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HIST3H3 Antibody (OAAH00065)

Catalog#: OAAH00065
More Information
Clonality Polyclonal
Isotype Rabbit lgG
Host Rabbit
Application IF, DB, CHIP
Additional Information Localization: Nucleus
Reconstitution and Storage Store the product at -20C. Stable for one year from the date of shipment.
Replacement Item This antibody may replace item sc-105519 from Santa Cruz Biotechnology.
Immunogen This Aviva H3K9me3 polyclonal antibody was produced by immunizing rabbits with synthetic Histone H3 peptide with Lys9 Tri-methylated and conjugated to KLH.
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for anti-HIST3H3 (OAAH00065) antibody
Specificity H3K9me3 polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of Histone H3 Tri- methylated at Lys9.
Source Rabbit pAb
Application Info IF: 1:100-1:500
DB: 1:500
Target Reference 1. Albig, W., Doenecke, D., Hum. Genet. 101: 284-294, 1997.
2. Albig, W., Ebentheuer, J., Klobeck, G., Hum. Genet. 97: 486-491, 1996.
3. Yamagishi, Y., Honda, T., Tanno, Y., Science 330: 239-233, 2010.
Gene Symbol HIST3H3
Official Gene Full Name Histone H3.1t
NCBI Gene Id 8290
Protein Name Histone H3.1t
Description of Target Histones are basic nuclear proteins that are responsible for the nucleosome structure of the chromosomal fiber in eukaryotes. Nucleosomes consist of approximately 146 bp of DNA wrapped around a histone octamer composed of pairs of each of the four core histones (H2A, H2B, H3, and H4) . The chromatin fiber is further compacted through the interaction of a linker histone, H1, with the DNA between the nucleosomes to form higher order chromatin structures.This gene is intronless and encodes a member of the histone H3 family.
Swissprot Id Q16695
Protein Accession # NP_003484.1
Nucleotide Accession # NM_003493.2
Protein Size (# AA) 136
Molecular Weight 16 kDa
Tissue Tool Find tissues and cell lines supported by DNA array analysis to express HIST3H3.
RNA Seq Find tissues and cell lines supported by RNA-seq analysis to express HIST3H3.
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