Aviva Disease Resource

Disease: iron

* Genes are ranked by the number of publications which include both iron and the gene.

Gene Name Uniprot Pubmed Publication 2010 Publication Product
ABCB1 P08183 ABCB1 AND iron 17 3 ABCB1 Antibody
ABCB11 O95342 ABCB11 AND iron 1 1 ABCB11 Antibody
ABCB4 A4D1D4 ABCB4 AND iron 1 ABCB4 Antibody
ABCB6 Q9NP58 ABCB6 AND iron 9 ABCB6 Antibody
ABCB8 Q9NUT2 ABCB8 AND iron 1 ABCB8 Antibody
ABCC1 P33527 ABCC1 AND iron 1 ABCC1 Antibody
ABCE1 P61221 ABCE1 AND iron 3 1 ABCE1 Antibody
ABCG2 Q9UNQ0 ABCG2 AND iron 5 1 ABCG2 Antibody
ACAA2 P42765 ACAA2 AND iron 1 1 ACAA2 Antibody
ACADM P11310 ACADM AND iron 1 ACADM Antibody
ACBD3 Q9H3P7 ACBD3 AND iron 1 ACBD3 Antibody
Acd Q5EE38 Acd AND iron 164 10 Acd Antibody
ACE2 Q9BYF1 ACE2 AND iron 2 1 ACE2 Antibody
ACO1 P28271 ACO1 AND iron 13 1 ACO1 Antibody
ACO2 Q99798 ACO2 AND iron 4 ACO2 Antibody
ACP5 P13686 ACP5 AND iron 2 ACP5 Antibody
ACPP P15309 ACPP AND iron 1 ACPP Antibody
ACTN2 Q9JI91 ACTN2 AND iron 1 ACTN2 Antibody
ACVR1 Q04771 ACVR1 AND iron 1 ACVR1 Antibody
ACVRL1 P37023 ACVRL1 AND iron 2 2 ACVRL1 Antibody
ADA P00813 ADA AND iron 47 2 ADA Antibody
ADAM12 O43184 ADAM12 AND iron 1 1 ADAM12 Antibody
ADAR P55265 ADAR AND iron 5 ADAR Antibody
ADC Q96A70 ADC AND iron 186 4 ADC Antibody
ADH4 P08319 ADH4 AND iron 2 ADH4 Antibody
ADHFE1 Q8IWW8 ADHFE1 AND iron 4 ADHFE1 Antibody
ADRB2 P07550 ADRB2 AND iron 2 ADRB2 Antibody
AES Q14CJ1 AES AND iron 210 19 AES Antibody
AFM P43652 AFM AND iron 105 17 AFM Antibody
AGT P01019 AGT AND iron 4 AGT Antibody
AHR P35869 AHR AND iron 22 2 AHR Antibody
AIFM1 O95831 AIFM1 AND iron 1 AIFM1 Antibody
AIRE O43918 AIRE AND iron 1 AIRE Antibody
AK1 P00568 AK1 AND iron 4 AK1 Antibody
AK3 Q9UIJ7 AK3 AND iron 1 AK3 Antibody
AKT1 P31749 AKT1 AND iron 1 AKT1 Antibody
ALAD P13716 ALAD AND iron 23 3 ALAD Antibody
ALAS1 P13196 ALAS1 AND iron 4 ALAS1 Antibody
ALAS2 P22557 ALAS2 AND iron 37 5 ALAS2 Antibody
ALB P02768 ALB AND iron 24 3 ALB Antibody
ALDH7A1 ALDH7A1 AND iron 1 ALDH7A1 Antibody
ALDOB P05062 ALDOB AND iron 1 ALDOB Antibody
ALKBH2 Q6NS38 ALKBH2 AND iron 4 1 ALKBH2 Antibody
ALKBH3 Q96Q83 ALKBH3 AND iron 5 1 ALKBH3 Antibody
ALOX12 P18054 ALOX12 AND iron 2 1 ALOX12 Antibody
ALOX15 P16050 ALOX15 AND iron 41 ALOX15 Antibody
ALOX15B O15296 ALOX15B AND iron 2 ALOX15B Antibody
ALPP P05187 ALPP AND iron 1 ALPP Antibody
AMH Q6GTN3 AMH AND iron 1 AMH Antibody
AMN1 Q8IY45 AMN1 AND iron 1 AMN1 Antibody
AMPH P49418 AMPH AND iron 2 1 AMPH Antibody
AMT P48728 AMT AND iron 3 AMT Antibody
ANGPTL5 Q86XS5 ANGPTL5 AND iron 1 ANGPTL5 Antibody
ANK1 ANK1 AND iron 3 1 ANK1 Antibody
ANXA5 Q6FHB3 ANXA5 AND iron 24 1 ANXA5 Antibody
APBA1 APBA1 AND iron 7 APBA1 Antibody
APCS P02743 APCS AND iron 10 APCS Antibody
APEX1 APEX1 AND iron 8 APEX1 Antibody
APOB P04114 APOB AND iron 49 2 APOB Antibody
APOE P02649 APOE AND iron 103 13 APOE Antibody
APOH P02749 APOH AND iron 1 APOH Antibody
APRT P07741 APRT AND iron 3 APRT Antibody
APTX Q5T782 APTX AND iron 4 APTX Antibody
ARAF P10398 ARAF AND iron 1 1 ARAF Antibody
ARG1 P05089 ARG1 AND iron 4 ARG1 Antibody
ARG2 P78540 ARG2 AND iron 3 ARG2 Antibody
ARRB2 A8K4I6 ARRB2 AND iron 1 ARRB2 Antibody
ARSA P15289 ARSA AND iron 3 ARSA Antibody
ARSE P51690 ARSE AND iron 1 ARSE Antibody
ARSH Q5FYA8 ARSH AND iron 1 1 ARSH Antibody
ARX Q96QS3 ARX AND iron 1 ARX Antibody
AS3MT Q9HBK9 AS3MT AND iron 1 AS3MT Antibody
ASB11 Q8WXH4 ASB11 AND iron 1 ASB11 Antibody
ASL P04424 ASL AND iron 20 4 ASL Antibody
ASPA P45381 ASPA AND iron 2 ASPA Antibody
ASPH Q12797 ASPH AND iron 6 ASPH Antibody
ASS P00966 ASS AND iron 16 2 ASS Antibody
ATF1 P18846 ATF1 AND iron 4 1 ATF1 Antibody
ATF2 P15336-2 ATF2 AND iron 2 1 ATF2 Antibody
ATF4 Q61328 ATF4 AND iron 1 ATF4 Antibody
ATF6 P18850 ATF6 AND iron 4 ATF6 Antibody
ATOH8 Q96SQ7 ATOH8 AND iron 1 ATOH8 Antibody
ATP2A3 Q93084 ATP2A3 AND iron 1 ATP2A3 Antibody
ATP4B P51164 ATP4B AND iron 1 ATP4B Antibody
ATP7A Q762B6 ATP7A AND iron 21 3 ATP7A Antibody
ATPAF1 A8MRA7 ATPAF1 AND iron 1 1 ATPAF1 Antibody
ATXN3 ATXN3 AND iron 2 ATXN3 Antibody
AUH Q13825 AUH AND iron 1 AUH Antibody
AVIL O75366 AVIL AND iron 5 AVIL Antibody
B2M P61769 B2M AND iron 4 B2M Antibody
BACE1 P56817 BACE1 AND iron 4 BACE1 Antibody
BACH1 O14867 BACH1 AND iron 25 3 BACH1 Antibody
BACH2 Q9BYV9 BACH2 AND iron 1 BACH2 Antibody
BAG2 O95816 BAG2 AND iron 1 BAG2 Antibody
BAG3 O95817 BAG3 AND iron 1 BAG3 Antibody
BCHE P06276 BCHE AND iron 4 1 BCHE Antibody
BCL11A Q9H165 BCL11A AND iron 2 1 BCL11A Antibody
BCL2 P10415 BCL2 AND iron 3 BCL2 Antibody
BCL2L1 Q07817 BCL2L1 AND iron 17 1 BCL2L1 Antibody
BDH2 Q9BUT1 BDH2 AND iron 1 1 BDH2 Antibody
BDKRB2 P30411 BDKRB2 AND iron 1 BDKRB2 Antibody
BDNF P23560 BDNF AND iron 26 2 BDNF Antibody
BECN1 Q14457 BECN1 AND iron 2 1 BECN1 Antibody
BHMT Q93088 BHMT AND iron 1 BHMT Antibody
BIRC7 Q96CA5 BIRC7 AND iron 1 BIRC7 Antibody
BLK P51451 BLK AND iron 6 1 BLK Antibody
BMP6 P22004 BMP6 AND iron 25 14 BMP6 Antibody
BOLL Q8N9W6 BOLL AND iron 21 2 BOLL Antibody
BRCA1 P38398 BRCA1 AND iron 5 BRCA1 Antibody
C4B Q6U2E9 C4B AND iron 3 1 C4B Antibody
CA4 P22748 CA4 AND iron 5 CA4 Antibody
CACNA1G Q19R13 CACNA1G AND iron 1 CACNA1G Antibody
CALR P27797 CALR AND iron 1 1 CALR Antibody
CARS Q5HYE4 CARS AND iron 12 CARS Antibody
CASP3 P42574 CASP3 AND iron 186 24 CASP3 Antibody
CAV1 Q03135 CAV1 AND iron 3 1 CAV1 Antibody
CBS P35520 CBS AND iron 30 3 CBS Antibody
CCIN CCIN AND iron 3 CCIN Antibody
