMB43 ADK antibody I6ALW0 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia multivorans CGD2M ADK antibody B9CAB8 86.0%
ARP56873 Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila ADK antibody I7HR88 86.0%
ARP41433 Acidovorax ebreus ADK antibody B9MI80 86.0%
ARP56873 Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila ADK antibody I7I2W7 86.0%
ARP56873 Acidovorax ebreus ADK antibody B9MI80 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia glumae ADK antibody C5AC83 86.0%
ARP56873 Nitrosomonas sp. ADK antibody F8GGI4 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS48 ADK antibody D0F9Y5 86.0%
ARP41433 Marinobacter lipolyticus SM19 ADK antibody R8AYK9 86.0%
ARP41433 Vibrio sp. 9CS51 ADK antibody D0F9Y7 86.0%
ARP56873 Marinobacter lipolyticus SM19 ADK antibody R8AYK9 86.0%
ARP56873 Burkholderia multivorans CF2 ADK antibody J4R5V1 86.0%
ARP41433 SAR86 cluster bacterium SAR86A ADK antibody J5KE47 85.0%
ARP46059 Mycobacterium ulcerans ADK antibody A0PM98 85.0%
ARP46059 Mycobacterium vanbaalenii ADK antibody A1T4T2 85.0%
ARP46059 Methylocystis sp. ADK antibody J7Q426 85.0%
ARP48149 Alloprevotella rava F0323 ADK antibody G5GDW3 85.0%
ARP46059 Novosphingobium pentaromativorans US6-1 ADK antibody G6E9B3 85.0%
ARP46059 Rhizobium mesoamericanum STM3625 ADK antibody K0PTD0 85.0%
ARP46059 Janibacter sp. HTCC2649 ADK antibody A3TH28 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces turicensis ACS-279-V-Col4 ADK antibody K0ZE13 85.0%
ARP46059 Roseobacter sp. CCS2 ADK antibody A4EN78 85.0%
ARP46059 Thermus sp. CCB_US3_UF1 ADK antibody G8N9N4 85.0%
ARP46059 Mycobacterium gilvum ADK antibody A4TED7 85.0%
ARP46059 Celeribacter baekdonensis B30 ADK antibody K2ICP3 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloferax volcanii ADK antibody D4GTQ6 85.0%
ARP46059 Megamonas hypermegale ART12/1 ADK antibody D4KEC2 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces odontolyticus F0309 ADK antibody D4TYN6 85.0%
ARP46059 Erythrobacter sp. SD-21 ADK antibody A5P6Y4 85.0%
ARP46059 Brevibacterium mcbrellneri ATCC 49030 ADK antibody D4YQ99 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces odontolyticus ATCC 17982 ADK antibody A7B9M3 85.0%
ARP46059 Hydrogenivirga sp. 128-5-R1-1 ADK antibody A8V4W7 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 849 str. F0330 ADK antibody G9PLK3 85.0%
ARP46059 Rubrobacter xylanophilus ADK antibody Q1AU50 85.0%
ARP46059 Mesorhizobium alhagi CCNWXJ12-2 ADK antibody H0HVC6 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 180 str. F0310 ADK antibody E6KU69 85.0%
ARP46059 Thermaerobacter marianensis ADK antibody E6SKY0 85.0%
ARP46059 Mycobacterium sp. ADK antibody E6TE86 85.0%
ARP46059 Mycobacterium marinum ADK antibody B2HCV5 85.0%
ARP46059 Rhodopseudomonas palustris ADK antibody E6VBX7 85.0%
ARP46059 Veillonella parvula ADK antibody D1BP42 85.0%
ARP46059 Novosphingobium aromaticivorans ADK antibody Q2G8V9 85.0%
ARP46059 Ahrensia sp. R2A130 ADK antibody E0MJR3 85.0%
ARP46059 Xylanimonas cellulosilytica ADK antibody D1BWV5 85.0%
ARP46059 Megamonas funiformis YIT 11815 ADK antibody H3K8C6 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 171 str. F0337 ADK antibody E7NAJ2 85.0%
ARP46059 Mobilicoccus pelagius NBRC 104925 ADK antibody H5UTX1 85.0%
ARP46059 Mesorhizobium ciceri bv. biserrulae ADK antibody E8TME5 85.0%
ARP46059 Nitratireductor pacificus pht-3B ADK antibody K2MME9 85.0%
ARP46059 Thermus thermophilus ADK antibody Q5SHQ9 85.0%
ARP46059 Nitratireductor indicus C115 ADK antibody K2PGS8 85.0%
ARP46059 Thermaerobacter subterraneus DSM 13965 ADK antibody K6Q151 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces viscosus C505 ADK antibody F2V130 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 170 str. F0386 ADK antibody F3P8F6 85.0%
ARP46059 Novosphingobium sp. PP1Y ADK antibody F6IME2 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloferax mediterranei ADK antibody I3R7I2 85.0%
ARP46059 Nitratireductor aquibiodomus RA22 ADK antibody I5BUQ1 85.0%
ARP46059 Thermus oshimai JL-2 ADK antibody K7R3B5 85.0%
ARP46059 Thermus thermophilus ADK antibody Q72I25 85.0%
ARP46059 Mahella australiensis ADK antibody F4A2W4 85.0%
ARP46059 Persephonella marina ADK antibody C0QQP4 85.0%
ARP46059 Mesorhizobium australicum ADK antibody L0KR51 85.0%
ARP46059 Deinococcus deserti ADK antibody C1CXE5 85.0%
ARP48149 Prevotella sp. oral taxon 473 str. F0040 ADK antibody L1MCI4 85.0%
ARP46059 Novosphingobium sp. Rr 2-17 ADK antibody I9CBQ7 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 181 str. F0379 ADK antibody L1PI11 85.0%
ARP46059 Veillonella atypica KON ADK antibody L1PP50 85.0%
ARP46059 Eggerthella sp. ADK antibody F7UWC1 85.0%
ARP46059 Mesorhizobium opportunistum ADK antibody F7YDS0 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloferax sp. BAB2207 ADK antibody L5NQX3 85.0%
ARP46059 Rhizobium loti ADK antibody Q98N36 85.0%
ARP46059 Jonesia denitrificans ADK antibody C7R0W5 85.0%
ARP46059 Deinococcus radiodurans ADK antibody Q9RSK7 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 175 str. F0384 ADK antibody F9PI85 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces sp. ICM39 ADK antibody J2YMN5 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloferax larsenii JCM 13917 ADK antibody M0H149 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloquadratum walsbyi ADK antibody G0LJH6 85.0%
ARP46059 Atopobium sp. ICM58 ADK antibody J2YU25 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloferax elongans ATCC BAA-1513 ADK antibody M0HDC5 85.0%
ARP46059 Actinomyces naeslundii str. Howell 279 ADK antibody J2ZRD3 85.0%
