Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant proteins are a foundational tool for life science research. It used to be common to express proteins in-house, but most researchers can now buy high-quality recombinant proteins that support their research for a fraction of the cost and with fast turnaround.

Aviva Systems Biology has been providing high-quality protein products to the scientific community for over 10 years. In addition to our diverse catalog and semi-custom recombinant protein products, we also offer comprehensive custom recombinant protein expression and production services to meet a variety of research needs.


Catalog Products

  • High quality recombinant proteins across multiple species
  • Multiple expression systems used, such as E. coli, Mammalian, Baculovirus, and Yeast
  • Ideal for use as ELISA standards, assay development, or general research

Protein on Demand™

  • Affordable, semi-custom, small scale protein expression
  • Over 300,000 targets are available
  • Select your tag
  • Select your expression system
  • Select your size

Custom Protein Expression and Manufacturing

Aviva offers complete recombinant protein expression services

  • Cloning
  • Expression system selection
  • Purification
  • GMP manufacturing

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