CCK P06307 CCK AND iron 6 CCK Antibody
CCL18 P55774 CCL18 AND iron 1 CCL18 Antibody
CCL2 P13500 CCL2 AND iron 44 7 CCL2 Antibody
CCL5 P30882 CCL5 AND iron 4 CCL5 Antibody
CCNB1 P14635 CCNB1 AND iron 6 CCNB1 Antibody
CCND1 P24385 CCND1 AND iron 20 2 CCND1 Antibody
CCR2 P41597 CCR2 AND iron 6 2 CCR2 Antibody
CCR5 P51681 CCR5 AND iron 5 CCR5 Antibody
CCT5 P48643 CCT5 AND iron 1 CCT5 Antibody
CCT7 Q99832 CCT7 AND iron 1 CCT7 Antibody
CD36 P16671 CD36 AND iron 10 CD36 Antibody
CD40 CD40 AND iron 6 2 CD40 Antibody
CD5 P06127 CD5 AND iron 5 CD5 Antibody
CDC2 CDC2 AND iron 10 CDC2 Antibody
CDC25C P30307 CDC25C AND iron 2 1 CDC25C Antibody
CDC34 P49427 CDC34 AND iron 2 CDC34 Antibody
CDC42 P60953 CDC42 AND iron 3 CDC42 Antibody
CDH1 P12830 CDH1 AND iron 1 1 CDH1 Antibody
CDH16 O75309 CDH16 AND iron 1 CDH16 Antibody
CDK2 P24941 CDK2 AND iron 16 2 CDK2 Antibody
CDK4 P11802 CDK4 AND iron 9 3 CDK4 Antibody
CDK5 Q00535 CDK5 AND iron 1 CDK5 Antibody
CDK6 Q00534 CDK6 AND iron 2 2 CDK6 Antibody
CDK9 P50750 CDK9 AND iron 2 1 CDK9 Antibody
CDKN1B P46527 CDKN1B AND iron 11 CDKN1B Antibody
CDKN2B P42772 CDKN2B AND iron 2 CDKN2B Antibody
CDR2 Q01850 CDR2 AND iron 2 CDR2 Antibody
Cdx1 P18111 Cdx1 AND iron 1 Cdx1 Antibody
CDX2 Q99626 CDX2 AND iron 4 CDX2 Antibody
CEBPA P49715 CEBPA AND iron 20 2 CEBPA Antibody
CEBPB P17676 CEBPB AND iron 1 CEBPB Antibody
CEL CEL AND iron 5 CEL Antibody
CETP P11597 CETP AND iron 5 2 CETP Antibody
CFLAR O15519 CFLAR AND iron 2 CFLAR Antibody
CFP P27918 CFP AND iron 20 CFP Antibody
CHAD O15335 CHAD AND iron 3 CHAD Antibody
CHAT A2BDF5 CHAT AND iron 4 CHAT Antibody
CHIA CHIA AND iron 25 3 CHIA Antibody
CHM P24386 CHM AND iron 4 CHM Antibody
CHP Q99653 CHP AND iron 25 2 CHP Antibody
CHRNA3 P32297 CHRNA3 AND iron 1 1 CHRNA3 Antibody
CHRNA5 P30532 CHRNA5 AND iron 1 1 CHRNA5 Antibody
CHST6 Q9GZX3 CHST6 AND iron 5 1 CHST6 Antibody
CIAO1 O76071 CIAO1 AND iron 1 CIAO1 Antibody
CIC Q96RK0 CIC AND iron 24 1 CIC Antibody
CIITA P33076 CIITA AND iron 1 CIITA Antibody
CIRBP Q14011 CIRBP AND iron 2 CIRBP Antibody
CISD2 Q8N5K1 CISD2 AND iron 1 CISD2 Antibody
CITED2 Q99967 CITED2 AND iron 2 CITED2 Antibody
CLCN3 CLCN3 AND iron 1 CLCN3 Antibody
CLIC1 Q502X1 CLIC1 AND iron 1 CLIC1 Antibody
CLIC4 Q5VSX5 CLIC4 AND iron 1 CLIC4 Antibody
CLPB Q9H078 CLPB AND iron 6 3 CLPB Antibody
CMAS Q8NFW8 CMAS AND iron 1 CMAS Antibody
CNOT3 O75175 CNOT3 AND iron 1 CNOT3 Antibody
CNP P09543 CNP AND iron 3 CNP Antibody
COIL COIL AND iron 158 14 COIL Antibody
COMT P21964 COMT AND iron 5 COMT Antibody
COPA P53621 COPA AND iron 9 1 COPA Antibody
COTL1 Q14019 COTL1 AND iron 1 COTL1 Antibody
COX10 Q12887 COX10 AND iron 2 1 COX10 Antibody
CPA1 P15085 CPA1 AND iron 1 CPA1 Antibody
CPD O75976 CPD AND iron 53 6 CPD Antibody
CPE P16870 CPE AND iron 17 2 CPE Antibody
CPS1 P31327 CPS1 AND iron 1 CPS1 Antibody
CREM O75519 CREM AND iron 1 CREM Antibody
CRP P02741 CRP AND iron 406 37 CRP Antibody
CRYZ Q08257 CRYZ AND iron 2 CRYZ Antibody
CSDA P16989 CSDA AND iron 7 1 CSDA Antibody
CSH1 P01243 CSH1 AND iron 1 CSH1 Antibody
CSK P41240 CSK AND iron 4 CSK Antibody
CSTB P04080 CSTB AND iron 1 CSTB Antibody
CTA-126B4.3 CTA-126B4.3 AND iron 12 1 CTA-126B4.3 Antibody
CTCF P49711 CTCF AND iron 1 CTCF Antibody
CTH P32929 CTH AND iron 3 CTH Antibody
CTNNB1 CTNNB1 AND iron 12 1 CTNNB1 Antibody
CTRL P40313 CTRL AND iron 3 2 CTRL Antibody
CUL1 Q13616 CUL1 AND iron 1 CUL1 Antibody
CUL2 Q13617 CUL2 AND iron 3 CUL2 Antibody
CUTA O60888 CUTA AND iron 1 CUTA Antibody
CUTC Q9NTM9 CUTC AND iron 1 CUTC Antibody
CXCL1 P09341 CXCL1 AND iron 3 CXCL1 Antibody
CXCL12 P48061 CXCL12 AND iron 5 1 CXCL12 Antibody
CXCL9 Q07325 CXCL9 AND iron 1 1 CXCL9 Antibody
CXCR4 P61073 CXCR4 AND iron 6 2 CXCR4 Antibody
CYBA P13498 CYBA AND iron 3 CYBA Antibody
CYBB P04839 CYBB AND iron 8 CYBB Antibody
CYC1 P08574 CYC1 AND iron 31 CYC1 Antibody
CYP11A1 P05108 CYP11A1 AND iron 63 1 CYP11A1 Antibody
CYP11B2 P19099 CYP11B2 AND iron 1 CYP11B2 Antibody
CYP1A1 P04798 CYP1A1 AND iron 58 1 CYP1A1 Antibody
CYP1B1 Q16678 CYP1B1 AND iron 2 CYP1B1 Antibody
CYP27A1 Q02318 CYP27A1 AND iron 2 CYP27A1 Antibody
CYP2B6 P20813 CYP2B6 AND iron 6 CYP2B6 Antibody
CYP2C18 P33260 CYP2C18 AND iron 1 CYP2C18 Antibody
CYP2C19 P33261 CYP2C19 AND iron 7 CYP2C19 Antibody
CYP2C9 P11712 CYP2C9 AND iron 23 1 CYP2C9 Antibody
CYP2D6 P10635 CYP2D6 AND iron 25 2 CYP2D6 Antibody
CYP2E1 P05181 CYP2E1 AND iron 103 6 CYP2E1 Antibody
CYP2R1 Q6VVX0 CYP2R1 AND iron 1 CYP2R1 Antibody
CYP3A4 P08684 CYP3A4 AND iron 57 6 CYP3A4 Antibody
CYP46A1 Q9Y6A2 CYP46A1 AND iron 1 1 CYP46A1 Antibody
CYP4B1 P13584 CYP4B1 AND iron 2 CYP4B1 Antibody
CYTB CYTB AND iron 10 1 CYTB Antibody
DAK Q3LXA3 DAK AND iron 2 DAK Antibody
DBP Q10586 DBP AND iron 34 3 DBP Antibody
DBT P11182 DBT AND iron 4 DBT Antibody
DCC P43146 DCC AND iron 16 1 DCC Antibody
DCI P42126 DCI AND iron 12 DCI Antibody
DCN P07585 DCN AND iron 4 4 DCN Antibody
DCX O43602 DCX AND iron 1 DCX Antibody
DDC P20711 DDC AND iron 22 1 DDC Antibody
DDT B5MCS6 DDT AND iron 53 5 DDT Antibody
DDX39 O00148 DDX39 AND iron 1 DDX39 Antibody
DDX42 Q86XP3 DDX42 AND iron 1 DDX42 Antibody
DFFA O00273 DFFA AND iron 1 DFFA Antibody
DHODH Q02127 DHODH AND iron 1 DHODH Antibody
DLD B2R5X0 DLD AND iron 3 1 DLD Antibody
DLL1 O00548 DLL1 AND iron 1 DLL1 Antibody
DLL3 Q9NYJ7 DLL3 AND iron 1 DLL3 Antibody
DMPK DMPK AND iron 9 DMPK Antibody
Dmrt1 Q6Y951 Dmrt1 AND iron 26 4 Dmrt1 Antibody
DMRT2 B1ANC0 DMRT2 AND iron 1 1 DMRT2 Antibody