ARP48149 Prevotella tannerae ATCC 51259 ADK antibody C9LE48 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloferax mucosum ATCC BAA-1512 ADK antibody M0IJU1 85.0%
ARP46059 Veillonella sp. ACP1 ADK antibody J4QB56 85.0%
ARP46059 Haloferax denitrificans ATCC 35960 ADK antibody M0J7A8 85.0%
ARP56872 Prochlorococcus marinus ADK antibody A2CC47 83.0%
ARP56872 Prochlorococcus marinus ADK antibody Q7V526 83.0%
ARP56872 Synechococcus sp. RS9916 ADK antibody Q05QD2 82.0%
ARP56872 Synechococcus sp. BL107 ADK antibody Q060U0 82.0%
ARP56872 Synechococcus sp. ADK antibody Q3AMP9 82.0%
ARP56872 Synechococcus sp. ADK antibody Q3AW74 82.0%
ARP48149 Elizabethkingia anophelis Ag1 ADK antibody H0KNX2 80.0%
ARP48149 Flavobacteriaceae bacterium ADK antibody C6X462 80.0%
ARP48149 Elizabethkingia anophelis R26 ADK antibody L8K3J3 80.0%
ARP41433 SAR86 cluster bacterium SAR86B ADK antibody J4V1G2 79.0%
ARP41433 Thioalkalimicrobium aerophilum AL3 ADK antibody G4D990 79.0%
ARP48149 Riemerella anatipestifer RA-CH-1 ADK antibody J9QU05 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides fragilis HMW 616 ADK antibody K1FTY6 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides fragilis HMW 610 ADK antibody K1G564 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides vulgatus PC510 ADK antibody D4V4H7 79.0%
ARP48149 Riemerella anatipestifer ADK antibody E4TB16 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides vulgatus ADK antibody A6L0Z9 79.0%
ARP46059 Oceanithermus profundus ADK antibody E4U9G4 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides sp. 3_1_40A ADK antibody E5V049 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides sp. 4_1_36 ADK antibody E5VEG9 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides eggerthii 1_2_48FAA ADK antibody E5WXY1 79.0%
ARP48149 Riemerella anatipestifer RA-YM ADK antibody E6JIB8 79.0%
ARP46059 Sphingomonas sp. SKA58 ADK antibody Q1N7X3 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides helcogenes ADK antibody E6SV47 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides coprocola DSM 17136 ADK antibody B3JNU0 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides plebeius ADK antibody B5CUI7 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides sp. 3_1_33FAA ADK antibody D1KA76 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides sp. D20 ADK antibody D2EUQ0 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides dorei DSM 17855 ADK antibody B6VSR2 79.0%
ARP46059 Roseibium sp. TrichSKD4 ADK antibody E2CP04 79.0%
ARP48149 Riemerella anatipestifer ADK antibody F0TKG6 79.0%
ARP41433 SAR86 cluster bacterium SAR86E ADK antibody K6FCF1 79.0%
ARP46059 Marinithermus hydrothermalis ADK antibody F2NMQ6 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides eggerthii DSM 20697 ADK antibody B7AEV4 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides clarus YIT 12056 ADK antibody F3PKK3 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides fluxus YIT 12057 ADK antibody F3PYH2 79.0%
ARP46059 Afipia felis ATCC 53690 ADK antibody K8NNL5 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides dorei CL02T00C15 ADK antibody I8UVP1 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides uniformis CL03T00C23 ADK antibody I8ZIH2 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides dorei 5_1_36/D4 ADK antibody C3RG68 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides dorei CL02T12C06 ADK antibody I9EWZ1 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides vulgatus CL09T03C04 ADK antibody I9IHM3 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides dorei CL03T12C01 ADK antibody I9QT22 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides uniformis CL03T12C37 ADK antibody I9TUU6 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides sp. 4_3_47FAA ADK antibody C6ZAD4 79.0%
ARP48149 Riemerella anatipestifer RA-CH-2 ADK antibody L7TZV3 79.0%
ARP46059 Rhodobacter sp. SW2 ADK antibody C8S4Z4 79.0%
ARP48149 Bacteroides sp. CAG:875 ADK antibody R7AD59 79.0%
ARP58584 African clawed frog ADK antibody; Xenopus laevis ADK antibody Q6DJM1 93.0%
ARP58584 blue catfish ADK antibody; Ictalurus furcatus ADK antibody E3TCE3 100.0%
ARP58584 Bovine ADK antibody; Bos taurus ADK antibody Q17R18 100.0%
ARP58584 Bovine ADK antibody; Bos taurus ADK antibody F1N468 100.0%
ARP58584 Cat ADK antibody; Felis catus ADK antibody M3WMV3 93.0%
ARP58584 Chicken ADK antibody; Gallus gallus ADK antibody F6SKR2 86.0%
ARP58584 Chimpanzee ADK antibody; Pan troglodytes ADK antibody H2Q247 93.0%
ARP58584 Chimpanzee ADK antibody; Pan troglodytes ADK antibody K7BVI6 93.0%
ARP58584 Chimpanzee ADK antibody; Pan troglodytes ADK antibody K7BXD1 93.0%
ARP58584 Chinese hamster ADK antibody; Cricetulus griseus ADK antibody P55262 100.0%
ARP58584 Chinese softshell turtle ADK antibody; Pelodiscus sinensis ADK antibody K7GFX2 86.0%
ARP58584 Collared flycatcher ADK antibody; Ficedula albicollis ADK antibody U3JWW7 86.0%
ARP58584 Dog ADK antibody; Canis familiaris ADK antibody F1PJV5 93.0%
ARP58584 Domestic duck ADK antibody; Anas platyrhynchos ADK antibody R0LQU7 86.0%
ARP58584 European domestic ferret ADK antibody; Mustela putorius furo ADK antibody M3XW58 93.0%
ARP58584 European seabass ADK antibody; Dicentrarchus labrax ADK antibody E6ZHG2 93.0%
ARP56872 Eye worm ADK antibody; Loa loa ADK antibody E1GKL0 91.0%
ARP58584 Giant panda ADK antibody; Ailuropoda melanoleuca ADK antibody G1L4R7 86.0%
ARP58584 Green anole ADK antibody; Anolis carolinensis ADK antibody H9GEI1 86.0%
ARP58584 Horse ADK antibody; Equus caballus ADK antibody F6UFV3 100.0%
ARP58584 Horse ADK antibody; Equus caballus ADK antibody L7MSR4 100.0%
