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Mix-n-Stain Kappa RPE Antibody Labeling Kit, 1x(50-100ug) labeling (OKBE00068)

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Mix-n-Stain#8482; R-PE antibody labeling kits contain everything you need to rapidly conjugate an antibody to R-phycoerythrin (R-PE). Choose the kit size corresponding to the amount of antibody you wish to label. After labeling, the R-PE conjugate is stable for one month when stored at 4oC.
Mix-n-Stain R-PE labeling can tolerate Tris, glycine, and sodium azide. A microcentrifuge ultrafiltration vial is provided in the kit to rapidly remove incompatible small molecule antibody stabilizers such as glycerol before labeling (see Table 1). Labeling can be performed in the presence of up to four-fold excess of BSA or gelatin to IgG (by ug amount).
Aviva also offers Mix-n-Stain labeling kits for labeling antibodies with one of Aviva’s next-generation fluorescent CF#8482; dyes, biotin, FITC in only 30 minutes without a purification step. Aviva’s HRP antibody labeling kits can be used to conjugate antibodies to HRP in 3 hours.
Printable datasheet/reference manual for Mix-n-Stain RPE Antibody Labeling Kit, 1x(50-100ug) labeling (OKBE00068) OKBE00068
Reconstitution and Storage:
Stability: Stable for at least 3 months from date of receipt when stored as recommended.

ComponentCatalog# OKBE00068: 50-100 ug labeling
Modified R-PE Part# 92299A-(1) vial
Linking Agent Part# 99997-1 (1) vial
R-PE Conjugate Storage BufferPart# 99998-300uL-(1) vial
Ultrafiltration vialPart# 99956-2 vials

Please visit to view our full selection of products including CF#8482; dye Mix-n-Stain antibody labeling kits, secondary antibodies, streptavidin, anti-biotin, and anti-tag antibodies. Aviva also offers a variety of apoptosis and cell viability assays for flow cytometry analysis, including mitochondrial membrane potential dyes, fluorescent Annexin V conjugates, and NucView™488 Caspase-3 Substrate for live cells.
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Mix-n-StainTM R-PE Antibody Compatibility and Labeling Protocol Selection Guide

Sodium AzideCompatible, proceed to Section B
GlycerolPerform ultrafiltration (Section A)
TrisCompatible, proceed to Section B
GlycineCompatible, proceed to Section B
BSA or gelatinUp to 4X IgG (ug amount): Compatible, proceed to Section B
More than 4X IgG (ug amount): Not compatible, purify IgG
Ascites fluidNot compatible, purify IgG
SerumNot compatible, purify IgG
Hybridoma supernatantNot compatible: purify IgG
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