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Recombinant Zika Virus Envelope Protein (OPMA04848)

Datasheets/ManualsPrintable datasheet for OPMA04848
Product Info
Predicted Species ReactivityZika virus
Product FormatLiquid. PBS (pH 7.4) with 0.09% Sodium Azide
ApplicationELISA, CLIA, LF
Additional InformationShips with Dry Ice
Reconstitution and StorageCentrifuge before opening to ensure complete recovery of vial contents.
Store at -20°C, avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Thaw at room temperature or 4°C. Cryo-concentration may occur on thawing which should not affect performance characteristics. If cryo-concentration is seen after the material is completely thawed, mix by inverting the container GENTLY several times before use.
PurificationAffinity chromatography
ConcentrationVaries by lot. See vial for concentration.
Purity> 80% by SDS-PAGE
SpecificityZika virus. Reacts with both IgM and IgG.
Peptide SequenceThe amino acid sequence is proprietary
SourceInsect cells
Application InfoSuitable for use in ELISA, CLIA and Lateral Flow Assays. To overcome flavivirus cross-reactivity in diagnostics, recombinant antigens to envelope and NS1 antigens are commonly used. IgG and IgM antibodies typically show a high sensitivity and specificity to these epitopes especially NS1 which is thought to contain more species-specific epitopes than the envelope proteins. Each laboratory should determine an optimum working titer for use in its particular application. Other applications have not been tested but use in such assays should not necessarily be excluded.
TagHistidine tag
Protein NameEnvelope protein
Description of TargetThe E protein composes the majority of the virion surface and it is involved with replication, such as host cell binding and membrane fusion. Covers the ectodomain of the envelope proteins. The sequence of the envelope protein is derived from the African strain (all strains share very high identity in this region).
Uniprot IDQ91KX7
Molecular Weight~50 kDa (12.5% SDS-PAGE)
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