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Description of Target:

Caspase FLICA™ kits measure apoptosis by detecting active caspases in whole, living cells. These kits do not work by using antibodies or as an ELISA. Instead, their methodology is based on a unique cell-permeable and non-cytotoxic reagent called the Fluorochrome Inhibitor of Caspases (FLICA). The FLICA™ reagent contains a caspase inhibitor sequence linked to a green (Carboxyfluorescein, FAM) fluorescent probe.

The Caspase FLICA™ Kits are suitable for cells in suspension, adherent cells, thin tissue sections (but not fixed or paraffin-embedded cells) from many species including mammalian, insect and yeast. Different cell types, e.g. HeLa, primary neurons, macrophages and lymphocytes have also been successfully studied with these kits.

This kit can be used with a flow cytometer, fluorescence microscope or a fluorescence plate reader using black microtitre plates.

Kit Component:

Reagents in the Kit:

1 vial of FAM-DEVD-FMK FLICA™ Reagent - lyophilized 
10X Wash Buffer, 15 mL 
Fixative, 6 mL
Propidium Iodide, 1 mL 
Hoechst Stain, 1 mL 

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Product Format:
Store the unopened kit (and each unopened component) at 4C until the expiration date.
Protect the FLICA™ reagent from light at all times.
Once reconstituted, the 150X FLICA ™ stock should be stored at -20C protected from light.

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