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Apoptosis is the process of cell death, which may include shrinking of the cell, loss of cell membrane,  fragmentation of the nucleus, and chromosomal DNA fragmentation. The process is controlled by many extracellular signals such as toxins, cytokines, growth factors, and hormones.[1]
1. Elmore, Susan. (2007) “Apoptosis: A Review of Programmed Cell Death”. Toxicol Pathol. Vol. 35 no. 4 495-516.

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    DAP3 Antibody (OAEB01341) in HEK293cells using Western Blot

    DAP3 Antibody (OAEB01341)

    Protein Name:28S ribosomal protein S29, mitochondrial
    Catalog #:OAEB01341
    Type: pAb
    Reacts with: Cow, Human
    Application: IF, WB
    Product Size: 100 ug
    Price (USD): $349.00
    DFFA Antibody - C-terminal region (ARP81500_P050) in Human Neurofibroma Tumor using Western Blot

    DFFA Antibody - C-terminal region (ARP81500_P050)

    Protein Name:DNA fragmentation factor subunit alpha
    Catalog #:ARP81500_P050
    Type: pAb
    Reacts with: Human
    Application: WB
    Product Size: 100 ul
    Price (USD): $289.00
    DHCR24 antibody - N-terminal region (OAAB01570) in HepG2 using Western Blot

    DHCR24 Antibody - N-terminal region (OAAB01570)

    Protein Name:Delta(24)-sterol reductase
    Catalog #:OAAB01570
    Type: pAb
    Reacts with: Human, Mouse
    Application: WB, ELISA
    Product Size: 400ul
    Price (USD): $390.00

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Showing 1 - 30 of 147