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pNPP One Component Microwell Substrate (OOSB00027)

Catalog#: OOSB00027
More Information
Product FormatSolution
Additional InformationProduct Use:pNPP One Component Microwell Substrate is supplied as a ready to use solution. The product should be allowed to reach room temperature (25C) before use. For immunoassay microwell applications, 100 μL to 200 μL of substrate solution is added to each well producing a soluble, yellow product.
Application InfoEnzyme-substrate reaction produces a soluble, yellow end product that is measurable between 405 and 410 nm. Can be used for both kinetic and endpoint reactions. This product is not recommended for membrane or immunohistochemical applications that require a precipitation reaction product.
StorageRecommended storage is at 2- 8 C. The product is stable for the period shown on the bottle label whenstored as directed. Dilution of the substrate is not recommended. This substrate is light sensitive andshould be protected from direct sunlight or UV sources.
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