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Immunohistochemistry Kit (OKRA00037)

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Alias Symbols:
IHC Kit, Peroxidase Kit, Immunohistochemistry Kit
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Reconstitution and Storage:
This kit is stable for at least one year when stored at 4 C. Individual components are stable for 3-4 weeks after dilution when stored at 4 C.
Application Info:
Aviva's MaxTag? Histo Immunohistochemistry Kit is intended to provide a simple, reliable and convenient detection system for immunohistochemical staining. As such, the kit can be used for the identification of specific constituents in tissue sections or immobilized cells. In order to detect the reaction site, the antibody complex is labeled with an enzyme (peroxidase) that can be reacted with a suitable substrate (DAB) to give a colored product. This kit also provides for the counter staining of nuclei to reveal tissue architecture. The stain and substrate color fade slowly, if at all, allowing the slides to be stored for future use. The contents of this kit are formulated for maximum ease of use and are color coded to eliminate confusion. A sample protocol and recommended conditions for use are provided. Formaldehyde fixation is suggested as the routine initial method of choice for tissue and cell fixation. The provided protocol is a guideline. Any procedure can be altered according to specific experimental requirements. The use of both highly purified and adsorbed antibody conjugates and matched reagents reduces any lot-to-lot variation. This kit can process 100-200 immunostains on standard microscope slides and is stable for at least 1 year when stored at +4 C.
This MaxTag Histo Immunohistochemistry Kit allows for the detection of primary goat polyclonal antibody provided by the user. Kit relies upon the high specificity of avidin-biotin binding for visualization of an antigen. The antigen (usually within immobilized cells or tissue) is fixed and adhered to a glass microscope slide. A primary antibody reacts with the immobilized antigen to form an antigen-antibody complex. A second biotinylated antibody derived from rabbit and specific for the primary antibody reacts with the complex. Streptavidin conjugated to the enzyme peroxidase reacts with this complex localizing the enzyme at the site of the antigen. Finally, substrate is added causing a reaction with the peroxidase as a colored precipitate to form on the slide at the location of the antigen. The slide is viewed through a standard light microscope and, if desired, photographed for a permanent record.
Label: Unconjugated
Preservative: Wash buffers MUST NOT contain SODIUM AZIDE or other inhibitors of peroxidase activity!

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