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Phenobarbital(N)-HRP (OORB00016)

Catalog#: OORB00016
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Product FormatThe conjugate is supplied as a concentrate. Dilute as required and use working strength conjugate immediately after dilution
::DilnFactor: 320
Reconstitution and Storage+2-+8C for up to 3 months / <20C for long term storage
SpecificityEach conjugate comprises antigen covalently bound to horseradish peroxide and is suitable as a tracer in immunoassay development
Target Reference1. Gupta RC., Lu I., Oei G. and Lundberg GD. Determination of phencyclidine (PCP) in urine and illicit street drug samples, Clin. Toxicol. 1995, 8(6): 611-621. 2. Beselt RC, Urine Drug Screening by Immunoassay: Interpretation of Results. In: Beselt RC, Advances in Analytical toxicology, Biomedical Publications, California, 1984, vol 1, 81-123 . 3. Schneiders S., Kuffer P. and Wennig R, Determination of lysergide (LSD) and phencyclidine in biosamples, Journal of Chromatography B, 1998, 713: 189-200. 4. Eskridge KD. and Guthrie SK. Clinical issues associated with urine, Pharmacotherapy, 1997, 17(3): 506-507. 5. Wild D. (ed), The Immunoassay Handbook, second edition, Nature Publishing Group, London, Basingstoke, New York, 2001, 808-810.
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