DND1 Q8IYX4 DND1 AND iron 1 DND1 Antibody
DNMT3B Q9UBC3-3 DNMT3B AND iron 1 DNMT3B Antibody
DPH2 Q9BQC3 DPH2 AND iron 1 1 DPH2 Antibody
DR1 Q01658 DR1 AND iron 5 DR1 Antibody
DRB1 Q8IUH3-3 DRB1 AND iron 7 DRB1 Antibody
DRG1 Q9Y295 DRG1 AND iron 1 DRG1 Antibody
DTL Q9NZJ0 DTL AND iron 1 DTL Antibody
DTNB O60941 DTNB AND iron 31 DTNB Antibody
DTX1 Q86Y01 DTX1 AND iron 1 DTX1 Antibody
DUT P33316 DUT AND iron 15 1 DUT Antibody
E2F1 Q01094 E2F1 AND iron 2 E2F1 Antibody
E2F6 Q6Q9Z5 E2F6 AND iron 1 E2F6 Antibody
EBP Q15125 EBP AND iron 15 3 EBP Antibody
ECD O95905 ECD AND iron 21 1 ECD Antibody
Ecsit Q9QZH6 Ecsit AND iron 1 Ecsit Antibody
EDA Q92838 EDA AND iron 12 1 EDA Antibody
EEA1 Q15075 EEA1 AND iron 5 1 EEA1 Antibody
EFEMP1 Q12805 EFEMP1 AND iron 1 1 EFEMP1 Antibody
EGF P01133 EGF AND iron 40 2 EGF Antibody
EGLN1 Q9GZT9 EGLN1 AND iron 6 1 EGLN1 Antibody
EGLN2 Q96KS0 EGLN2 AND iron 3 EGLN2 Antibody
EGLN3 Q9H6Z9 EGLN3 AND iron 5 EGLN3 Antibody
EGR1 P18146 EGR1 AND iron 6 EGR1 Antibody
EGR2 P11161 EGR2 AND iron 2 EGR2 Antibody
EGR3 Q06889 EGR3 AND iron 1 1 EGR3 Antibody
EIF2AK1 Q9BQI3 EIF2AK1 AND iron 21 1 EIF2AK1 Antibody
EIF2B1 Q14232 EIF2B1 AND iron 1 EIF2B1 Antibody
EIF3E P60228 EIF3E AND iron 5 1 EIF3E Antibody
EIF4E P06730 EIF4E AND iron 5 EIF4E Antibody
ENG P17813 ENG AND iron 84 10 ENG Antibody
ENO1 Q53HR3 ENO1 AND iron 2 ENO1 Antibody
ENSA ENSA AND iron 5 ENSA Antibody
EPAS1 Q99814 EPAS1 AND iron 3 EPAS1 Antibody
EPB41L2 EPB41L2 AND iron 4 EPB41L2 Antibody
EPHX1 P07099 EPHX1 AND iron 8 EPHX1 Antibody
EPO P01588 EPO AND iron 793 40 EPO Antibody
EPOR P19235 EPOR AND iron 9 2 EPOR Antibody
ERAS Q7Z444 ERAS AND iron 5 ERAS Antibody
ERCC2 P18074 ERCC2 AND iron 9 1 ERCC2 Antibody
ERF ERF AND iron 6 ERF Antibody
ERG ERG AND iron 33 1 ERG Antibody
ERP29 P30040 ERP29 AND iron 1 1 ERP29 Antibody
ESD P10768 ESD AND iron 2 ESD Antibody
ETFA P13804 ETFA AND iron 7 ETFA Antibody
ETFB P38117 ETFB AND iron 8 ETFB Antibody
ETS1 P14921 ETS1 AND iron 2 ETS1 Antibody
ETV1 P50549 ETV1 AND iron 1 ETV1 Antibody
ETV4 P43268 ETV4 AND iron 1 ETV4 Antibody
eve P06602 eve AND iron 66 5 eve Antibody
F10 P00742 F10 AND iron 12 2 F10 Antibody
F12 P00748 F12 AND iron 13 F12 Antibody
FABP1 P07148 FABP1 AND iron 2 FABP1 Antibody
FABP4 P15090 FABP4 AND iron 1 FABP4 Antibody
FABP7 O15540 FABP7 AND iron 5 FABP7 Antibody
FADD Q61160 FADD AND iron 8 2 FADD Antibody
FADS1 O60427 FADS1 AND iron 1 FADS1 Antibody
FAH P16930 FAH AND iron 1 FAH Antibody
FAS P25445 FAS AND iron 63 8 FAS Antibody
FASLG P48023 FASLG AND iron 3 FASLG Antibody
FAU P62861 FAU AND iron 6 2 FAU Antibody
FBL P22087 FBL AND iron 3 FBL Antibody
FBN1 Q75N89 FBN1 AND iron 1 FBN1 Antibody
FBXL10 Q8NHM5 FBXL10 AND iron 1 FBXL10 Antibody
FBXL11 Q9Y2K7-3 FBXL11 AND iron 1 FBXL11 Antibody
FBXL5 Q9UKA1 FBXL5 AND iron 3 1 FBXL5 Antibody
FBXO5 Q9UKT4 FBXO5 AND iron 1 FBXO5 Antibody
FBXO7 Q9Y3I1 FBXO7 AND iron 4 3 FBXO7 Antibody
FECH Q8NAN0 FECH AND iron 15 3 FECH Antibody
FEN1 P39748 FEN1 AND iron 1 FEN1 Antibody
FES P07332 FES AND iron 389 31 FES Antibody
FGF2 FGF2 AND iron 17 FGF2 Antibody
FGG FGG AND iron 1 FGG Antibody
FGR P09769 FGR AND iron 3 FGR Antibody
FHL1 Q6IB30 FHL1 AND iron 1 FHL1 Antibody
FMO3 P31513 FMO3 AND iron 4 FMO3 Antibody
FMO4 P31512 FMO4 AND iron 4 FMO4 Antibody
FN1 Q564H7 FN1 AND iron 3 FN1 Antibody
FOLR1 P15328 FOLR1 AND iron 1 FOLR1 Antibody
FOSB P53539 FOSB AND iron 3 FOSB Antibody
FOXA2 Q9Y261 FOXA2 AND iron 1 FOXA2 Antibody
FOXD3 Q9UJU5 FOXD3 AND iron 1 FOXD3 Antibody
FOXH1 O88621 FOXH1 AND iron 1 FOXH1 Antibody
FOXN1 O15353 FOXN1 AND iron 1 1 FOXN1 Antibody
FOXO1 Q12778 FOXO1 AND iron 2 FOXO1 Antibody
FOXO3 O43524 FOXO3 AND iron 1 FOXO3 Antibody
FOXQ1 Q9C009 FOXQ1 AND iron 1 FOXQ1 Antibody
FST B5BU94 FST AND iron 2 FST Antibody
FTCD O95954 FTCD AND iron 1 FTCD Antibody
FTH1 P02794 FTH1 AND iron 19 3 FTH1 Antibody
FTL P02792 FTL AND iron 45 10 FTL Antibody
FTO Q9C0B1 FTO AND iron 6 FTO Antibody
FURIN P09958 FURIN AND iron 17 4 FURIN Antibody
FUS FUS AND iron 2 FUS Antibody
FYN P06241 FYN AND iron 2 FYN Antibody
G6PD P11413 G6PD AND iron 49 2 G6PD Antibody
GAA P10253 GAA AND iron 171 7 GAA Antibody
GABPB2 Q06547 GABPB2 AND iron 1 GABPB2 Antibody
GABRE P78334 GABRE AND iron 1 GABRE Antibody
GAD1 Q99259 GAD1 AND iron 1 GAD1 Antibody
GAL P22466 GAL AND iron 51 7 GAL Antibody
GAL3ST3 Q96A11 GAL3ST3 AND iron 1 GAL3ST3 Antibody
GALC P54803 GALC AND iron 1 GALC Antibody
GALE Q14376 GALE AND iron 18 GALE Antibody
GALM Q96C23 GALM AND iron 3 1 GALM Antibody
GALT P07902 GALT AND iron 7 1 GALT Antibody
GAN Q9H2C0 GAN AND iron 113 6 GAN Antibody
GAPDH Q2TSD0 GAPDH AND iron 24 1 GAPDH Antibody
GAPDHS O14556 GAPDHS AND iron 1 GAPDHS Antibody
GART P22102 GART AND iron 1 GART Antibody
GATA1 P15976 GATA1 AND iron 9 2 GATA1 Antibody
GATA4 Q5IFM8 GATA4 AND iron 2 1 GATA4 Antibody
GATA6 Q92908 GATA6 AND iron 1 GATA6 Antibody
GCG P01275 GCG AND iron 3 1 GCG Antibody
GCLC Q14TF0 GCLC AND iron 4 GCLC Antibody
GCLM P48507 GCLM AND iron 2 GCLM Antibody
GDF15 Q99988 GDF15 AND iron 24 4 GDF15 Antibody
GDF2 Q9UK05 GDF2 AND iron 5 GDF2 Antibody
GEM P55040 GEM AND iron 24 3 GEM Antibody
GFI1 Q99684 GFI1 AND iron 2 1 GFI1 Antibody
GHR P10912 GHR AND iron 1 GHR Antibody
GK2 Q01415 GK2 AND iron 1 GK2 Antibody
GLA P06280 GLA AND iron 40 2 GLA Antibody
GLO1 Q04760 GLO1 AND iron 1 GLO1 Antibody
GLRX P35754 GLRX AND iron 5 1 GLRX Antibody
GLRX3 O76003 GLRX3 AND iron 2 1 GLRX3 Antibody