ARP58584 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody P55263-2 100.0%
ARP58584 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody P55263-3 100.0%
ARP58584 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody P55263-4 100.0%
ARP58584 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody P55263 100.0%
ARP56872 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody Q7Z4Y4 100.0%
ARP56873 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody Q7Z4Y4 100.0%
ARP56872 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody Q7Z531 100.0%
ARP56873 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody Q7Z531 100.0%
ARP41433 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody Q7Z4Y4 86.0%
ARP41433 Human ADK antibody; Homo sapiens ADK antibody Q7Z531 86.0%
ARP58584 Mouse ADK antibody; Mus musculus ADK antibody P55264-2 100.0%
ARP58584 Mouse ADK antibody; Mus musculus ADK antibody P55264 100.0%
ARP58584 Mouse ADK antibody; Mus musculus ADK antibody Q8BMC5 100.0%
ARP58584 Northern white-cheeked gibbon ADK antibody; Nomascus leucogenys ADK antibody G1S4K2 100.0%
ARP58584 Pig ADK antibody; Sus scrofa ADK antibody F1S2G5 100.0%
ARP58584 Rabbit ADK antibody; Oryctolagus cuniculus ADK antibody G1SY88 100.0%
ARP58584 Rainbow smelt ADK antibody; Osmerus mordax ADK antibody C1BKB6 79.0%
ARP58584 Rat ADK antibody; Rattus norvegicus ADK antibody Q64640 100.0%
ARP58584 Rhesus macaque ADK antibody; Macaca mulatta ADK antibody F6Z1M1 100.0%
ARP58584 Rhesus macaque ADK antibody; Macaca mulatta ADK antibody F6Z1Q1 100.0%
ARP58584 Small-eared galago ADK antibody; Otolemur garnettii ADK antibody H0XFY6 93.0%
ARP58584 Sumatran orangutan ADK antibody; Pongo abelii ADK antibody H2NAI2 100.0%
ARP58584 Tasmanian devil ADK antibody; Sarcophilus harrisii ADK antibody G3VLT3 93.0%
ARP58584 Thirteen-lined ground squirrel ADK antibody; Spermophilus tridecemlineatus ADK antibody I3MI35 93.0%
ARP58584 Western clawed frog ADK antibody; Xenopus tropicalis ADK antibody Q28CF0 93.0%
ARP58584 Western clawed frog ADK antibody; Xenopus tropicalis ADK antibody Q28IY4 93.0%
ARP58584 Western clawed frog ADK antibody; Xenopus tropicalis ADK antibody F7DUH2 93.0%
ARP58584 White-tufted-ear marmoset ADK antibody; Callithrix jacchus ADK antibody U3E4R2 100.0%
ARP58584 White-tufted-ear marmoset ADK antibody; Callithrix jacchus ADK antibody F6W4L8 100.0%
ARP58584 White-tufted-ear marmoset ADK antibody; Callithrix jacchus ADK antibody F7ITC7 100.0%
ARP58584 White-tufted-ear marmoset ADK antibody; Callithrix jacchus ADK antibody F7ITD5 100.0%
ARP58584 Zebra finch ADK antibody; Taeniopygia guttata ADK antibody H0Z8F3 86.0%

Tissue & Cell Line Gene Expression Data
Data SourceProbesetSampleAvgMeanMore Info
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_at721_B_lymphoblasts378.35047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atAdipocyte61.75047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atAdrenalCortex7.55047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atAdrenalgland7.50047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atAmygdala12.55047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atAppendix8.65047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atAtrioventricularNode6.75047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atBDCA4+_DentriticCells168.35047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atBonemarrow9.70047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atBronchialEpithelialCells479.45047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD105+_Endothelial144.85047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD14+_Monocytes130.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD19+_BCells(neg._sel.)900.70047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD33+_Myeloid30.35047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD34+120.75047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD4+_Tcells35.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD56+_NKCells30.10047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD71+_EarlyErythroid15.10047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCD8+_Tcells36.40047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCardiacMyocytes85.60047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCaudatenucleus10.25047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCerebellum6.30047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCerebellumPeduncles7.15047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCiliaryGanglion6.15047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atCingulateCortex8.05047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atColorectaladenocarcinoma29.05047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atDorsalRootGanglion6.15047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atFetalThyroid10.40047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atFetalbrain9.65047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atFetalliver13.40047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atFetallung40.75047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atGlobusPallidus5.95047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atHeart10.50047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atHypothalamus15.20047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atKidney7.80047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLeukemia_chronicMyelogenousK-56230.50047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLeukemia_promyelocytic-HL-60119.05047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLeukemialymphoblastic(MOLT-4)43.