ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a commonly used plate-based assay technique first described in the 1970's. ELISAs are used to measure antibodies, antigens, and proteins that are found in biological samples, such as serum, cell lysates, and other fluids. While in-house development of ELISA assays is possible, most researchers buy validated ELISA kits to simplify their workflow. A common ELISA kit format is the sandwich ELISA, where the assay uses a capture antibody to bind the target antigen found in a sample and a detection antibody that is labeled with an enzyme that converts the assay substrate, such as TMB, into a colored product that can be measured using a plate reader.

Aviva Systems Biology offers over 18,000 ELISA kits for nearly 7,000 antigen targets, hormones, and molecules across a broad range of species such as human, mouse, rat, bovine, pig, dog, and more. Our research customers find ELISA kits for both novel and common targets in our portfolio. Use our online site search to find the best ELISA kit specific to your target or browse our product list below to see the whole collection. Buy your kits online or contact our customer service team at info@avivasysbio.com to place your order.


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