GLRX5 Q86SX6 GLRX5 AND iron 10 4 GLRX5 Antibody
GLS O94925 GLS AND iron 1 GLS Antibody
GNS P15586 GNS AND iron 4 3 GNS Antibody
GP1BA A5CKE2 GP1BA AND iron 1 GP1BA Antibody
GP2 P55259 GP2 AND iron 2 GP2 Antibody
GPAA1 O43292 GPAA1 AND iron 1 1 GPAA1 Antibody
GPD1 P21695 GPD1 AND iron 1 GPD1 Antibody
GPD2 P43304 GPD2 AND iron 1 GPD2 Antibody
GPT P24298 GPT AND iron 58 2 GPT Antibody
GPX3 P22352 GPX3 AND iron 2 2 GPX3 Antibody
GPX4 P36969 GPX4 AND iron 1 1 GPX4 Antibody
GSC P56915 GSC AND iron 1 GSC Antibody
GSH2 Q9BZM3 GSH2 AND iron 1 GSH2 Antibody
GSR P00390 GSR AND iron 3 GSR Antibody
GSTA3 Q16772 GSTA3 AND iron 1 GSTA3 Antibody
GSTA4 O15217 GSTA4 AND iron 2 GSTA4 Antibody
GSTM1 P46439 GSTM1 AND iron 8 1 GSTM1 Antibody
GSTM2 P28161 GSTM2 AND iron 2 1 GSTM2 Antibody
GSTM3 P21266 GSTM3 AND iron 2 1 GSTM3 Antibody
GSTP1 P09211 GSTP1 AND iron 21 GSTP1 Antibody
GSTT1 P30711 GSTT1 AND iron 4 1 GSTT1 Antibody
GZMA P12544 GZMA AND iron 1 GZMA Antibody
H2AFX P16104 H2AFX AND iron 9 2 H2AFX Antibody
HADH Q16836 HADH AND iron 2 1 HADH Antibody
HAL P42357 HAL AND iron 4 1 HAL Antibody
HAMP P81172 HAMP AND iron 98 16 HAMP Antibody
HAO1 Q9UJM8 HAO1 AND iron 1 HAO1 Antibody
HBP1 O60381 HBP1 AND iron 1 HBP1 Antibody
HCFC1 P51610-3 HCFC1 AND iron 1 HCFC1 Antibody
HDAC1 Q13547 HDAC1 AND iron 1 HDAC1 Antibody
HDAC2 Q92769-2 HDAC2 AND iron 1 HDAC2 Antibody
HDAC8 Q9BY41 HDAC8 AND iron 2 1 HDAC8 Antibody
HDX Q7Z353 HDX AND iron 1 HDX Antibody
HELB Q8NG08 HELB AND iron 1 HELB Antibody
HEPH B1AJX8 HEPH AND iron 72 6 HEPH Antibody
HEYL Q9NQ87 HEYL AND iron 1 HEYL Antibody
HFE Q30201 HFE AND iron 1701 118 HFE Antibody
HFE2 HFE2 AND iron 113 14 HFE2 Antibody
HGD Q93099 HGD AND iron 1 HGD Antibody
HGF P14210 HGF AND iron 10 2 HGF Antibody
HIF1A Q16665 HIF1A AND iron 227 14 HIF1A Antibody
HIF1AN Q9NWT6 HIF1AN AND iron 12 2 HIF1AN Antibody
HIF3A HIF3A AND iron 2 HIF3A Antibody
HIPK2 HIPK2 AND iron 1 1 HIPK2 Antibody
Hira Q61666 Hira AND iron 5 Hira Antibody
HIRIP3 Q9BW71 HIRIP3 AND iron 1 HIRIP3 Antibody
HIST1H1T P22492 HIST1H1T AND iron 1 1 HIST1H1T Antibody
HK2 P52789 HK2 AND iron 2 HK2 Antibody
HLA-F Q5JQI8 HLA-F AND iron 7 HLA-F Antibody
HMGB1 Q5T7C3 HMGB1 AND iron 3 1 HMGB1 Antibody
HMGB2 P26583 HMGB2 AND iron 1 HMGB2 Antibody
HMGCS1 Q01581 HMGCS1 AND iron 1 HMGCS1 Antibody
HMOX1 P09601 HMOX1 AND iron 661 64 HMOX1 Antibody
HMOX2 P30519 HMOX2 AND iron 1 HMOX2 Antibody
HMX1 Q9NP08 HMX1 AND iron 5 1 HMX1 Antibody
HNF4A HNF4A AND iron 1 HNF4A Antibody
HOXA11 P31311 HOXA11 AND iron 1 HOXA11 Antibody
HOXD11 A6NIS4 HOXD11 AND iron 1 HOXD11 Antibody
HPD P32754 HPD AND iron 11 HPD Antibody
HPRT1 P00492 HPRT1 AND iron 19 HPRT1 Antibody
HRB P52594 HRB AND iron 3 1 HRB Antibody
HRG P04196 HRG AND iron 7 2 HRG Antibody
HRK O00198 HRK AND iron 1 HRK Antibody
HSF1 P38532-2 HSF1 AND iron 5 1 HSF1 Antibody
Hsf2 Q8BWK6 Hsf2 AND iron 1 Hsf2 Antibody
HSF5 Q4G112 HSF5 AND iron 1 HSF5 Antibody
HSPA1A Q5SP14 HSPA1A AND iron 1 HSPA1A Antibody
HSPA8 P11142 HSPA8 AND iron 5 HSPA8 Antibody
HSPB1 P04792 HSPB1 AND iron 2 HSPB1 Antibody
HTR3A P46098 HTR3A AND iron 1 HTR3A Antibody
IARS P41252 IARS AND iron 1 IARS Antibody
IBSP P21815 IBSP AND iron 1 1 IBSP Antibody
ID1 P41134 ID1 AND iron 8 3 ID1 Antibody
ID2 Q02363 ID2 AND iron 3 ID2 Antibody
IDH1 Q8LFC0 IDH1 AND iron 2 2 IDH1 Antibody
IDH2 P48735 IDH2 AND iron 1 1 IDH2 Antibody
IFIT3 O14879 IFIT3 AND iron 1 IFIT3 Antibody
IFNGR2 P38484 IFNGR2 AND iron 1 IFNGR2 Antibody
IGF1R P08069 IGF1R AND iron 2 IGF1R Antibody
IGFBP2 P18065 IGFBP2 AND iron 2 IGFBP2 Antibody
IGFBP4 P22692 IGFBP4 AND iron 1 IGFBP4 Antibody
IHH Q14623 IHH AND iron 1 IHH Antibody
IKBKB O14920 IKBKB AND iron 9 IKBKB Antibody
IL15 P40933 IL15 AND iron 1 IL15 Antibody
IL1B P01584 IL1B AND iron 1 IL1B Antibody
IL1RL1 Q01638 IL1RL1 AND iron 1 IL1RL1 Antibody
IL4 P05112 IL4 AND iron 1 IL4 Antibody
IL5 P05113 IL5 AND iron 1 IL5 Antibody
IL8RB P25025 IL8RB AND iron 1 IL8RB Antibody
IMPA1 P29218 IMPA1 AND iron 1 1 IMPA1 Antibody
INHA P05111 INHA AND iron 37 3 INHA Antibody
INSR P06213 INSR AND iron 1 1 INSR Antibody
IREB2 P48200 IREB2 AND iron 6 2 IREB2 Antibody
IRF1 P10914 IRF1 AND iron 6 IRF1 Antibody
IRF2 P14316 IRF2 AND iron 1 IRF2 Antibody
IRF3 Q14653 IRF3 AND iron 2 IRF3 Antibody
IRF4 Q15306 IRF4 AND iron 2 1 IRF4 Antibody
IRF8 Q02556 IRF8 AND iron 1 IRF8 Antibody
ISCA2 Q86U28 ISCA2 AND iron 2 ISCA2 Antibody
ISG20 Q96AZ6 ISG20 AND iron 1 ISG20 Antibody
IVL P07476 IVL AND iron 2 IVL Antibody
JMJD1A Q53S72 JMJD1A AND iron 5 2 JMJD1A Antibody
JMJD2C Q9H3R0 JMJD2C AND iron 1 JMJD2C Antibody
JMJD6 Q6NYC1 JMJD6 AND iron 4 3 JMJD6 Antibody
JUNB P17275 JUNB AND iron 2 JUNB Antibody
JUND P17535 JUND AND iron 7 JUND Antibody
KCNB1 Q14721 KCNB1 AND iron 1 KCNB1 Antibody
KCNH6 Q9H252-2 KCNH6 AND iron 2 KCNH6 Antibody
KCNMA1 KCNMA1 AND iron 1 KCNMA1 Antibody
KCNN4 O15554 KCNN4 AND iron 2 KCNN4 Antibody
KDR P35968 KDR AND iron 2 KDR Antibody
KLF1 Q13351 KLF1 AND iron 1 KLF1 Antibody
KLF14 Q8TD94 KLF14 AND iron 1 KLF14 Antibody
KLF2 Q9Y5W3 KLF2 AND iron 2 KLF2 Antibody
KLF9 Q13886 KLF9 AND iron 1 KLF9 Antibody
KRAS P01111 KRAS AND iron 1 KRAS Antibody
KRT20 P35900 KRT20 AND iron 4 KRT20 Antibody
KRT7 A5A6N0 KRT7 AND iron 7 KRT7 Antibody
KRT8 P05787 KRT8 AND iron 1 KRT8 Antibody
LAMB3 Q13751 LAMB3 AND iron 1 1 LAMB3 Antibody
LBP P18428 LBP AND iron 9 1 LBP Antibody
Lbxcor1 Q8BX46 Lbxcor1 AND iron 2 Lbxcor1 Antibody
LCAT P04180 LCAT AND iron 4 LCAT Antibody
LCK P06239 LCK AND iron 5 LCK Antibody