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLiver129.65047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLung34.80047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLymphnode8.80047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLymphoma_burkitts(Daudi)95.45047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atLymphoma_burkitts(Raji)12.35047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atMedullaOblongata7.65047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atOccipitalLobe10.30047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atOlfactoryBulb9.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atOvary5.25047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atPancreas8.10047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atPancreaticIslet21.90047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atParietalLobe8.65047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atPituitary18.95047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atPlacenta73.90047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atPons7.40047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atPrefrontalCortex10.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atProstate14.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atSalivarygland9.45047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atSkeletalMuscle10.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atSkin8.95047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atSmoothMuscle159.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atSpinalcord10.30047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atSubthalamicNucleus6.75047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atSuperiorCervicalGanglion10.50047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTemporalLobe7.25047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTestis8.80047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTestisGermCell21.80047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTestisIntersitial9.55047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTestisLeydigCell8.15047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTestisSeminiferousTubule7.95047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atThalamus8.90047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atThymus9.30047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atThyroid25.70047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTongue38.20047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTonsil23.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTrachea9.70047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atTrigeminalGanglion8.95047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atUterus7.30047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atUterusCorpus8.00047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atWholeBlood17.70047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atWholebrain11.55047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atcolon9.20047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atpineal_day32.40047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atpineal_night32.34047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atretina12.40047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204119_s_atsmall_intestine10.15047.470Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_at721_B_lymphoblasts14.95019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atAdipocyte14.50019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atAdrenalCortex23.10019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atAdrenalgland14.25019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atAmygdala20.85019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atAppendix29.55019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atAtrioventricularNode21.90019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atBDCA4+_DentriticCells13.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atBonemarrow17.95019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atBronchialEpithelialCells59.70019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD105+_Endothelial18.30019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD14+_Monocytes20.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD19+_BCells(neg._sel.)55.25019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD33+_Myeloid26.55019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD34+18.80019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD4+_Tcells12.35019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD56+_NKCells14.65019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD71+_EarlyErythroid14.75019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCD8+_Tcells13.60019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCardiacMyocytes32.55019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCaudatenucleus13.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCerebellum11.80019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCerebellumPeduncles19.60019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCiliaryGanglion16.80019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atCingulateCortex15.30019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atColorectaladenocarcinoma19.10019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atDorsalRootGanglion17.30019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atFetalThyroid16.85019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atFetalbrain14.10019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atFetalliver14.40019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atFetallung15.05019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atGlobusPallidus14.05019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atHeart28.85019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atHypothalamus14.