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Giardia lamblia ELISA Kit (Human) (OKDA00123)

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  • 2 weeks
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96 Wells
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Protein Name:
Giardia lamblia
Sample Type:
faecal specimens
Kit Duration:
< 4 Hours
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Additional Information:
Sample Type: Faecal specimens
Reagents: 1. CoatedMicrotiterstrips
Microwells containing anti-Giardia antibodies
96 test wells in a test strip holder.
2. Negative control
1 vial, containing 2 ml of a Giardia negative formalinized stool supernatant.
3. Positive control
1 vial, containing 2 ml of a diluted Giardia positive formalinized stool supernatant.
4. Washing Buffer
1 bottle, containing 50 ml of (20x) concentrated buffer with detergent and Thimerosal.
5. Enzyme conjugate
1 bottle, containing 11 ml of peroxidase labeled anti-Giardia antibodies with Thimerosal.
6. Specimen diluent
1 bottle, containing 60 ml of a buffered solution with detergent and Thimerosal.
7. Chromogen/ Substrate
1 bottle, containing 11 ml chromogen/substrate solution.
8. Stop solution
1 vial, containing 11 ml (Phosphoric acid 5%).
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