LCN1 P31025 LCN1 AND iron 2 LCN1 Antibody
LDB1 Q86U70-2 LDB1 AND iron 1 LDB1 Antibody
LDHA P00338 LDHA AND iron 4 LDHA Antibody
LEF1 Q9UJU2 LEF1 AND iron 1 1 LEF1 Antibody
LEP P41159 LEP AND iron 2 1 LEP Antibody
LGALS1 P09382 LGALS1 AND iron 1 LGALS1 Antibody
LGALS3 LGALS3 AND iron 4 1 LGALS3 Antibody
LIF P15018 LIF AND iron 25 3 LIF Antibody
LIPI Q6XZB0-2 LIPI AND iron 1 LIPI Antibody
LMO2 P25791 LMO2 AND iron 1 1 LMO2 Antibody
LMX1B Q6ISC9 LMX1B AND iron 1 LMX1B Antibody
LOR LOR AND iron 1 LOR Antibody
LPP Q93052 LPP AND iron 6 LPP Antibody
LRP1 Q6PJ72 LRP1 AND iron 2 LRP1 Antibody
LSR LSR AND iron 1 LSR Antibody
LSS P48449 LSS AND iron 1 LSS Antibody
LTB Q06643 LTB AND iron 1 LTB Antibody
LYN P07948 LYN AND iron 2 LYN Antibody
M6PR P20645 M6PR AND iron 1 M6PR Antibody
MAF O75444 MAF AND iron 14 MAF Antibody
MAFF Q9ULX9 MAFF AND iron 3 MAFF Antibody
MAGEA6 P43360 MAGEA6 AND iron 1 MAGEA6 Antibody
MAK P20794 MAK AND iron 41 2 MAK Antibody
MAOA P21397 MAOA AND iron 1 MAOA Antibody
MAP2K2 P36507 MAP2K2 AND iron 1 MAP2K2 Antibody
MAP2K3 P46734-2 MAP2K3 AND iron 1 MAP2K3 Antibody
MAP3K7IP2 Q9NYJ8 MAP3K7IP2 AND iron 1 MAP3K7IP2 Antibody
MAPK14 Q16539 MAPK14 AND iron 1 MAPK14 Antibody
MAPT P10636-8 MAPT AND iron 2 1 MAPT Antibody
MARS P56192 MARS AND iron 155 6 MARS Antibody
MAS1 P04201 MAS1 AND iron 1 MAS1 Antibody
MBP P02686 MBP AND iron 42 3 MBP Antibody
MCM6 Q14566 MCM6 AND iron 1 MCM6 Antibody
MCM7 P33993 MCM7 AND iron 1 MCM7 Antibody
MCOLN1 Q9GZU1 MCOLN1 AND iron 2 1 MCOLN1 Antibody
ME1 P48163 ME1 AND iron 1 ME1 Antibody
ME2 P23368 ME2 AND iron 22 2 ME2 Antibody
ME3 Q16798 ME3 AND iron 13 ME3 Antibody
MECP2 P51608 MECP2 AND iron 2 MECP2 Antibody
MED31 Q9Y3C7 MED31 AND iron 1 MED31 Antibody
MED4 Q9NPJ6 MED4 AND iron 4 MED4 Antibody
MED7 O43513 MED7 AND iron 1 MED7 Antibody
MEF2A Q02078 MEF2A AND iron 1 MEF2A Antibody
MEF2C Q8CFN5-4 MEF2C AND iron 2 1 MEF2C Antibody
MEIS1 O00470 MEIS1 AND iron 3 MEIS1 Antibody
MEMO1 Q9Y316 MEMO1 AND iron 4 1 MEMO1 Antibody
Men1 O88559 Men1 AND iron 3 Men1 Antibody
MEOX2 Q6FHY5 MEOX2 AND iron 1 MEOX2 Antibody
METAP2 P50579 METAP2 AND iron 1 METAP2 Antibody
MFN2 O95140 MFN2 AND iron 2 2 MFN2 Antibody
MGMT P16455 MGMT AND iron 1 MGMT Antibody
MGP P08493 MGP AND iron 8 1 MGP Antibody
MICA Q29983 MICA AND iron 5 MICA Antibody
MID1 O15344 MID1 AND iron 2 MID1 Antibody
MINA Q8IUF8 MINA AND iron 11 3 MINA Antibody
Mitf Q32MU7 Mitf AND iron 2 1 Mitf Antibody
MLC1 Q15049 MLC1 AND iron 1 1 MLC1 Antibody
MLH1 P40692 MLH1 AND iron 3 MLH1 Antibody
MLN P12872 MLN AND iron 11 1 MLN Antibody
MLX Q9UH92 MLX AND iron 1 MLX Antibody
MMP13 P45452 MMP13 AND iron 1 MMP13 Antibody
MMP2 P08253 MMP2 AND iron 2 2 MMP2 Antibody
MMP9 P14780 MMP9 AND iron 6 2 MMP9 Antibody
MNT MNT AND iron 13 1 MNT Antibody
MOS P00540 MOS AND iron 32 3 MOS Antibody
MPST P25325 MPST AND iron 1 MPST Antibody
Msc O88940 Msc AND iron 56 12 Msc Antibody
MSH2 MSH2 AND iron 7 MSH2 Antibody
MSH6 P52701 MSH6 AND iron 2 MSH6 Antibody
MSLN Q13421-3 MSLN AND iron 1 1 MSLN Antibody
MSRA Q9UJ68 MSRA AND iron 2 MSRA Antibody
MST1 P26927 MST1 AND iron 1 MST1 Antibody
MTF1 Q14872 MTF1 AND iron 1 MTF1 Antibody
MTHFD2 P13995 MTHFD2 AND iron 1 MTHFD2 Antibody
MTPN P58546 MTPN AND iron 1 MTPN Antibody
MTR Q99707 MTR AND iron 11 2 MTR Antibody
MTRR Q9UBK8 MTRR AND iron 1 MTRR Antibody
MUC1 Q7Z550 MUC1 AND iron 7 MUC1 Antibody
MX1 P20591 MX1 AND iron 1 MX1 Antibody
MYB MYB AND iron 13 MYB Antibody
MYD88 Q99836 MYD88 AND iron 6 1 MYD88 Antibody
MYH9 P35579 MYH9 AND iron 1 1 MYH9 Antibody
NAPA P54920 NAPA AND iron 31 NAPA Antibody
NAPB Q9H115 NAPB AND iron 8 NAPB Antibody
NARF Q9UHQ1-2 NARF AND iron 4 NARF Antibody
NAT2 NAT2 AND iron 5 NAT2 Antibody
NCL NCL AND iron 36 5 NCL Antibody
NCOR1 Q86YY0 NCOR1 AND iron 1 NCOR1 Antibody
ND5 P03915 ND5 AND iron 6 ND5 Antibody
ND6 P03923 ND6 AND iron 6 ND6 Antibody
NDFIP2 Q9NV92 NDFIP2 AND iron 2 1 NDFIP2 Antibody
NDN Q99608 NDN AND iron 1 NDN Antibody
NDP Q00604 NDP AND iron 2 NDP Antibody
NDRG1 Q92597 NDRG1 AND iron 8 NDRG1 Antibody
NDRG2 NDRG2 AND iron 1 NDRG2 Antibody
NDUFS1 P28331 NDUFS1 AND iron 3 NDUFS1 Antibody
NDUFS3 O75489 NDUFS3 AND iron 5 NDUFS3 Antibody
NDUFV1 P49821 NDUFV1 AND iron 3 NDUFV1 Antibody
NEDD4 B4E2R7 NEDD4 AND iron 2 NEDD4 Antibody
NES P48681 NES AND iron 9 NES Antibody
NFATC2 Q60591-3 NFATC2 AND iron 1 NFATC2 Antibody
NFE2 Q16621 NFE2 AND iron 8 NFE2 Antibody
NFE2L2 Q16236 NFE2L2 AND iron 10 NFE2L2 Antibody
NFS1 Q9Y697 NFS1 AND iron 36 7 NFS1 Antibody
NID2 Q14112 NID2 AND iron 1 NID2 Antibody
NIT2 Q9NQR4 NIT2 AND iron 2 NIT2 Antibody
NKD1 Q969G9 NKD1 AND iron 1 NKD1 Antibody
NME1 P22392 NME1 AND iron 3 NME1 Antibody
NMI Q13287 NMI AND iron 1 1 NMI Antibody
NMT1 P30419 NMT1 AND iron 2 NMT1 Antibody
NODAL Q96S42 NODAL AND iron 84 8 NODAL Antibody
NOG Q13253 NOG AND iron 1 1 NOG Antibody
NONO Q15233 NONO AND iron 1 NONO Antibody
NOTCH1 P46531 NOTCH1 AND iron 1 1 NOTCH1 Antibody
Noto A8MTQ0 Noto AND iron 8 Noto Antibody
NOV P48745 NOV AND iron 111 5 NOV Antibody
NPAS1 Q99742 NPAS1 AND iron 1 NPAS1 Antibody
Npas2 P97460 Npas2 AND iron 7 2 Npas2 Antibody
NR0B2 Q15466 NR0B2 AND iron 1 NR0B2 Antibody
NR1D1 P20393 NR1D1 AND iron 1 NR1D1 Antibody
NR1D2 Q14995 NR1D2 AND iron 1 NR1D2 Antibody
NR3C2 P08235 NR3C2 AND iron 2 1 NR3C2 Antibody
Nr4a3 Q9QZB6 Nr4a3 AND iron 1 Nr4a3 Antibody
NRF1 Q16656 NRF1 AND iron 4 1 NRF1 Antibody
NRG1 Q7RTW3 NRG1 AND iron 2 NRG1 Antibody