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atKidney15.30019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLeukemia_chronicMyelogenousK-56220.40019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLeukemia_promyelocytic-HL-6048.15019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLeukemialymphoblastic(MOLT-4)10.85019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLiver67.70019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLung16.80019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLymphnode10.15019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLymphoma_burkitts(Daudi)21.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atLymphoma_burkitts(Raji)25.55019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atMedullaOblongata12.00019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atOccipitalLobe13.40019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atOlfactoryBulb10.20019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atOvary12.35019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atPancreas14.10019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atPancreaticIslet17.00019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atParietalLobe18.60019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atPituitary17.65019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atPlacenta14.90019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atPons15.15019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atPrefrontalCortex16.40019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atProstate16.30019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atSalivarygland14.65019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atSkeletalMuscle29.60019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atSkin19.15019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atSmoothMuscle20.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atSpinalcord17.00019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atSubthalamicNucleus16.10019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atSuperiorCervicalGanglion33.05019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTemporalLobe14.60019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTestis11.85019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTestisGermCell12.75019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTestisIntersitial13.70019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTestisLeydigCell17.00019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTestisSeminiferousTubule12.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atThalamus15.90019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atThymus10.35019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atThyroid20.00019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTongue20.05019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTonsil15.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTrachea11.05019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atTrigeminalGanglion27.35019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atUterus11.80019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atUterusCorpus19.25019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atWholeBlood15.55019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atWholebrain11.45019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atcolon16.65019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atpineal_day19.84019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atpineal_night28.78019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atretina17.65019.360Details
BioGPS Gene Atlas204120_s_atsmall_intestine17.10019.360Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_at7861492.4061218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atA172723.2961218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atA204272.6231218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atA361228.7381218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atA498891.7801218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atA549807.9421218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atACC3881.3671218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atACHN1677.5661218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atALVA316233.4361218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atCAKI12167.8421218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atCCRT CEM325.4641218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atCOLO2051057.3451218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atDLD12230.4151218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atDU1453848.7731218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atEKVX1439.4421218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atGM133674.5481218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atGM1600241.7651218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atGM23131227.6271218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atGM2345367.5621218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atGM2493741.0661218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atGM97380.8641218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHCC29981329.8481218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHCT1161349.6561218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHCT152528.6801218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHEK 