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ELISA Kit Program

Aviva now offers a diverse range of ELISA kits for quantitation of proteins in your biological samples covering over 8,000 different assay targets.

All of Aviva's ELISA kits provide:

  • Guaranteed results with high quality assay specs for sensitivity and reproducibility.
  • Fully validated and easy-to-use protocols.
  • Complete and optimized reagent sets.
  • Comprehensive and knowledgeable technical support.


To locate an ELISA Kit for your target of interest, either enter the target into the search bar above, or browse kits by research area here.

Learn more about the different types of Aviva ELISA Kits below:

ELISA Kit Types

There are several technical methods employed in ELISA type immunoassays. Each type of assay method has specific advantages and may be particularly suited to a sample or target protein type. Slight variations exist for each method. However, in general when considering a standard microplate ELISA assay, the primary methods are as follows:


Indirect (or Reverse-Phase)