NRM Q8IXM6 NRM AND iron 7 NRM Antibody
NSF NSF AND iron 16 4 NSF Antibody
NSUN2 Q08J23 NSUN2 AND iron 1 NSUN2 Antibody
NUBP1 P53384 NUBP1 AND iron 1 NUBP1 Antibody
OAS1 P00973-2 OAS1 AND iron 1 OAS1 Antibody
OAS2 P29728-2 OAS2 AND iron 1 OAS2 Antibody
OCA2 Q04671 OCA2 AND iron 2 OCA2 Antibody
OGFOD1 Q8N543 OGFOD1 AND iron 1 1 OGFOD1 Antibody
OLAH Q9NV23 OLAH AND iron 6 OLAH Antibody
OLIG2 Q13516 OLIG2 AND iron 2 OLIG2 Antibody
OLR1 OLR1 AND iron 1 OLR1 Antibody
OMD Q99983 OMD AND iron 1 OMD Antibody
OMP P47874 OMP AND iron 68 5 OMP Antibody
OTC P00480 OTC AND iron 16 1 OTC Antibody
P2RX7 Q99572 P2RX7 AND iron 1 P2RX7 Antibody
PABPC1 P11940 PABPC1 AND iron 1 PABPC1 Antibody
PABPN1 PABPN1 AND iron 1 PABPN1 Antibody
PAM A6NMR0 PAM AND iron 24 4 PAM Antibody
PAOX Q6QHF9-2 PAOX AND iron 1 PAOX Antibody
PARK7 Q99497 PARK7 AND iron 4 1 PARK7 Antibody
PARL Q9H300-2 PARL AND iron 3 PARL Antibody
PARN Q8VDG3 PARN AND iron 2 PARN Antibody
PARP1 P09874 PARP1 AND iron 2 PARP1 Antibody
PAX3 Q494Z3 PAX3 AND iron 1 PAX3 Antibody
PAX6 P26367-2 PAX6 AND iron 1 PAX6 Antibody
PAX8 Q06710-4 PAX8 AND iron 1 PAX8 Antibody
PC4 PC4 AND iron 2 PC4 Antibody
PCBP1 Q15365 PCBP1 AND iron 1 PCBP1 Antibody
PCNA P12004 PCNA AND iron 41 1 PCNA Antibody
PCSK6 P29122-5 PCSK6 AND iron 1 PCSK6 Antibody
PDCD8 O95831-2 PDCD8 AND iron 1 PDCD8 Antibody
PDE4B Q5TEK5 PDE4B AND iron 1 PDE4B Antibody
PDGFB P01127 PDGFB AND iron 5 PDGFB Antibody
PDK1 Q15118 PDK1 AND iron 1 PDK1 Antibody
PDK2 Q15119 PDK2 AND iron 1 PDK2 Antibody
PDK4 Q16654 PDK4 AND iron 2 1 PDK4 Antibody
PECI Q7L124 PECI AND iron 1 PECI Antibody
PEO1 Q96RR1 PEO1 AND iron 1 PEO1 Antibody
PER2 O15055 PER2 AND iron 5 2 PER2 Antibody
PERP Q96FX8 PERP AND iron 2 PERP Antibody
PES1 O00541 PES1 AND iron 2 1 PES1 Antibody
PEX7 O00628 PEX7 AND iron 2 PEX7 Antibody
PFKFB4 Q16877 PFKFB4 AND iron 1 PFKFB4 Antibody
PGBD1 Q96JS3 PGBD1 AND iron 1 PGBD1 Antibody
PGK1 P00558 PGK1 AND iron 3 PGK1 Antibody
PGLS O95336 PGLS AND iron 4 PGLS Antibody
Pgr A6H6A5 Pgr AND iron 1 Pgr Antibody
PGRMC1 O00264 PGRMC1 AND iron 1 PGRMC1 Antibody
PH-4 Q9NXG6 PH-4 AND iron 483 22 PH-4 Antibody
PHB P35232 PHB AND iron 17 2 PHB Antibody
PHF2 PHF2 AND iron 1 1 PHF2 Antibody
PHYH O14832 PHYH AND iron 6 PHYH Antibody
PI3 P19957 PI3 AND iron 5 PI3 Antibody
PIAS3 Q9Y6X2 PIAS3 AND iron 1 PIAS3 Antibody
PIGA P37287 PIGA AND iron 72 4 PIGA Antibody
PIGT Q969N2 PIGT AND iron 1 PIGT Antibody
PIM1 P11309-2 PIM1 AND iron 3 PIM1 Antibody
PIR O00625 PIR AND iron 19 PIR Antibody
PITX3 O75364 PITX3 AND iron 1 PITX3 Antibody
PKLR P30613-2 PKLR AND iron 3 PKLR Antibody
PLA2G4B PLA2G4B AND iron 1 PLA2G4B Antibody
PLAGL1 Q9UM63 PLAGL1 AND iron 1 PLAGL1 Antibody
PLAT P00750-3 PLAT AND iron 3 PLAT Antibody
PLOD2 O00469-2 PLOD2 AND iron 1 PLOD2 Antibody
PLP1 P60201 PLP1 AND iron 4 PLP1 Antibody
PML PML AND iron 8 1 PML Antibody
PMS2 P54278 PMS2 AND iron 2 PMS2 Antibody
PNN PNN AND iron 2 PNN Antibody
PNPLA3 Q9NST1 PNPLA3 AND iron 1 1 PNPLA3 Antibody
PNPO Q9NVS9 PNPO AND iron 1 PNPO Antibody
PNRC1 Q12796 PNRC1 AND iron 1 PNRC1 Antibody
POLB P06746 POLB AND iron 1 POLB Antibody
POLI POLI AND iron 45 10 POLI Antibody
POLK Q9UBT6 POLK AND iron 10 POLK Antibody
POLL Q9UGP5 POLL AND iron 9 POLL Antibody
POLM Q9NP87 POLM AND iron 1 POLM Antibody
POLS Q5XG87 POLS AND iron 3 POLS Antibody
PON1 P27169 PON1 AND iron 16 4 PON1 Antibody
PON3 Q15166 PON3 AND iron 1 PON3 Antibody
POR Q63HL4 POR AND iron 70 4 POR Antibody
POU2F1 P25425-10 POU2F1 AND iron 1 POU2F1 Antibody
POU3F1 Q03052 POU3F1 AND iron 1 POU3F1 Antibody
POU5F1 Q01860-2 POU5F1 AND iron 1 POU5F1 Antibody
PPARG P37231 PPARG AND iron 7 PPARG Antibody
PPIB P23284 PPIB AND iron 2 PPIB Antibody
PPIE PPIE AND iron 1 PPIE Antibody
PPL O60437 PPL AND iron 1 PPL Antibody
PPOX P50336 PPOX AND iron 3 PPOX Antibody
PRAME P78395 PRAME AND iron 1 1 PRAME Antibody
prd P06601 prd AND iron 1 prd Antibody
PRDX1 Q06830 PRDX1 AND iron 1 PRDX1 Antibody
PREB Q9HCU5 PREB AND iron 1 PREB Antibody
PREP P48147 PREP AND iron 1 PREP Antibody
PRKAB1 Q9Y478 PRKAB1 AND iron 1 PRKAB1 Antibody
PRKCG P05129 PRKCG AND iron 1 PRKCG Antibody
PRKRA O75569 PRKRA AND iron 1 PRKRA Antibody
PRMT1 Q99873 PRMT1 AND iron 1 1 PRMT1 Antibody
PROC P04070 PROC AND iron 162 4 PROC Antibody
PRPF6 O94906 PRPF6 AND iron 1 PRPF6 Antibody
PSEN1 P49768 PSEN1 AND iron 2 PSEN1 Antibody
PSEN2 P49810 PSEN2 AND iron 1 PSEN2 Antibody
PSMC2 P35998 PSMC2 AND iron 1 PSMC2 Antibody
PTGS1 P23219 PTGS1 AND iron 18 PTGS1 Antibody
PTHLH P12272 PTHLH AND iron 1 PTHLH Antibody
PTPN1 P18031 PTPN1 AND iron 1 PTPN1 Antibody
PTPN11 Q06124-2 PTPN11 AND iron 1 PTPN11 Antibody
PTRF O54724 PTRF AND iron 1 PTRF Antibody
PURA Q00577 PURA AND iron 5 PURA Antibody
Pus1 Pus1 AND iron 4 Pus1 Antibody
PYY P10082 PYY AND iron 1 PYY Antibody
RAB15 P59190-2 RAB15 AND iron 1 RAB15 Antibody
RAB18 Q9NP72 RAB18 AND iron 1 RAB18 Antibody
RAC1 P60763 RAC1 AND iron 6 1 RAC1 Antibody
RAD51 Q06609-2 RAD51 AND iron 9 1 RAD51 Antibody
RAGE Q9UQ07 RAGE AND iron 7 1 RAGE Antibody
RAN P62826 RAN AND iron 37 3 RAN Antibody
RARA P10276-2 RARA AND iron 15 RARA Antibody
RB1 P06400 RB1 AND iron 3 RB1 Antibody
RBP4 P02753 RBP4 AND iron 1 RBP4 Antibody
RBX1 AAH17370 RBX1 AND iron 1 RBX1 Antibody
RDX P35241 RDX AND iron 32 2 RDX Antibody
Rel A4QPD3 Rel AND iron 23 Rel Antibody
RELA Q04206 RELA AND iron 18 RELA Antibody
RELB Q04863 RELB AND iron 2 RELB Antibody
REN P00797 REN AND iron 116 17 REN Antibody