293 T-rex647.7831218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHEK 293T798.8941218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHEK293336.8591218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHELA2552.5171218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHEPG22782.9451218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHL60666.3741218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHOP623017.3061218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHOP92867.1421218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHS578T978.1911218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHSG1073.3901218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHT10802048.2811218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atHT29589.5401218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atIGROV1420.5621218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atIOSE801271.3131218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atJURKAT311.1331218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atK562910.1751218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atKM12828.3281218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atLN18488.9141218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atLNCAP954.5281218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atLOX IMVI1510.8451218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atM14736.7431218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atMALME 3M189.1881218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atMCF72809.5531218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atMD MB2311580.2881218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atMDA MB435320.8771218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atMOLT4971.0911218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atNCI 4601088.3231218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atNCI H2261773.1181218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atNCI H23601.7161218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atNCI H322M3215.4111218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atNCVADR RES4557.0661218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atOVCAR3836.4781218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atOVCAR42246.2271218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atOVCAR51576.5231218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atOVCAR82455.3681218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atPANC1885.4421218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atRL71433.4331218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atRPMI 8226676.2461218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atRS118461115.7831218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atRXF3931406.7181218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSAOS2846.2861218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSF2681091.5221218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSF295699.8501218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSF5391132.3351218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSHSYSY+RA526.0231218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSHSYSY-RA316.6051218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSKMEL2379.7951218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSKMEL28313.5461218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSKMEL5347.0631218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSKOV31686.3931218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSN12C2809.4651218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSNB19843.8701218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSNB75642.4201218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSR926.8521218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atSW6204336.6721218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atT241684.4131218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atT3M41714.0831218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atTK101166.5471218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atU1181196.8021218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atU138983.2761218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atU20S1566.9221218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atU251316.0821218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atU871445.1701218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atUACC257211.3791218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atUACC62283.3311218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atUO311004.0841218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atZR75_12302.7431218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_atastrocytes370.4091218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204119_s_athuh-7421.9491218.400Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_at786116.39868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atA17240.97468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atA20420.43768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atA3617.56168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atA49853.26568.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atA54942.52368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atACC374.25668.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atACHN28.23768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atALVA31258.52368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atCAKI198.68068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atCCRT CEM8.11568.