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Schistosoma mansoini IgM ELISA Kit (Human) (OKNA00173)

96 Wells
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Description of Target:
Schistosomes belong to the class of distomas (trematodes). They rank among the most frequent pathogens. Estimations originate in more than 200 million affected people. The mature parasites are 6 – 22 mm long. The most important species are Schistosoma mansoni, S. japonicum and S. haematobium. Schistosoma mansoni is common in Africa, South America and Middle East. Schistosomiasis (bilharziosis) is – depending on species and location of the parasites – a disease of the intestine, liver and spleen resp. urinary passages. Humans are (re)infected by contact with fresh water which is contaminated by ova containing urine or faeces. If larvae bore into human skin, first a transient skin reaction appears (itch with exanthema or erythema, by repeatedly infection cercarial dermatitis is possible). After 3 - 10 weeks the meanwhile sexually mature worms synthesize cytotoxic and allergic substances which course feverish reaction in humans (Katayama fever). The infected person is mostly harmed by the eggs, which get into organs via blood excreting proteins and glycoproteins. The person reacts under participation of own antibodies and immune complexes with formation of granuloma and granulomatous proliferation in intestine and urinary bladder mucosa. Not excreted eggs die after 3 weeks and will be dissolved or calcified. The affected tissue gets fibrous. In final stage bilharziosis will cause dead.
Protein Name:
Schistosoma mansoini IgM
Species Reactivity:
Sample Type:
Serum, Plasma
Sensitivity is determined as the probability of the assay indicating a positive score in samples with the specific analyte present: 92.6%
Kit Reproducibility:
MetricSample Typen=CV%
Kit Duration:
~3 Hours
Kit Principle:
Aviva Systems Biology Schistosoma mansoini IgM ELISA Kit (Human) (OKNX00173) is based on standard reverse capture sandwich enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay technology. Schistosoma mansoini antigen has been pre-coated and blocked in a 96-wellplate (12 x 8 Well Strips). Standards or test samples are added to the wells, incubated and washed. An HRP conjugated detector antibody specific for Human IgM is added, incubated and followed by washing. An enzymatic reaction is produced through the addition of substrate which is catalyzed by HRP generating a blue color product that changes to yellow after adding acidic stop solution. The density of yellow coloration is read by absorbance at 450 nm and is qualitatively proportional to the amount of sample anti-Schistosoma mansoini IgM captured the in well.
Kit Component:
Schistosoma mansoini IgM Well Plate96 Wells (12 x 8 Well Strips)
IgM Sample Diluent1 x 100 mL
Stop Solution1 x 15 mL
20X Wash Solution1 x 50 mL
Anti-IgM HRP Conjugate1 x 20 mL
TMB Substrate1 x 15 mL
Schistosoma mansoini Positive Control1 x 2 mL
Schistosoma mansoini Cut-Off Control1 x 3 mL
Schistosoma mansoini Negative Control1 x 2 mL
Kit Detection Method:
Colorimetric, OD450 nm
Click here to download product manual. As variation between lots may occur, always reference the lot-specific manual received with each kit.
Reconstitution and Storage:
Store as indicated in product manual.
Specificity is determined as the probability of the assay indicating a negative score in samples absent of the specific analyte: 95.2
Assay Info:
Assay Methodology: Quantitative Reverse Capture Sandwich ELISA
Tips Information:

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