RFX5 P48382 RFX5 AND iron 1 RFX5 Antibody
Rgs1 Q9JL25 Rgs1 AND iron 1 Rgs1 Antibody
RHAG Q02094 RHAG AND iron 1 RHAG Antibody
RHOA P61586 RHOA AND iron 5 3 RHOA Antibody
RNF138 Q8WVD3 RNF138 AND iron 1 1 RNF138 Antibody
RNF2 Q99496 RNF2 AND iron 1 RNF2 Antibody
RNF36 Q8IYY3 RNF36 AND iron 1 RNF36 Antibody
RORC B3KUU9 RORC AND iron 1 RORC Antibody
RP11-217H1.1 B4DH58 RP11-217H1.1 AND iron 2 RP11-217H1.1 Antibody
RP11-269F19.9 Q5JR98 RP11-269F19.9 AND iron 2 RP11-269F19.9 Antibody
RP11-298P3.3 RP11-298P3.3 AND iron 2 RP11-298P3.3 Antibody
RP11-50D16.3 Q5JS37 RP11-50D16.3 AND iron 2 RP11-50D16.3 Antibody
RP11-529I10.4 Q9BVM2 RP11-529I10.4 AND iron 2 RP11-529I10.4 Antibody
RP11-78J21.1 Q5TBS2 RP11-78J21.1 AND iron 2 RP11-78J21.1 Antibody
RP11-82K18.3 RP11-82K18.3 AND iron 2 RP11-82K18.3 Antibody
RPA1 P27694 RPA1 AND iron 2 RPA1 Antibody
RPE Q96AT9 RPE AND iron 68 8 RPE Antibody
RPL5 P46777 RPL5 AND iron 1 RPL5 Antibody
RPS14 P62263 RPS14 AND iron 5 1 RPS14 Antibody
RRM1 P23921 RRM1 AND iron 1 RRM1 Antibody
RRP1 P56182 RRP1 AND iron 2 RRP1 Antibody
RSAD2 Q8WXG1 RSAD2 AND iron 2 RSAD2 Antibody
RUNX1 Q01196 RUNX1 AND iron 4 1 RUNX1 Antibody
RUNX2 Q13950 RUNX2 AND iron 1 1 RUNX2 Antibody
RXRB P28702 RXRB AND iron 1 1 RXRB Antibody
S100A9 P06702 S100A9 AND iron 3 1 S100A9 Antibody
SAC Q96PN6 SAC AND iron 98 4 SAC Antibody
SARS Q5T5C8 SARS AND iron 10 SARS Antibody
SASP Q53RT3 SASP AND iron 1 SASP Antibody
SCD O00767 SCD AND iron 98 15 SCD Antibody
SCO1 O75880 SCO1 AND iron 2 SCO1 Antibody
SCP2 Q6NXF4 SCP2 AND iron 1 SCP2 Antibody
SDHB P21912 SDHB AND iron 97 5 SDHB Antibody
SDSL Q96GA7 SDSL AND iron 1 SDSL Antibody
SEC23B Q15437 SEC23B AND iron 2 1 SEC23B Antibody
SELS SELS AND iron 5 1 SELS Antibody
SERPINA1 P01009 SERPINA1 AND iron 3 SERPINA1 Antibody
SERPINB2 P05120 SERPINB2 AND iron 1 SERPINB2 Antibody
SERPINE1 P05121 SERPINE1 AND iron 26 SERPINE1 Antibody
SF1 Q15637 SF1 AND iron 3 SF1 Antibody
SFN P31947 SFN AND iron 5 1 SFN Antibody
SFPI1 P17433 SFPI1 AND iron 1 SFPI1 Antibody
SFRS8 B2RN45 SFRS8 AND iron 1 SFRS8 Antibody
SFTPC P11686 SFTPC AND iron 1 SFTPC Antibody
SFXN1 Q9H9B4 SFXN1 AND iron 3 SFXN1 Antibody
SFXN4 Q6P4A7 SFXN4 AND iron 1 SFXN4 Antibody
SGCG Q13326 SGCG AND iron 1 SGCG Antibody
SH3BGRL O75368 SH3BGRL AND iron 1 SH3BGRL Antibody
SHC1 P29353 SHC1 AND iron 1 SHC1 Antibody
SHH Q15465 SHH AND iron 3 1 SHH Antibody
SHMT1 Q5RFK5 SHMT1 AND iron 1 SHMT1 Antibody
SILV P40967 SILV AND iron 1 SILV Antibody
SIM1 P81133 SIM1 AND iron 2 SIM1 Antibody
SIM2 Q14190 SIM2 AND iron 1 SIM2 Antibody
SIRPA B2R6C3 SIRPA AND iron 2 SIRPA Antibody
SIRT1 Q96EB6 SIRT1 AND iron 3 SIRT1 Antibody
SLA Q5TZW1 SLA AND iron 26 SLA Antibody
SLBP Q14493 SLBP AND iron 1 SLBP Antibody
SLC11A1 P49279 SLC11A1 AND iron 28 1 SLC11A1 Antibody
SLC11A2 Q498Z5 SLC11A2 AND iron 37 4 SLC11A2 Antibody
SLC18A2 Q05940 SLC18A2 AND iron 2 SLC18A2 Antibody
SLC19A1 P41440 SLC19A1 AND iron 25 2 SLC19A1 Antibody
SLC1A1 P43005 SLC1A1 AND iron 1 SLC1A1 Antibody
SLC1A5 Q71UA6 SLC1A5 AND iron 1 SLC1A5 Antibody
SLC22A1 Q9NQD4 SLC22A1 AND iron 1 SLC22A1 Antibody
SLC22A17 Q8WUG5 SLC22A17 AND iron 2 SLC22A17 Antibody
SLC25A28 Q96A46 SLC25A28 AND iron 2 1 SLC25A28 Antibody
SLC25A37 Q9NYZ2 SLC25A37 AND iron 3 1 SLC25A37 Antibody
SLC25A38 Q96DW6 SLC25A38 AND iron 4 1 SLC25A38 Antibody
SLC25A39 Q9BZJ4-2 SLC25A39 AND iron 1 SLC25A39 Antibody
SLC26A4 O43511 SLC26A4 AND iron 5 SLC26A4 Antibody
SLC2A4 P14672 SLC2A4 AND iron 7 SLC2A4 Antibody
SLC30A1 Q9Y6M5 SLC30A1 AND iron 4 1 SLC30A1 Antibody
SLC30A3 Q99726 SLC30A3 AND iron 2 1 SLC30A3 Antibody
SLC39A2 Q9NP94 SLC39A2 AND iron 3 SLC39A2 Antibody
SLC39A4 A6NDY5 SLC39A4 AND iron 4 1 SLC39A4 Antibody
SLC39A8 Q9C0K1 SLC39A8 AND iron 1 1 SLC39A8 Antibody
SLC45A2 Q6P2P0 SLC45A2 AND iron 1 SLC45A2 Antibody
SLC46A1 Q96NT5 SLC46A1 AND iron 9 1 SLC46A1 Antibody
SLC6A2 P23975 SLC6A2 AND iron 5 SLC6A2 Antibody
SLC7A11 Q9UPY5 SLC7A11 AND iron 1 SLC7A11 Antibody
SLC9A1 SLC9A1 AND iron 2 SLC9A1 Antibody
SMAD1 Q15797 SMAD1 AND iron 17 5 SMAD1 Antibody
SMAD2 Q15796 SMAD2 AND iron 2 SMAD2 Antibody
SMAD3 Q92940 SMAD3 AND iron 1 SMAD3 Antibody
SMAD4 Q13485 SMAD4 AND iron 14 4 SMAD4 Antibody
SMAD5 Q99717 SMAD5 AND iron 7 1 SMAD5 Antibody
SMAD6 O43541 SMAD6 AND iron 1 1 SMAD6 Antibody
SMAD7 O15105 SMAD7 AND iron 4 2 SMAD7 Antibody
SMN1 Q16637 SMN1 AND iron 1 SMN1 Antibody
SNCA P37840-2 SNCA AND iron 38 1 SNCA Antibody
SOD1 P00441 SOD1 AND iron 62 5 SOD1 Antibody
SOD2 P04179 SOD2 AND iron 33 7 SOD2 Antibody
SOLH O75808 SOLH AND iron 8 3 SOLH Antibody
SOX10 P56693 SOX10 AND iron 1 SOX10 Antibody
SOX9 P48436 SOX9 AND iron 2 SOX9 Antibody
SP1 O89090-2 SP1 AND iron 36 5 SP1 Antibody
SP2 SP2 AND iron 14 3 SP2 Antibody
SP3 Q02447 SP3 AND iron 23 2 SP3 Antibody
SP4 Q02446 SP4 AND iron 11 1 SP4 Antibody
SP6 P55212 SP6 AND iron 3 SP6 Antibody
SP7 Q8TDD2 SP7 AND iron 1 SP7 Antibody
SPI1 SPI1 AND iron 4 1 SPI1 Antibody
SPIC Q6P3D7 SPIC AND iron 1 SPIC Antibody
SPINT2 O43291 SPINT2 AND iron 1 SPINT2 Antibody
SPP1 B2RDA1 SPP1 AND iron 2 SPP1 Antibody
SPRY2 O43597 SPRY2 AND iron 2 1 SPRY2 Antibody
SPRY4 SPRY4 AND iron 1 1 SPRY4 Antibody
SQSTM1 Q13501 SQSTM1 AND iron 1 SQSTM1 Antibody
SRC P12931 SRC AND iron 30 2 SRC Antibody
SRD5A2 Q28892 SRD5A2 AND iron 3 SRD5A2 Antibody
SREBF1 Q9WTN3 SREBF1 AND iron 7 1 SREBF1 Antibody
SREBF2 Q12772 SREBF2 AND iron 1 1 SREBF2 Antibody
SRF P11831 SRF AND iron 13 2 SRF Antibody
SRR Q9GZT4 SRR AND iron 11 2 SRR Antibody