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atCOLO20559.99868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atDLD138.56968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atDU145103.11868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atEKVX25.45568.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atGM133202.07168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atGM160056.81868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atGM2313358.02668.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atGM234558.53068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atGM2493117.30668.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atGM9793.96068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHCC299822.95968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHCT11644.67268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHCT1570.61868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHEK 293 T-rex78.09468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHEK 293T124.24468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHEK29370.48368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHELA26.62268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHEPG257.48268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHL6056.68868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHOP62112.55168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHOP9219.49668.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHS578T25.89268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHSG26.14268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHT108044.29068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atHT29104.10968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atIGROV119.66768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atIOSE8031.99468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atJURKAT12.72368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atK56255.77468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atKM1247.05968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atLN1835.94368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atLNCAP30.39368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atLOX IMVI54.09568.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atM1418.60268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atMALME 3M8.22768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atMCF7110.45268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atMD MB23175.68168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atMDA MB4358.68768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atMOLT440.38768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atNCI 46036.05468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atNCI H22667.94268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atNCI H2330.55668.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atNCI H322M147.94768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atNCVADR RES154.74768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atOVCAR358.01468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atOVCAR4100.64868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atOVCAR591.17068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atOVCAR8107.22168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atPANC124.10068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atRL738.99068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atRPMI 822627.23068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atRS1184646.29768.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atRXF39332.88868.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSAOS272.89068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSF26848.04368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSF29536.94968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSF53934.16668.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSHSYSY+RA26.71368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSHSYSY-RA16.74268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSKMEL220.37968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSKMEL2810.40968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSKMEL513.73968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSKOV373.86168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSN12C84.00068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSNB1923.79268.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSNB7532.40368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSR31.88568.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atSW620342.63168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atT24233.48068.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atT3M4123.83668.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atTK1062.87568.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atU11895.08568.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atU13854.13168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atU20S83.91968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atU25113.44168.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atU87224.23368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atUACC2577.39368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atUACC6212.28368.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atUO3134.77968.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atZR75_196.72468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_atastrocytes32.05468.700Details
BioGPS NCI60204120_s_athuh-788.81468.700Details