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Catalog No: OOSA11229 (Formerly GWB-Q00321)
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QUANTUM<sup>TM</sup> FITC-5 MESF (PRE-MIXED) Accessory Reagent (OOSA11229)

Datasheets/ManualsPrintable datasheet for QUANTUMTM FITC-5 MESF (PRE-MIXED) Accessory Reagent (OOSA11229)
Product Info
Product FormatPhosphate buffered saline.
Additional InformationReagents in the kit:
1 x 1ml bottle of unlabeled microbeads
1 x 1ml bottle containing the 5 populations of labeled microbeads
Reconstitution and Storage2°C to 8°C
Application DataThis product is used in the quantitation of FITC fluorescence intensity in Molecules of Equivalent Soluble Fluorochrome (MESF) units. When used in conjunction with Simply Cellular® microspheres this kit also allows quantitation of Antibody Binding Capacity (ABC).
This kit enables fluorescence intensity of a sample to be directly quantified in terms of MESF units and for samples from different instruments to be accurately compared. The fluorescence intensity of each of the five populations in the kit have been calibrated against solutions of laser grade fluorescent dye in units of MESF FITC per microsphere. The Certified Blank™ population is used to measure the fluorescence detection threshold of the instrument. Correct use of the kit enables:
1) Quantitation of fluorescence intensity of samples in terms of MESF;
2) Determination of instrument fluorescence detection threshold;
3) Determination of instrument linearity;
4) Data comparison over time and between multiple instruments.
Description of TargetQUANTUMTM FITC-5 MESF (PRE-MIXED) is comprised of five calibrated fluorescent populations in one tube, each with different levels of FITC fluorescence intensity, and one blank population of uniform microspheres that are approximately the size of human lymphocytes (7-9 um). The excitation and emission spectra of the microspheres match those of cell samples labeled with FITC.
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