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Fluorescent Western Blot Kit (OKRA00029)

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Alias Symbols:
Duplex Western Blotting, IRDYE Kit for immunoblotting, IRDYE „¢800 kit, IRDYE „¢700 kit
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Reconstitution and Storage:
Undiluted components within this kit are stable for at least six months when stored at +4 C. Individual components are stable for 3-4 weeks after dilution when stored at +4 C.
Application Info:
Infrared-labeled antibodies and controls provided in this kit are sufficient to run approximately 25 immunoblots each measuring 10 cm x 10 cm. The amount of antibody supplied when diluted as recommended in our protocol will yield 1000 ml of working solution. Adjustments in volumes for larger or smaller blots will effect the number of blots detected. Blocking and washing buffers are provided in limited quantities so that the user can immediately begin to process immunoblots. These buffers can be re-ordered in larger quantities for economical use (see "Replacement Parts").
Label: Unconjugated

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