SRY Q05066 SRY AND iron 5 2 SRY Antibody
SSB P05455 SSB AND iron 28 SSB Antibody
SSR1 P43307 SSR1 AND iron 1 SSR1 Antibody
STAT1 P42224 STAT1 AND iron 12 STAT1 Antibody
STAT3 P40763 STAT3 AND iron 28 7 STAT3 Antibody
STAT4 Q14765 STAT4 AND iron 1 STAT4 Antibody
STAT5A P42229 STAT5A AND iron 2 STAT5A Antibody
STAT5B P51692 STAT5B AND iron 3 1 STAT5B Antibody
STAT6 P42226 STAT6 AND iron 2 STAT6 Antibody
STC1 P52823 STC1 AND iron 1 STC1 Antibody
STEAP3 A8K6E3 STEAP3 AND iron 7 STEAP3 Antibody
STEAP4 Q687X5 STEAP4 AND iron 2 1 STEAP4 Antibody
STK11 Q15831 STK11 AND iron 1 STK11 Antibody
STRAP Q9Y3F4 STRAP AND iron 9 2 STRAP Antibody
STS P08842 STS AND iron 24 1 STS Antibody
STX1A STX1A AND iron 2 1 STX1A Antibody
SUFU Q9UMX1 SUFU AND iron 7 3 SUFU Antibody
SULF2 Q8IWU5 SULF2 AND iron 1 SULF2 Antibody
TAF1 P21675-2 TAF1 AND iron 5 TAF1 Antibody
TAL1 P17542 TAL1 AND iron 1 TAL1 Antibody
TANK Q92844 TANK AND iron 77 6 TANK Antibody
TARS Q5M7Z9 TARS AND iron 29 1 TARS Antibody
TBK1 Q9UHD2 TBK1 AND iron 1 TBK1 Antibody
TBP P20226 TBP AND iron 3 2 TBP Antibody
TCF3 P15923 TCF3 AND iron 1 TCF3 Antibody
TCF4 P15884 TCF4 AND iron 2 TCF4 Antibody
TCF7L2 Q6FHW4 TCF7L2 AND iron 1 TCF7L2 Antibody
TCTA P57738 TCTA AND iron 1 TCTA Antibody
TEC P42680 TEC AND iron 10 TEC Antibody
TFAM Q00059 TFAM AND iron 3 TFAM Antibody
TFAP2A P05549 TFAP2A AND iron 3 1 TFAP2A Antibody
TFAP2C Q92754 TFAP2C AND iron 3 1 TFAP2C Antibody
TFCP2 Q12800 TFCP2 AND iron 1 1 TFCP2 Antibody
TFE3 P19532 TFE3 AND iron 1 TFE3 Antibody
TFEC Q5H9U8 TFEC AND iron 1 TFEC Antibody
TFF1 P04155 TFF1 AND iron 1 TFF1 Antibody
TFPI2 P48307 TFPI2 AND iron 1 TFPI2 Antibody
TFR2 Q9UP52 TFR2 AND iron 221 21 TFR2 Antibody
Tgfb1 P01137 Tgfb1 AND iron 47 1 Tgfb1 Antibody
TGFB3 P10600 TGFB3 AND iron 2 TGFB3 Antibody
THRB P10828 THRB AND iron 1 THRB Antibody
TIA1 P31483 TIA1 AND iron 1 TIA1 Antibody
TIMM44 O43615 TIMM44 AND iron 1 TIMM44 Antibody
TKT P29401 TKT AND iron 1 TKT Antibody
TLR2 O60603 TLR2 AND iron 8 TLR2 Antibody
TLR5 O60602 TLR5 AND iron 1 TLR5 Antibody
TLR9 Q9NR96 TLR9 AND iron 2 TLR9 Antibody
TMPRSS6 Q8IU80 TMPRSS6 AND iron 45 21 TMPRSS6 Antibody
TNFRSF10A O00220 TNFRSF10A AND iron 1 TNFRSF10A Antibody
TNFRSF10B O14763 TNFRSF10B AND iron 2 TNFRSF10B Antibody
TNFRSF11B O00300 TNFRSF11B AND iron 3 1 TNFRSF11B Antibody
TNFRSF1A P19438 TNFRSF1A AND iron 3 TNFRSF1A Antibody
TNFRSF25 TNFRSF25 AND iron 1 TNFRSF25 Antibody
TNFSF10 P50591 TNFSF10 AND iron 5 TNFSF10 Antibody
TNFSF14 O43557 TNFSF14 AND iron 1 TNFSF14 Antibody
TNNT2 A2TDB9 TNNT2 AND iron 1 TNNT2 Antibody
TNP1 P09430 TNP1 AND iron 1 TNP1 Antibody
TOM1 O60784 TOM1 AND iron 1 TOM1 Antibody
TOP2A P11388 TOP2A AND iron 3 TOP2A Antibody
TOX O94900 TOX AND iron 45 TOX Antibody
TP53 P04637 TP53 AND iron 15 2 TP53 Antibody
TP53BP2 Q13625 TP53BP2 AND iron 1 TP53BP2 Antibody
TP63 Q9H3D4 TP63 AND iron 1 TP63 Antibody
TPH2 Q8IWU9 TPH2 AND iron 1 TPH2 Antibody
TPI1 P60174 TPI1 AND iron 1 TPI1 Antibody
TPK1 Q9H3S4 TPK1 AND iron 1 TPK1 Antibody
TRAF6 Q9Y4K3 TRAF6 AND iron 1 TRAF6 Antibody
TRAP1 Q12931 TRAP1 AND iron 1 TRAP1 Antibody
TRP53 P02340 TRP53 AND iron 68 1 TRP53 Antibody
TRPC6 Q9Y210 TRPC6 AND iron 1 TRPC6 Antibody
TRPM2 O94759 TRPM2 AND iron 11 TRPM2 Antibody
TRPM5 Q9NZQ8 TRPM5 AND iron 1 TRPM5 Antibody
TRPV5 Q9NQA5 TRPV5 AND iron 2 1 TRPV5 Antibody
TSG101 TSG101 AND iron 2 1 TSG101 Antibody
TSHR TSHR AND iron 2 TSHR Antibody
TST Q16762 TST AND iron 10 TST Antibody
TTL Q8NG68 TTL AND iron 3 TTL Antibody
TTYH1 Q9H313 TTYH1 AND iron 1 TTYH1 Antibody
TUBE1 Q9UJT0 TUBE1 AND iron 53 8 TUBE1 Antibody
TUFM TUFM AND iron 1 TUFM Antibody
TXN2 Q99757 TXN2 AND iron 2 TXN2 Antibody
TYR P14679 TYR AND iron 342 16 TYR Antibody
TYRP1 P17643 TYRP1 AND iron 2 TYRP1 Antibody
UBE2D1 P51668 UBE2D1 AND iron 33 UBE2D1 Antibody
UBE2D2 P62837 UBE2D2 AND iron 1 UBE2D2 Antibody
UBE2D3 P61077 UBE2D3 AND iron 3 UBE2D3 Antibody
UBE2J1 Q9Y385 UBE2J1 AND iron 2 UBE2J1 Antibody
UBE2J2 UBE2J2 AND iron 1 UBE2J2 Antibody
UBE2L3 Q5R5I4 UBE2L3 AND iron 1 UBE2L3 Antibody
UBR2 Q8IWV8 UBR2 AND iron 1 UBR2 Antibody
UGT1A1 P22309 UGT1A1 AND iron 6 4 UGT1A1 Antibody
UGT1A6 P19224 UGT1A6 AND iron 3 UGT1A6 Antibody
UGT1A9 O60656 UGT1A9 AND iron 1 UGT1A9 Antibody
UMOD P07911 UMOD AND iron 4 UMOD Antibody
UPF1 UPF1 AND iron 1 UPF1 Antibody
UQCRFS1 P47985 UQCRFS1 AND iron 4 UQCRFS1 Antibody
UROD P06132 UROD AND iron 23 2 UROD Antibody
USF1 P22415 USF1 AND iron 3 1 USF1 Antibody
USF2 Q15853 USF2 AND iron 11 1 USF2 Antibody
UST Q9Y2C2 UST AND iron 10 3 UST Antibody
VAV1 P15498 VAV1 AND iron 1 VAV1 Antibody
VDAC2 P45880-5 VDAC2 AND iron 1 VDAC2 Antibody
VDAC3 Q9Y277 VDAC3 AND iron 1 VDAC3 Antibody
VDR P11473 VDR AND iron 6 2 VDR Antibody
VIM P08670 VIM AND iron 2 1 VIM Antibody
VISA Q2HWT5 VISA AND iron 1 VISA Antibody
VPS29 Q9UBQ0 VPS29 AND iron 1 VPS29 Antibody
VPS41 VPS41 AND iron 3 VPS41 Antibody
VTA1 Q9NP79 VTA1 AND iron 1 VTA1 Antibody
WNT1 P04628 WNT1 AND iron 2 WNT1 Antibody
WNT2 P09544 WNT2 AND iron 7 WNT2 Antibody
WT1 WT1 AND iron 2 WT1 Antibody
WWP2 O00308 WWP2 AND iron 1 WWP2 Antibody
XBP1 P17861 XBP1 AND iron 3 1 XBP1 Antibody
XRN1 Q8IZH2 XRN1 AND iron 1 XRN1 Antibody
YAP1 P46937 YAP1 AND iron 10 1 YAP1 Antibody
YBX1 P67809 YBX1 AND iron 1 YBX1 Antibody
YY1 P25490 YY1 AND iron 1 YY1 Antibody
ZFPM1 Q8IX07 ZFPM1 AND iron 2 ZFPM1 Antibody
ZNF165 P49910 ZNF165 AND iron 1 ZNF165 Antibody
ZNF193 O15535 ZNF193 AND iron 1 ZNF193 Antibody
ZYX Q15942 ZYX AND iron 3 ZYX Antibody