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F(ab')2 Antibody (OARA04577)

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Molecular Weight:
Rat IgG F(ab')2 fragment
Product Format:
Reconstitution and Storage:
Store vial at 4 C prior to restoration.     Restore with 1.0 mL of deionized water (or equivalent). For extended storage aliquot contents and freeze at -20 C or below.   Avoid cycles of freezing and thawing.   Centrifuge product if not completely clear after standing at room temperature.   This product is stable for several weeks at 4 C as an undiluted liquid.   Dilute only prior to immediate use.     Expiration date is one (1) year from date of restoration.
0.5 mg/ml (determined by absorbance at 566 nm)
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Application Info:
IF: 1:100 - 1:250 OTHER: FLOW 1:100 - 1:250
Additional Information:
Buffer: 0.01 M Sodium Phosphate, 0.25 M Sodium Chloride, pH 7.6
Color: Red
Conjugation Reference: Modified from the method of Carlsson J, Drevin H, and Axen R. Protein thiolation and reversibleprotein-protein conjugation. Biochem J 173, 723-737 (1978).
Emission Wavelength: 575
Excitation Wavelength: 488
Label: R-Phycoerythrin (RPE)
Preservative: 0.05% (w/v) Sodium Azide
Stabilizer: 15 mg/ml Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)  - Immunoglobulin and Protease free

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