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Aviva Systems Biology strives to provide the best and most relevant data for our antibodies. In many cases, the best data comes from researchers themselves. If you would like to submit antibody feedback or if you would like to participate in Aviva’s validation program, please email us at or call (888) 837-6979.

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  Type Catalog # Product name Reactivity Category Application Price (USD)
  Others OOSA09514 STREPTAVIDIN:RPE-Cy5.5 Accessory Reagent (OOSA09514) $1,010.00
  Others OOSA09515 STREPTAVIDIN:RPE-Cy5.5 Accessory Reagent (OOSA09515) $615.00
  Others OOSA09516 STREPTAVIDIN:RPE-Cy7 Accessory Reagent (OOSA09516) $925.00
  Others OOSA09517 STREPTAVIDIN:RPE-Cy7 Accessory Reagent (OOSA09517) $585.00
  Others OOSA09687 STREPTAVIDIN:RPE-Cy5 Accessory Reagent (OOSA09687) $370.00
  Others OOSA09692 STREPTAVIDIN:TRITC Accessory Reagent (OOSA09692) $415.00
  Others OOSA09694 STREPTAVIDIN:RPE Accessory Reagent (OOSA09694) $400.00
  Others OOSA09697 SYNTHETIC DOPAMINE (OOSA09697) $120.00
  Others OOSA09701 SYNTHETIC THYROXINE CONJUGATE Antigen (OOSA09701) Broad $500.00
  Others OORA00168 STREPTAVIDIN (OORA00168) $115.00
  Others OORA00169 STREPTAVIDIN (OORA00169) $115.00
  Others OORA00170 STREPTAVIDIN (OORA00170) $115.00
  Others OORA00171 STREPTAVIDIN (OORA00171) $115.00
  Others OORA00172 STREPTAVIDIN (OORA00172) $115.00
  Others OORA00175 STREPTAVIDIN CY3 Conjugated (OORA00175) IF $225.00
  Others OORA00176 STREPTAVIDIN Cy5.5 Conjugated (OORA00176) IF $225.00
  Others OORA00179 STREPTAVIDIN Cy2 Conjugated (OORA00179) IF $225.00
  Others OORA00180 STREPTAVIDIN Cy5 Conjugated (OORA00180) IF $225.00
  Others OORA00185 STREPTAVIDIN IRDye700DX Conjugated (OORA00185) $190.00
  Others OORA00186 STREPTAVIDIN IRDye800CW Conjugated (OORA00186) $190.00
  Others OORA00187 STREPTAVIDIN IRDye800 Conjugated (OORA00187) $190.00
  Others OORA00189 STREPTAVIDIN CY3.5 Conjugated (OORA00189) IF $225.00
  pAb ARP38205_P050-Biotin SAFB Antibody : Biotin (ARP38205_P050-Biotin) Cow, Dog, Guinea Pig, Human, Mouse, Rat $289.00
  pAb ARP38205_P050-FITC SAFB Antibody : FITC (ARP38205_P050-FITC) Cow, Dog, Guinea Pig, Human, Mouse, Rat $289.00
  pAb ARP38205_P050-HRP SAFB Antibody : HRP (ARP38205_P050-HRP) Cow, Dog, Guinea Pig, Human, Mouse, Rat $289.00
  pAb ARP43986_P050-Biotin SLC29A3 Antibody : Biotin (ARP43986_P050-Biotin) Dog, Guinea Pig, Horse, Human, Rat $289.00
  pAb ARP43986_P050-FITC SLC29A3 Antibody : FITC (ARP43986_P050-FITC) Dog, Guinea Pig, Horse, Human, Rat $289.00
  pAb ARP43986_P050-HRP SLC29A3 Antibody : HRP (ARP43986_P050-HRP) Dog, Guinea Pig, Horse, Human, Rat $289.00
  pAb ARP60510_P050-Biotin SLC25A33 Antibody : Biotin (ARP60510_P050-Biotin) Cow, Dog, Guinea Pig, Horse, Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Rat, Sheep, Zebrafish $289.00

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