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Nortriptyline-HRP (OORB00154)

Catalog#: OORB00154
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Product Format The conjugate is supplied as a concentrate. Dilute as required and use working strength conjugate immediately after dilution
:: DilnFactor: 320
Reconstitution and Storage +2-+8C for up to 3 months / <20C for long term storage
Specificity Each conjugate comprises antigen covalently bound to horseradish peroxide and is suitable as a tracer in immunoassay development
Target Reference 1. Haddad L.M. Managing tricyclic antidepressant overdose. Am. Farm. Physician. 1992, 46 (1): 153-159. 2. Pimentel L. and Trommer L-Cyclic antidepressant overdoses. A review. Emerg. Med. Clin. North. Am. 1994, 12 (2): 533-547.
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